: You might call it lame, I call it mature. Retaliating is childish, embarassing and makes absolutely nothing better. If they said these kind of things, OF COURSE that's not okay. But this doesn't mean that you should join their idiotic behavior.
I defintly don't lowe rmyself to that level, i just said things like you are losing your lane on your own, and its not my fault, i don't use any bad words etc.., but i guess i still flamed if you follow the rules
: Look, it's actually very simple: Flaming is not allowed. If you flame, you get punished, based on the severity of your behavior and based on your previous history. That's how it works. Now let me show you how it DOESN'T work: * ~~ It's a contest who was most toxic and the winner gets a punishment~~ * ~~It's a race who was toxic first and the fastest gets a punishment~~ * ~~ It's a debate about who has the best reasons for flaming and whoever does, does not get punished~~ ____ Or, to boil it down to the essential parts: Flame ---> punishment
I can see that, its kinda lame to blame somebody for saying something back when they get wished for blood cancer, hope u die in real life, your mother is a whore, etc.. etc..
: Chat logs or didn't happen.
Can't see the chat from my team only what i typed in the logs
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Saljin (EUW)
: yup edit: toxic people and leavers get no free stuff. thank god
Is it for always on that account? or is there a time fo rit?
Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: Like chat restrictions, 14-days bans.
Yes i have, does it cut off your key and chest getting ? :O
karolmo (EUW)
: did you get any instant feedback punish lately?
What is an instant feedback punish?
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