Gr8m8er (EUW)
: What happened? You managed to get gold 5 last season after winning 40 games in a row with akali, going 15/0 every game + pentas lol. Now you're stuck in silver 5 with a negative win rate?
> [{quoted}](name=Gr8m8er,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=E1r82309,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-03-30T01:50:42.472+0000) > > What happened? You managed to get gold 5 last season after winning 40 games in a row with akali, going 15/0 every game + pentas lol. Now you're stuck in silver 5 with a negative win rate? Happens. Damn teammates. This kid does not afford boosting anymore. Sad story.
: How the real matchmaking algorithm works.
That's pretty much it. I got my PC wrapped in tinfoil and it seems to be working right now. The matchmaking it's a bit better since I did that.
Cutetoads (EUW)
: How can i stop shit games like this happening
You queue up with 4 Challenjour players that have smurfs in Silver and go AFK? Your question it's kinda silly. It's like this. You, since you got your driver's license, got involved in 4 traffic accidents. Two were not your fault, you were hit from behind, there was nothing you could have done to avoid them, but other two were totally your fault, you were speeding, crossed a Stop sign, whatever. Now, you go to a driver instructor and say something like "You know, I don't care about those where I was at fault, I want to know what can I do to avoid those where I couldn't have done nothing to avoid them". Focus on fixing the games where you fail, and not the ones where your teammates fail. Because it's the logical thing to do. There's no way to fix those. You can add those players that went 1/10, buy the coaching lessons, but you probably not gonna be matched with them anytime soon. Those games where you're the one going 1/10 are much more important that the ones when you're going 10/1. Those are the games that will show you your weak points, and you can work on fixing them.
: I agree, I can't think of a scenario in pro play that karthus can get close to carries in the current meta to do damage with his e. He needs a gap closer, something like ryze's ult or tahm kench ult, that would be really cool on him rising from the ground.
> [{quoted}](name=supercarryteemo,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=kJZs4OnM,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2017-03-28T11:13:19.991+0000) > > I agree, I can't think of a scenario in pro play that karthus can get close to carries in the current meta to do damage with his e. He needs a gap closer, something like ryze's ult or tahm kench ult, that would be really cool on him rising from the ground. His problem isn't necessary that he's immobile, but he kinda has the same problems as Urgot. You got your E where you need to get closer to the enemies, and that's a bit silly. And his W is just dumb, the useless wall, and that freaking Q that you miss most of the times because it does not have a range indicator... I don't know, it just feels obnoxious to play.
Tomiun (EUW)
: What champions would I enjoy?
> [{quoted}](name=Tomiun,realm=EUW,application-id=00edEA0o,discussion-id=0LmaEy8f,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-03-28T07:21:40.331+0000) > Lee Sin{{champion:64}} No. Just no. Just please, don't. There are already too many Bronze Lee Sin mains on EUW, the server can't take anymore. Just don't.
: I dunno, if you die enough times, you might reach a number too high for the server to process and crash it. if it's possible, I'll manage it.
> [{quoted}](name=Zantonny,realm=EUW,application-id=00edEA0o,discussion-id=HJZHHQzF,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2017-03-28T10:26:12.541+0000) > > I dunno, if you die enough times, you might reach a number too high for the server to process and crash it. if it's possible, I'll manage it. I would have crashed the servers way too many times by now.
ThePikol (EUNE)
: Idea for a small Karthus buff
I think that Karthus needs a rework more than a buff. His kit feels weird and outdated.
: Baron and/baron buff need to be changed
That's just silly. It's your decision if you want to have a "50/50 smite contest" or an undisputed Baron. If you for the first one, you should be prepared to deal with the enemy team having Baron. Otherwise, you shouldn't call it. The game shouldn't be hand holding with bad decisions. That's the point of Baron buff, to make your team snowball and create an advantage over the enemy team. That's why it's the most contested objective in the game. It should be strong when taken. You shouldn't be even if you give it away to the enemy team, otherwise, no one would give a damn about that objective.
: When should I go to actual games?
> [{quoted}](name=Gamindustri CPU,realm=EUW,application-id=00edEA0o,discussion-id=HJZHHQzF,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-03-27T15:22:39.109+0000) > When should I try to go against other players in Summoner's Rift? Now. It's a game, you can't break any satellites or other crucial equipment by being bad at it, so don't worry about it.
