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: all champions experience this, some more, some less. Sol tends to experience this more due to his design
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: Maybe try making your own stuff instead of stealing it from others This art belongs to Deathsaurus not you.
I did not say I drew this wtf?!
: This is Deathsaurus her art not his.
I never stated this as my art
Deathtail (EUW)
: cant believe you actualy stole my art, ple3ase take this down, as i am the creator of this skin. i can report you for theft.
Then report me, if it is really yours, it will be gone soon.
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: i like deepsea and hextech i dont like arcade skins and pulsefire just doesnt fit with sol
But from most skins we are like: No that doesn't fit the champions but after a while we accept it as a good idea. ;)
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Godrelion Sol

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