: Did they really just give us 200~ tokens (only)
more missions will come over time https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/eBazIgqN-arcade-2019-mission-list-and-dates
: becuase you don't make money by punishing players {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: In league of graphs its clearly shown that tahm got some counters, but most of them arn't usuall top laner. So tahm isn't one either. Think around the corner. Winrate at Diamond and above is just about 52% which is fine. Banrate isn't that high with 18.1%... counters at this time are Neeko, Yasuo hey and even Gnar... didn't know he still exist. We got so many post of this but Riot doesn't change him in the PBE.. so i guess he is fine. And its a bit difficult to nerf him for top lane, but don't destroy him complete for any other position like support. And for example, Mordekaiser sits on a 72% banrate and even Yasuo is still at over 40%.
i mean dont try and act as if tahm kench top isnt broken or atleast toxic to play against
: How the %%%% get some players away with everything?
i dont even understand why riot isnt priotitizing the punishment system. maybe if they would fix that this entire community wouldnt be as toxic but they sadly prioritize other things like game modes, pro play and skins
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: What is your most favourite champion of this game and why?
{{champion:421}} she wil always be favorite champs but i honestly wish she got a good buff
: Over 300 book pages, 145 Word pages and more than 290 bugs: Here is the new Mordekaiser buglist.
Morde is such a cool champion but he doesnt get the attention he deserves...riot rework him already
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