: A guide to winning every game possible
You cant win every game because autists don't get banned by Riot.
: Matchmaking forcing me to lose
The game is pretty dead. There are not enough players as of late and you can tell by the amount of time you need to wait in queue. They have already tuned the matchmaking so that it includes players from a wider range of mmr (so that you get games faster) but that obviously makes it more imbalanced. I expect this to get worse as the game keeps dying.
Lümïan (EUW)
: Do you guys still have fun playing League of Legends?
: PLEASE explan to mr LP and MMR, I don't think I get it?
Game is a joke. It was probably a match that involved duos (which completely destroy the balance, since it's not that uncommon that one of the duos will be players boosting accounts together).
Etherim (EUW)
: [Discussion] Is It worth Going pro on League of Legends ?
Top 5% = Top 120.000 in EUW = far from pro. Honestly, the game starts at D5. The rest is just battling through the millions of players who happen to play ranked more than you. You won't notice a big difference in difficulty until mid diamond. Can you do it? Possibly, but it requires at least 8-10 hours of games every day, so that means that you can't have a serious job, which means that somebody else must pay for your expenses while you're grinding in front of a PC. If you can do that, then go for it, sure.
: What I do with the Victor emblem?
I use mine as a buttplug.
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Putio (EUNE)
: ranked solo placement are broken as ****
Well, your mmr is still good and you will probably get double promoted (skip a division) once or even twice. It still takes quite some time to climb though. I guess if you're not prepared to play a lot of games there is no reason to take ranked that seriously. Just troll around like I do :P
: New mid laner to main
Annie is free elo in any league up to high platinum/low diamond. After you reach that just play champions with good wave clear or lane bullies with good poke. You can also pick assassins and try to win the side lanes, but you should only do that when the enemy team is squishy (and I mean all 5 of em). Viktor is still able to clear waves with just one E relatively early. Therefore, even if you don't win lane, you put a lot of pressure on the enemy midlaner. I don't think he'll lose his power after the Rylai's nerf. Just get an extra doran's and rush Luden's Echo instead. Other good champions are Ahri, Orianna, Cassiopeia, Brand and Karma. All relatively easy to play. There are also more difficult to play champions such as Syndra, Xerath, TF, Leblanc and Vel'Koz which are also pretty good but I wouldn't recommend them to somebody who's asking for picks. You will most likely underperform on those.
: Placements (Solo/Duo)
They just messed up yet again. It must be hard to coordinate everything when you have the large majority of your employees designing skins and only a few people taking care of game-related issues.
YoMajesty (EUNE)
: One game of placements then another one for LP?
They are too busy ~~fixing the ladder~~ designing new skins atm, so you're not gonna get an answer from Riot. Same happened to pretty much everybody who played games early in the morning though.
Lenny0101 (EUW)
: Matchmaking bug?
Eloboosting is a thing... People just got their borders.. You know how this works....
Rismosch (EUW)
Yeah the shark has a pretty large hitbox. It's totally intended. You shouldn't expect it to miss at that range anyway, unless you flash away. They could make it so you see the circle on the floor or something (would look kinda awkward though, since it travels) but it shouldn't get nerfed.
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: What is best champions for freelo (preaseason 7)
Annie is free elo for everybody that's asking similar questions as you.
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: High CPU Usage for The Beta Client
Yeah it actually takes up 10% idle on my i5, which is fully overclocked too. Wtf Rito ?
Screwsystem (EUNE)
Only after enough players get SO BORED browsing the client that they start buying RP out of boredom.
True Sight (EUNE)
: I personally also have a negative winrate with lee sin, but his mechanics are fun as hell and I'll always play him no matter the winrate.
And I'll always keep dodging unless I ever reach masters/challenger, where people might actually be good enough to play him. Fun times.
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PointDreck (EUNE)
: new client sounds are aggressive
Yeah, they're annoying. Also, muting everything on the client still doesn't stop the champions from talking during the banning phase.
IreIía (EUNE)
: From P5 to S2, Placement reset
Well, plat 5 was a bit generous but Silver 2 is definitely too low. Either way, we don't really know what your mmr looks like. You might be skipping divisions all the way up to diamond. You never know.
: Are you fucking serious with the patch?
Hey, I trolled all my games and got placed in Bronze 1. My current win/loss is 5-16. I played a game today and got silver 2. HOW MAD ARE U ?
abixbg (EUNE)
: Thank you RIOT for making ARAM toxic and unplayable
Aram was ruined when they added rerolls. When one team has them and the other team doesn't have any, you know which team will stomp the game.
FlameMire (EUW)
: Where the fk is solo q?
Delayed, coz skins are more important. Why actually hire programmers when they can just hire more art designers for the easy $$$ ? Don't open your wallets for a week and I can guarantee you that they'll release solo queue immediately.
Awokên (EUNE)
: the new Flex ranking system
Riot screwed up BIGTIME. They initially said that it's a whole new ladder and that mmr doesn't transfer over from dynamic queue. That's obviously not true. If that were true, nobody would be getting Plat 1. All Masters/Challenger players got Plat 1, so it's basically the same mmr from previous seasons. What they did at the beginning was to keep the old mmr during matchmaking, but start the ranking process from 0. You played games with people from your old mmr, but the game would start ranking you from 0. Now they actually fixed that, so the game won't place top 10% players in bronze and silver anymore. It'll start somewhere at gold (like it should) and then go on based on your score in the placements..
Merkl3in (EUW)
: Win rate 30/16 - drop from Platin 5 to Silver 3
Resetting a ladder full of eloboosted players serves absolutely no purpose other than setting the legit players back by ~100-200 games. The boosted players will get boosted again and they will camp their ratings again, since the decay timer is absurdly long (need only 1 game every 28 days). This only hurts the game as more and more people lose interest in grinding ranked every season.