: Climbing Ranked
Well, to promo between divisions, you need to win 2/3 games. Now, if you fail the promo for the first time, the second time you will play it, you have a free win, so you will already be 1 wins out of 3 games already, so you will need to win one more game. For promos between leagues, it works the same, but you can actually get 2 additional wins. So, if you want to climb from S1 to G5, if you fail promos two times, the third time you are playing them, you will start with 2/5 wins, so you can climb with only one win. The free win system was implemented to avoid frustration of playing the same promo over and over again.
: How to play Kha'zix
: 52% win rate most of the season and still can't climb out of B5 - B4
> [{quoted}](name=Critical Realism,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=MhP9EHHT,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-03-27T07:52:24.194+0000) > Coz 52% means I win most of my games. If your understanding of the game is similar to your understanding of basic math, then I'm not surprised that you're having difficulties to climb.
: Can we talk about this?? || ZAP CRITING
Katarina's buff it's not as crazy as it looks like. Her ultimate is kinda crapy compared with the damage you deal with your daggers. This buff would have been insane on old Katarina, where your ultimate was getting buffed by your Q, but on current Katarina, there's not so insane, even if it looks huge. Jinx being able to crit on her W, it's just fine, I don't see any problem with it. It makes her more viable. Most of those crits in the video were made against much lower targets, 2-3-4 levels under the Jinx. You can do the same with any champion. You can build Janna full AP and get one shots on enemies that are badly under leveled and under geared. That does not mean that Janna is OP. Her W is not as easy to land most of the times, especially in laning phase, you just hide behind minions, it will make Jinx more efficient at chasing people down, and that's pretty much her thing.
: Teemo mains why?
I like seeing people suffering.
: interrupt channelings and silence are two different things ... interrupt channelings works only on stuff that takes time to cast... xerath Q, shen R, Kata R, etc etc it doesnt stop you from full combo with brand or use any other skills/sums like Malz, cho, soraka can stop you from... thats why he is a counter to vlad mid now... he can interrupt vlad E charge (not to mention his passive mr and Q magic shield)
> [{quoted}](name=Dark Kimzark,realm=EUW,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=ZsNuQndh,comment-id=0001000000000000,timestamp=2017-03-26T21:01:32.135+0000) > > interrupt channelings and silence are two different things ... interrupt channelings works only on stuff that takes time to cast... xerath Q, shen R, Kata R, etc etc it doesnt stop you from full combo with brand or use any other skills/sums like Malz, cho, soraka can stop you from... > thats why he is a counter to vlad mid now... he can interrupt vlad E charge (not to mention his passive mr and Q magic shield) There are not different things, there are just the same, only that normal silence have an X seconds duration, while Kassadin's silence has 0.1 seconds or something like that, so they can't practically prevent spells from being casted, only interrupted during casting.
: kassadin doesnt have a silence in his Q for a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time ... but i believe his Q is like viktor R, can cancel channelings (not sure tho) cba to go check it out now... watching Clown Na LCS Fiesta...
It's a silence. The only difference is that it's very short, so it can be used to interrupt channeled spells instead of preventing spells from being cast. But even longer silences, like Soraka's, they don't work as they should. You can sometimes cast spells in her silence, it's just obnoxious.
: Kassadin vs Kata bug
Silence in this game is fcked up. I don't know why it still exists as it is. This kind of things happens with all champions that have silence as a mechanic. It's just a bugged mechanic that should be fixed or removed.
Taylor1 (EUW)
: New client "remember me" not working
Have you tried torture in order to brainwash your PC? That worked in WW2, should work with modern technology too.
: Dying for objectives
I would rarely die for a tower. If it's first blood, yea, I might trade that. But for "min. 40 inhib tower" that's just dumb. For inhibitors, it depends on the state of the game. In late game, you should be a bit careful when you die. You have very long death timers, and enemy team can take advantage of playing 5v4 for such a long time. They can force team fights, take objectives like Elder or Nash, your death for an inhibitor might not worth. In LCS, enemies are able to counter it afterwards much better than in SoloQ, as they are much better organized. They know exactly how time they have with an advantage and what they should do with that time. And they will punish the hell out of the enemy team. So, it's very risky for them. SoloQ is different from professional play on many levels.
