: Cant see what my friends playin after new patch
This is just a hypothetical problem because my friends cant even play
: Is Qiyana a kardashian?
A kardashian with a hint of lady gaga. the devs are getting bad, or have to leave their sexual fantasies behind when they go to work
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Some skins just make me lean back and be speechless due to how beautiful they are
There are websites where you can lean back and enjoy this kind of art to its full potential.
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: Gragas can have cigar but Graves can't?
This is about keeping the age restriction on the game as low as possible in different regions. If someone gave him the cigar back, but ended up increasing the age restriction by 3 years they would no longer have a job. so please let's drop the meme dead and go make some longue killing fan art if it's that important to you
Kelb4n (EUW)
: He has a winrate of over 53% in Platinum+ and over 51% in Diamond+. I wouldn't call these elos noobs.
> [{quoted}](name=Ninja0Heaven,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=iB6i7hkW,comment-id=00060000,timestamp=2018-09-18T07:25:14.206+0000) > > He has a winrate of over 53% in Platinum+ and over 51% in Diamond+. I wouldn't call these elos noobs. Counterpicking Riven's in high elo does up the winrate above 50% indeed. you can't just look at winrates to tell the tale. if its used to counterpick a certain champion, or if its just OP in general is not something winrates will tell you. Also, the lower pick% it has, but still a good winrate suggests that it is used to counterpick certain champions instead of being a solid pick in general. This is mostly true for the top leagues
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Sunwise (EUNE)
: How we Finished the Odyssey
the ziggs augments are strong, but i like to go nashors tooth and then full AP. since the passive has a cooldown i dont find the full onhit attack speed worth it. better to maximise the passive damage and use it on cooldown
: Odyssey missions ruin gameplay. Introduce LFG please!
i wanted to make a post about this too. upvoted. most games i have to power down after finally getting all augs, or get flamed/have afk's in my team. i have to go down to captain mode to have fun. onslaught is just questing at this point. great gamemode, but quests totally %%%%s up stuff
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: Let's talk about off-meta bot lanes
heimerdinger support and ziggs carry. place 3 turrets in a triangle near the middle of the lane, and push/poke all u can. u get easy recalls because of your pushing power, and it often impossible to gank through minefiend and turrets. you can easily get first tower gold vs most matchups, and rotate to other towers. when ziggs get some items and heimer have zz roth + banner, the enemy team will have a hard time dealing with the pressure
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: [GAMEPLAY] Supports can have 2 active ZZ´rot portals.
It's more of a fun thing to do tbh. a support should be with the team to assist them, and chances are you are not going to find a good placement for the portals immediately when the cooldown is ready because of this, unless you run out of position and leave your team vulnerable. Althrough when combining it with other items like banner/locket, and redemption the value of the sighstone is not to be underestimated
: EUW issues and toxicity
An even more punishing system towards negative attitude in chat would be apreciated as such things doesnt belong anywhere in the game. But for now, my tips to you and everyone else is : If someone dies, be REALLY careful what you say to them. most people are slightly tilted by then and dont make it worse by dropping a comment like "pls dont feed more". just DONT SAY ANYTHING if you dont have information you are certain will help this individual. when someone looks pissed off in the street, you naturally keep a healthy distance right? same applies here. And when hatred shifts towards you, simply mute and COMMUNICATE WITH PINGS. if you get drawn into the heated discussion it will 100% affect your gameplay to some degree, cus your mind is not entirely on the game. also stop using the "question mark" pings to point out others mistakes. enjoy your stay
: Placement games MMR factor?
wow going from diamond to silver is a long way down. Im glad i won most games so i didnt end up in bronze then! thanks for the clarification :)
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Grimacer (EUW)
Minimap is bad, teammate info is bad, killcount is VERY bad, and the main HUD where the spells are is also much worse.. what was riot thinking?
Azters (EUNE)
: This new HUD is just extremely annoying.
yeah the new HUD pissed me off, and the gankplank announcer just fuels the fire.
Fareley (EUW)
: Honest HUD Feedback
+1 i ended up with headache and had to watch google immages of puppies in order to not kill anyone due to the new HUD after just 1 game.
: We should be able to choose between Modern HUD and Classic HUD
please yes. im not spending a dime on this game untill i get my old HUD back. I even bet flaming in games will increase due to frustration over the new HUD, who knows..
oh honey (EUW)
: [CLOSED]A way to get the old UI (HUD) back?
Nonna lie, this HUD is the worst update i have experienced in a game ever. Please just remove it completely and accept it as a failure. If we get the option to use the old one, ill never once use the new one again.
Nibaki (EUW)
: Choose your HUD! Classic/Updated!
Yes please. The new HUD is a total failure imo, and the less i have to use it the better
: I feel sorry for Riot
I'm sorry, but you got it totally wrong. riot is not a 12 year old emotional girl, but a successful company that owns the most played game in the world. This is called FEEDBACK and it helps Riot lead the ship on the right course, which is not bilgewater according to the community. The new HUD is horrible compared to the old one. I hate it, my friends hate it, and according to the forums, most people hate it.

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