: how would he be pretty tanky if he spent 15 minutes in gray screen?
resistances scale stronger early on. It was an example, it doesnt necessarily have to be 0/20 or 20/0, it's just to show the difference of strenght. He could just ult that Katarina and run away himself stalling for 7 seconds. 15 minutes in gray screen = still 15 minutes left that he can use to farm + passively granted gold. Full MR / Hp -> Easely surviving 7 seconds. Noone ever said he had to fight that overfed katarina. He only has to endure her.
: >This ult breaks the balancing in my opinion because it doesnt have any counterplay, doomed by point and click. There are far more broken ultimates in the game. Sure, the deatrealm can trap a jungler and completely negate smite, but kalista can have a million spears and do more damage than a smite which also completely negates the possibility to smite steal. Vi can ult the jungle preventing them to smite while Vi can smite. Kindred can ult around the baron making it completely unsmitable so you can in a way bait the jungler smite and the using the ultimate. Bard can zhonyas the baron, or the jungler before smiting, or both! This new ultimate is just a new mechanic that can be easy to counter. Simply put, try to kill mordekaiser before teaming up for Baron, by catch him off guard, or whatever. If you and your team decide to do baron while Mordekaiser is alive and near his team ready to fight a 5v5 teamfight at the baron pit then you and your team are just stupid. You know morde has the potential of ulting your jungler away, so clearly you do not, under any circumstances want Morderkaiser near the Baron. If you think about it, its not that hard. You can also, ban Mordekaiser, I know crazy idea, what was I even thinking. But for real, Mordekaiser's new ultimate is not broken. Remember that when he ults someone he is also putting himself in time out which means that you cannot teamfight either. And if mordekaiser is the only strong member of the team and he decides to ult during an important teamfight, he indirectly cause his team to lose, because its a 4v4. You just have to be creative. If you let mordekaiser near the baron, then you are not playing smart. It is honestly that simply. And if you cannot trust your teammates, simply ban him. There is nothing wrong if you ban him. It is one less mechanic to worry about. You can also create a "new" strategy to counter Mordekaiser by having two smites in your team. The jungler and the support (or someone else). Or pick a champion that can separate Mordekaiser from the baron, like Blitzcrank. Blitz Qs Morde away from the jungler, allowing them to smite the baron while you stall Mordekaiser in the death realm running around. You can also bait out the Ultimate. Mordekaiser sends you to the death realm and you simply just juke and kite him. He is a slow juggernaut after all. ____ Anyway, I dont know about you but I just came up with a few ways to deny the possibility of not being able to smite Baron. - Ban Mordekaiser ("that does not count!1!") - Have two smites in the team (be creative, yolo!) - Bait out the ultimate (Waste the death realm and kite Morde. Shen has an aoe barrier that can negate auto attacks, and dashes) - Be smart and dont do Baron if Mordekaiser is alive (its a stupid idea, I know, sorry for saying something impossible) - Have a Blitzcrank and pull Mordekaiser away (Blitzcrank, Thresh, Nautilus, Pyke, whichever fishing technique is your favorite)
It's not just about the baron/drake, its about the imbalance of his ult as I've put my example of a Mordekaiser being useless the entire game, acomplishing nothing, yet he can just point and click the enemies most fed champion and take him out of a fight, if you're already deep in a fight and a katarina is jumping into action you can just drag her out for 7 seconds which is in my opinion way too long, most teamfights are decided by then. Imagine beging an overfed Xayah & Rakan botlane who are capable of fighting 2v4 and all of a sudden xayah losses her protection - for 7 seconds. There's already enough memes about the Morgana binding being way too long but that one is dodgeable which makes up for it. I know you can kite in the ult but that's not the issue here, the 1v1 ability is fine, you're able to just fight on your own but once you're free or even managed to kill morde, suddenly you're stuck in 3-4 enemies who killed the rest of your team in that 7s duration because you couldnt help them as the core damage of the team.
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: Morde ult isn't that diffrent from malzas ult if we are looking it at this point of view. You can qss out of both ults.
Aight, didnt know you can qss mordekaiser ult, then there's atleast a little bit of counterplay, malz ult doesnt last 7 seconds tho
: if you are 0/20 aginst a 20/0 kat you will be evaporated and give her a free reset great in idea not so great in practice
Let's say it's the 30th minute by then. Mordekaiser could be pretty tanky by then even with his stats, all he needs to do is stall so your team can have a 4v4 against not so strong enemies with their carry being gone
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: Ping Mute system
I would just love to have this rethread-ping removed. The "Be Careful!" ping is enough. This rethread-ping so hardly distracts me and when I'm doing a close play and someone spamms it on me as if the outcome of the battle destines his Virginity, I'm determined to loose. I'll loose my focus and simply play worse as I usually would in this Situations. It's a pain in my ears.

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