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: >what is going on with this game? You are not good at it ?
: Season 8 Player Behaviour
We already got severe bans and its made this game not fun to play since season 2.
: For everyone who is diamond and is on a smurf. Quit with it! Ruin peoples mmr is not cool
Had a plat player telling me his account decayed to silver so he is essentially silver. Yet he smashed our team.. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: Is it me or kai'sa...
child bearing hips for sure
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KonQuerGate (EUNE)
: Is riot punishment fair?
No point losing your cool over this game. If you're not a pro player or a twitch streamer that can put money in riots pockets, you will stay banned.
: Account named [removed] in a club called "execute all muslims".
Appreciate you bringing this to light. Unfortunately a lot of people hate muslims for the sake of hating.
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