Loonstaa (EUW)
: Everytime someone is really toxic, Just AFK.
Oui Tapis (EUW)
: a problem with a bind
Check Hotkeys>Player Movement>Player Move Click. That's basically your "right click", you probably binded MB1 there. Change it to right click and it should be ok. If that does not work, you can always restore default controls.
: Champion Questions(Mid/Top Laners)
{{champion:55}} - It can be fun, but her mechanics might steal your focus from the important things in the game. I would not play her if I would want to improve; {{champion:134}} {{champion:103}} - Same problem as with Katarina. These are not simple champions to play, whatever anyone is saying. They steal your attention because you focus on terrain, minions, pathing, and, unless you are very good at doing that, you won't be able to focus on your minimap or on what's happening around you as good as with other champions. {{champion:84}} - I feel that she's in a rough spot right now. She got a bit left behind, and she wasn't able to keep up with other champions. She can be punishing to play. You are left behind, there's not much you can do. Her late game is crap also. On your top laners, {{champion:92}} - pretty much same problem as with Kata, Syndra, Ahri, too hard to play for average player. And I'm not saying that you won't be able to play her, you will, but it will steal your attention from things that matter. You improve more by playing an easier champ while focusing on CS-ing and minimap, than being able to do fast combo with Riven every time. {{champion:50}} - I feel that anything with regen mechanics it's kinda bad right now (Mundo, Swain, Fiddle), and that mostly due to {{item:3165}} becoming a must-have item on so many mid laners, and {{item:3123}} being so efficient for such low cost. Swain can be good top, as many top laners will run TP instead of ignite, but he falls down when items that apply Grievous Wounds appear. {{champion:107}} - Kinda waste of his ult played top lane. Also, you should get wrecked by tanks. It shouldn't be your job to build towards shredding tanks down, and if you play top lane, that's pretty much what you'll have to do. He's also hard to play, as you need to have very good map awareness and you kinda need to know enemies cooldowns. I think that for improving your general gameplay, champions that don't require too much attention on doing their job are the best. {{champion:1}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:43}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:45}} Just my 0.2 cents.
meroboth (EUNE)
: galio Support
Well, let's take then one by one. {{item:3302}} - Seems like a good start on him. I'm getting the feeling that he's a bit weak early on, so it should help with that. Now, his problem will be mana regen in laning phase. I don't know how that works. It should be fine though. {{item:3001}} - Might be a viable choice in some specific cases. If they have a lot of AP, but they also have a lot of MR. It's a weird combination that does not really happen too often. {{item:1057}} can be a great pick, especially against Zyra, Brand, Malzahar supports. But I would rather make {{item:3102}} out of it than {{item:3001}}. {{item:3111}} - I find {{item:3117}} supperior on most supports. They are great for roaming and warding, that's what you're gonna do most game. And I think that Mobi works better with his ultimate. I used my ult right on the edge of it's range often, as it does have such a huge range, and I think that better mobility will help with those kind of situations, where you are almost in range. {{item:3800}} - Good item, probably a must have on him. {{item:3075}} - Not in your current build. You don't have enough Armor to make the passive useful, not enough HP to want to take damage, and his taunt does not last so long, so you will get a lot of autos with it. You are just not tanky enough for it. Thornmail it's a situational item in most cases. Maybe just on Rammus is a must-have. But you need specific enemies and specific build to make it efficient. {{item:3116}} - A bit of a waste. It's hard to make it useful, you don't have enough range for it. Alternatives: {{item:3107}} - Stat-wise it works pretty well on Galio. CDR is excellent, the mana regen it's great in mid game, you can skip {{item:3010}} due to that, great item. {{item:3190}} - Exceptional stats for him, great active because you will be tanking some damage, it's a must-have on support Galio as far as I'm concerned. These are pretty much core items. I think that Relic start it's not a must on him, you can go {{item:3301}} just as well against some lanes, then built into {{item:3069}}. I don't think that you can be tanky enough for it, though. Other than that, tank items work great on him. {{item:3102}}, {{item:3742}}, {{item:3143}} and for more damage, {{item:3025}}. Galio it's one of those champions that do less damage if they build damage. You want to stay in fight as long as possible, the cooldowns are really short on him, he wants to taunt as much as he can, he needs to be able to take a beating. With damage, you won't be able to stay in fights long enough, his scallings are not too great, you will pretty much throw Qs around and that's it. You use your E, you are pretty much dead, even with damage reduction from W.
