: Patch 9.14 - Bug Thread
i am constantly getting the system error bugsplat thing when try to connect to games, making me afk, and then it freezes on the screen making my pc unusable so i have to sign out and back in to fix it. happened 3 times yesterday so i even tried uninstalling and re-installing it. Didn't make a difference. Got the error message again today with a freeze. Too focused on TFT and not on their actual game that the majority play. Theres been a Yasuo windwall bug where stuff goes through it for over a month now.
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Derpsie (EUW)
: LF duo partner
hey, im currently in silver III :( i was doing pretty well before that, climbing upto gold. I feel like i'm better than a lot of gold players but i'm being let down alot by AFK'ers and INT'ers causing a lot of losses despite me playing well. I feel like i'd team up well with someone from a higher elo because they actually know how to play the game properly like myself xD im 22, english and use discord. my ign is God Yo add me if you're interested (hope you are!) :)
: hello! i'm looking for a decent duo partner to climb to gold with!
Im having the EXACT same problem as you, got up to silver II and was winning games pretty well. Then all of a sudden everything changed and im back into silver 4 due to inting or afk'ing in most games -_- ive been looking for a solid partner thats not gonna leave etc so would love to play with you? i take it your ign is the same as your posting name so ill add you? im 22, english and my ign is: **God Yo** i also have discord if that helps wanting to climb to gold but always being let down by 1 or 2 players in every single game causing loss after loss after loss... and the occasional win xD
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tortsY (EUNE)
: In what rank are u playing? I am playing with b5-s1 players and if I get autofilled I can usually trade my role with someone... I don't rly understand the problem of long queue times... Cause my queues are only about 1-3 min sometimes 4-5 but that doesn't happen very often :)
this is just in any normal draft game, nobody ever wants to play support and i always end up with it even when selecting TOP/MID
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God Yo

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