: A fix for "insta locks" in normal games
And you instalock 15-20 seconds later. What's the difference? The problem is pretty much solved with the implementation of dynamic queue.
: How do i get good at the game
Just don't worry about it. Jump in in PvP games, watch what other people are doing and try to mimic that. There's nothing it can really happen. You're not gonna destroy anybody's ranked game at lvl 2, you don't have anything to worry about. Yea, you will find people that will call you bad and flame you. Make a habit of not arguing with them and muting them. It's a game like any other game. Just have fun, see what champions are doing, do whatever you want, experiment.
: 200 IQ Thresh hook. Riot should this work ?
Yea, it's intended. Works when you hook someone on these small walls, like that one, or the ones next to the middle lane. I know it was another one in professional play, that was done on those walls on the middle. It's in montages, as it was pretty famous. LE: Found it:
Granclan (EUW)
: Um... I'm not really sure about that. I mean, yeah, you can't get to lvl 2 with 1 camp, but still it's an exp/gold advantage superior than the 3 minions you would lose while killing gromp (krugs would take too long, which could make an unfair advantage when comparing blue and red side), due to how different gromp and krugs are, it would be really tricky to balance the bot lane starts with exp sharing. Maybe buffing a lot gromp at lvl 1-2?, but then farm junglers would have a hard time doing the long route... it's kind of difficult to bring back imo.
It spawns at 1:52, not at 1:37 or 1:40 as Wolves/Raptors/Red/Blue, and it gives half bar of XP and 86 gold. You lose first 3 melee with someone that can clear it fast. It's not efficient as gold goes, it might be due to experience. It does a lot of damage to any support/ADC combo and I think that the enemy team have enough time to push the minion wave under your tower by the time you reach in lane. Gromp is already buffed, his first autos deal a lot of damage, as he gains 100% attack speed for first 5 attacks. A test run with Caitlyn. Finished buff at 2:30, returned to lane with half bar XP. On the other hand, when I played Caitlyn on the other side, being already in lane while the enemy is doing Gromp, the melee minions hit the tower at 2:10. By 2:30, there were around 4 ranged left, from the first two waves, and I got XP from one melee. As second wave was already there, the enemy must wait for those my 3 melee to die and they get lvl 2. I lost one and a half wave in the process, so it would be the same if I would stay in lane, and I would have a better position. I can't take actions due to my XP advantage. It might work with some kind of cheese, like doing Gromp while Shaco is doing Blue, then come for gank bottom at lvl 2, but I don't see other scenarios where I might be in advantage. I really don't find Gromp start efficient in any way for bottom lane, due to the timings, but also due to what champions are played right now. You have things like Malzahar, Zyra, Brand with Jhin, Cait, Varus that love to push you under your tower and poke you every time you go for CS. You are pretty much making sure that you are losing the lane by letting them do just that right from the start. And, if XP would be shared, would be even more disadvantageous, as my support would get XP too. So that half XP bar would be a quarter.
: Its really easy, stop being so bad that you belong there, there is no other "Trick" to it Learn & apply.
Actually. For climbing out of Bronze there is a "trick" that it's kinda easy to apply. Farm. You do pretty much nothing else than learn how to last hit or use champions with last hitting "aid", like Annie. That alone will get you out of Bronze. When you out farm all of your opponents, there's not much they can do against you. I can't tell if there is another "trick" that can be so straight forward and easy to apply for other league, but for Bronze, it works. If you forget everything and do nothing else than farm and do your best to stay alive, you should have a great win rate in that league.
: How to bully people that have a Hextech loot skin, the explaination
Oh, you burned them good. I'm usually like "Yo mama so Rich that she always eats fresh bread" and they get so upset, and I bully them so hard. Or I'm like "You so rich that you never have zero balance in your account", and I make them so mad... I'm so awesome.
Nachosman (EUNE)
: Super Low spec mode
How about us, Apple II users? I demand an 8-bit version of the game!
: RIP support Galio
He's having more CC, he's tankier and provides more utility than before, his taunt have much shorter cooldown, I mean, he's better than before on that role. > [{quoted}](name=TheWizardM,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=iX9lOq5g,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-03-22T12:27:41.047+0000) > > oh well, guess I'll just continue playing lethality urgot - hopefully that way of playing him stays intact even after he gets reworked. Yea, because that's why champions get reworked, because they have perfect kits already, and they just buff up the damage numbers. Urgot will get a complete rework, similar to Galio and Warwick. Currently, he's plain dumb.
Inaphyt (EUW)
: Teemo
I'll leave this here: {{item:3085}}
Qüinn (EUW)
: Aatrox passive and GA
That's how usually GA works as far as I know. It takes precedent over passives, like Anivia's egg, Zac's or Aatrox's passive and it's activated after actives (Zilean's ult). Well, in that sense GA on any champion is bad, as enemies can surround you and kill you. That's basically what's happening most of the times. Aatrox does have an escape mechanic, on his Q, so it's still a pretty good buy.
Kurotsu (EUW)
: I need 3 words!
: Winnable game or?
Maybe you would have been better off with buying correct items that would actually give you bonus XP in the jungle. You can get {{item:1041}} and you don't upgrade it if you want a different path than {{item:1412}} or {{item:1419}}, the main components is the bonus XP, that's why you keep that item as much as you can. I mean, yea, you can go ahead and sell your Machete sometimes, but when you are so far ahead that the bonus XP does not matter anymore. But it's not the case in your game. Also, it's not Season 3 anymore. For Yi or anyone else, you don't get lvl 6 as a reference point of you being able to do something anymore. It is your main power spike, but you shouldn't farm until lvl 6 without doing anything else, because it's impossible right now. You don't have camps to do that, as they don't respawn fast enough. The game right now is the opposite of being "snowbally". Again, not Season 3 anymore. And your focus is wrong. The only thing that sticks to you after the game are the kills. In the big scheme of things, they don't matter. Towers, Dragons, Rift Herald should be your focus points and not kills. And focusing on winning a single game it's not efficient either. You played against Camille and Lucian that were simply much better than your laners. It happens. Move on to the next game. Focus on how to play better. Watch your deaths, see if you could have avoided them and don't focus on winning games. Those will come once you get your basics down.
angelgrozd (EUNE)
: Teemo rework that can make him viable
The part with jungle camps that impact you negatively it's silly. Same goes with targeted ability that can be blocked. Teemo is fine as it is. He might require some buffs right now, but, in general, he's just fine.
: Do you think this would be an interesting stream?
If she shows cleavage, of course we'll watch.
: quick Poll about ranks
Voted Challenger, because it's Internet.
: Dont wanna look like an homeless?? Is that it?
No. This path is taken by more champions that are facing AD aa-based champions in lane. You go Ninja Tabi early on to deny some damage and have an easier laning phase, but later on, you don't care too much about denying damage, but being able to inflict it, so Merc Treads will help you with CC, if enemy team have a lot of that. So you sell your tabis and replace them with mercs. You will do this kind of transition on champions like Irelia, for example, if you are facing like a Quinn, Darius or Renekton. Ninja Tabis help out with early game, but they lose their effectiveness in late game, where you're gonna look for diving the carries and killing them, and not 1v1 with top laners anymore. It probably have a high win rate because it's not something that bronze and silver players will usually do, but people that have a somewhat good understanding of the game.
: That moment when your whole team is bad in ranked
> [{quoted}](name=Goku Rosé,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=QzT3jx3A,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-03-19T18:49:50.704+0000) > Personally, the ability to fine people for playing bad, like preventing them playing ranked for the next 3 games, would make me so happy. You know... There would be no ranked anymore in this case, and you won't reach your desired environment where everyone plays just as you wish. For that to happen, the enemy team should play worse. And it will happen so you are on the "enemy team".
: A new system for constant surrendering (of one person) solution
It's a small box that appears on the right side of your screen. It does not even make a sound. People are really getting triggered so bad by that small box, so we need to design a system that would make it appearing much less than it already does? I understand that can be annoying to have teammates that give up, but they can give up without the surrendering option, it would be the same. On the other hand, there is the other side of the coin that I find it more annoying. No one surrenders anymore. I had to play a 35-minute game 3v5, where the score was like 5-30 for the enemy team yesterday because teammates did not want to press yes. Those are 15 more minutes than a game like that should last.
Allosen (EUW)
: You can skip Divisions from Bronze 5 to 3, but does it work the other way ?
No, but it kinda does. You lose more and more LP on your loss, and you gain less for your wins. So you end up falling faster than normally. The skip works for climbing because placement matches. You can have good games, but fail to win your placement matches. Because of it, you end up with much higher MMR than your current division. That does not happen when you are getting demoted because you are getting demoted anyway if your MMR drops low enough.
: Carry me to Gold
The enemy team is "suffering" the same problems. They have AFKs and feeders too. Anyway, you don't even play ranked, so it's hard to know if you can climb or not. You have around 20 ranked games played. It's too small sample to know. Looking at your history, I don't see any issue that might stop you from climbing to Silver if you keep playing. You can't expect to win every game, that's never gonna happen, but just to keep a positive win rate. The fact that you have a negative win rate now, means nothing because you did not play enough games yet.
superpro21 (EUNE)
: report work or not worth it?in low ello
> [{quoted}](name=superpro21,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=oqOfMt6P,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-03-18T22:50:57.134+0000) > cuz im bored of loosing games just because players like this cant say ss and i prefer a riot employer to answer There's no chance. I asked for rioters to come to place wards on my lane for two years, write hundreds of tickets. Why do they call them "support", no one knows! No answer, I'm still getting killed by those damn roamers. The game is unplayable this way. I should be Diamond, but I'm getting matched with these bad people that don't say SS and don't gank, it's awful.
CivolJ (EUW)
: I got banned.
So you will be fine with losing ranked games as long as I tell you that I got disconnected because my Windows 95 is acting up weird today? It's an online game, the requirement for playing it should be to be online. It sounds silly, but it's true. You can't meet that requirement, you shouldn't play it, because you ruin other people's experience.
Tilt Main (EUNE)
: My idea how to improve League of Legends
It's a MOBA. You have 10 champions fighting on a map with dragons, crabs, and animals on it. There's not much to it. There are a ton of games that have awesome single player campaigns. There's no reason to make a crappy campaign for LoL. Because it will be crappy. If you read the lore of just two champions, you know that it will make for a crappy story line.
SirPonnyboy (EUNE)
: players AFK
Because the game can be crappy sometimes. The client can crash, or maybe they have a problem and they get disconnected or they need to leave. You waste 5 minutes. Before the remake option, you were wasting 20+ and losing LP in the process.
: humm im not really a kayle expert but ... having kayle with a perma long range aoe to clear waves and punish someone under turret, while having a kit that allows her to be somewhat safe, feels like she would be too strong ... this way kayle has to play passive while E is down, and give opponents some counterplay ... but these are only my 5 cents on what i understand of kayle...
She already has her E on somehow permanent. You need 40% CDR to have no downtime whatsoever on your ranged autos. With 20% CDR, that you get from {{item:3115}}, you have about 3 seconds of actual cooldown, and that's not a lot. There are other abilities that I feel that are outdated and they feel odd, for example, Q's on Karthus and Evelynn. I don't understand what is the point of having an ability that you have to spam that way. They don't make those champions any more complex or fun to play. With Karthus is just frustrating, as you don't have a clear area of effect, and you sometimes miss when you think that you should hit, and with Evelynn, you smash that Q whenever you can, nothing else to it. There are the kind of abilities where you don't think twice when using them because there's no reason for it. You just use them because you have to. You're never gonna be like "well, should I activate my E now, or wait and use it later?" on Kayle. If it's not on cooldown, you just activate it. Same with others.
: I need some real life advice.
Well, the situation is pretty straight forward as far as I can tell. You pay more rent to your father than you would pay in another place, then your father is an asshole and you should be better living in some other place. That training you are talking about, I guess that it's mandatory and you go to a camp and sit there for few months, right? If that's the case, it might be very helpful in your situation. You get away for a bit from your home, where things seem to be tense, and you also have an experience away if you never lived by your own before. This kind of things can be very useful for your life, in general, your discipline, work ethic. You meet different people, you stick to a routine because you have to, it can be helpful. I can't imagine that it's so bad. As you are from Sweeden, I guess that prison might be better, so it's your decision after all. As far as I know, these mandatory military training are not a common thing anymore. Used to be in the past, but as we got more liberal, we kinda stopped pushing people into them too often.
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