Grimmj0ww (EUNE)
: got the rewards of the season while my acc is banable forever
It's kinda laughable at this point that a company who has gotten this big has no idea wtf is going on with their game. Bugs left and right. Timelines that are not being fulfilled and the game is getting worse and worse with every patch. At least they're releasing new skins alright...
Crowlèy (EUNE)
: What Will Be Your Aim For Division In Season 7?
No goals. I did diamond 5 once and realized that it would take me ~2000-3000 games for high diamond or masters, so I gave up. I just play for fun. Maybe if I was 14 again and had plenty of time I'd no-life it, but now it's just too late.
Zed genius (EUNE)
: Flex queue
Totally different but it is indeed very fun to troll people who can only win by getting eloboosted.
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Shiole (EUW)
: Does someone know when solo/duo queue comes up?
We can troll in flex queue in the meantime.
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: > Noobs will have to grow some balls and play ranked instead. So, you are totally fine with someone who is new to the game to play in your ranked promo's?!
If he's new to the game he won't play in my mmr. If new players play in your mmr, then your mmr is not that great. There's nothing wrong with that. It's actually well-designed. Now, duo queue can actually mess up the mmr a bit. That's why I'm against it.
Sceizer (EUW)
: > Also, gj getting rid of draft pick in normals. Noobs will have to grow some balls and play ranked instead. Normal is supposed to be CASUAL. You wanna try a new champion, you play it in normals, even if that means you'll have to trollpick it as support. There's no other reason for this game mode to exist and splitting the queue /2 definitely made queue times unnecessarily longer. Normal draft was good to practice your champs in a ranked like environment without the stress of losing LP. So I think its good to keep draft in
Stress of losing LP? Are you going for challenger? Why does it matter if you're Diamond V instead of Diamond IV? Nobody is gonna notice, and you'll still get the border anyway. That's what I don't like about players who play maybe 20 ranked games during an entire season. They barely even play the mode, yet they still care about rating for some reason. If you play 1000s of games you can DEFINITELY experiment every now and then and it won't affect your rating at all.
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: I want Teemo to get removed from the game.
He probably hasn't played against a good Caitlyn yet.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
I mean people make threads saying "I didn't flame" and then they post logs full of trashtalking. They still think Riot mistreated them. It's the easiest thing for them to say "I didn't get boosted, you can't prove it". There are no such threads because there are no such bans.
: Pleas try to make it clear...
Don't type in chat. Just understand that the average league player is either 14 or has the mental capacity of a 14 year old, so there's really no point to type ANYTHING in chat. Play the game and communicate with pings. This way you will never get banned, even if you semi-afk in all the games that are over by 10 minutes.
: Get 2-3 master players who want to boost you while playing with you first ...
I mean, I know at least 2 people who are in masters right now. They have both been playing the game for so long and have smurfs that are sitting in Diamond. I'm plat so I could duo with them if I wanted to, but I have self respect, so no thanks. Oh btw I'm pretty sure my soraka support is decent even in D5. I can just click on support, get my role 100% of the time and I won't even be a burden to them while they boost me. What a great system. But fear not! There's also websites that are operating since Season 1 that sell boosts, if you're not the social type! What has Rito done about those? Maybe they're even running them themselves, who knows :^)
: Master elo duoq with a scripter. Bannable or not?
I don't see how that's any different than getting 2 or 3 masters players on smurfs to boost you all the way to Diamond 5. Riot is obviously fine with that, so I'm sure nobody will get banned apart from (maybe) the scripter ^^. Eloboosting is a good thing. Flaming is the only problem in this game according to Rito and their so called "justice system". Just take a look at all the QQ threads about bans. Nobody got banned for getting boosted AFAIK.
lclegends (EUW)
: Ranked Decay
Doesn't matter really. Just don't fck up your MMR. That's all that matters for placements next season. You could even dodge 500 games in a row and end up in bronze. Your MMR would be unaffected.
MadClown (EUNE)
: What about those who lived in two places in one country then moved to another one, they should be banned too cuz the IP is different in a longer time span?
Yeah, they would only ban when they saw multiple IPs in a short period of time. For example, a login from Germany in the morning, another one from Bulgaria in the afternoon and then another one from Germany in the evening is OBVIOUS account sharing. Don't tell me it's that hard for Riot to detect that. They could already be doing it, but they're obviously not. If they were, you would be seeing qq threads all over the place, I can guarantee it.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
I mean, I reached D5 once in season 4, when I had plenty of free time and played more than 1000 ranked games. Now it would take me about 400-500 games just to get back to D5 (which I already know that I'm capable of). And why would it take me that many games? Because I'll have to battle against the hordes of boosted players that will slow me down (the RNG that I mention above). This obviously reduces my motivation to take ranked seriously, especially since I don't have that much free time nowadays. I'll still play it, but at this point I've pretty much realized that you either tryhard all the way to challenger, or go full casual. I'm not 16 anymore, so yeah, tryharding 24/7 is not an option for me, sadly. But what if every game was really really close and didn't have boosted players in it? Then winning lane WOULD ACTUALLY MATTER. I can win lane pretty much 80% of the time in plat. That's already an 80% winrate instead of the 51% that I get now. That's some motivation right there....
Holaka (EUW)
: New Season Ranks
Don't really care about my rank very much. I'm not trying to become challenger, so it's rather pointless. I do tend to dodge many games too (when for example lee/thresh/ezreal is on our team, or somebody trollpicks). I'm excited about the changes that the new season will bring though. Assassins are making a big comeback and also dynamic queue is gone, so we're not gonna get as many clown fiestas anymore. AND there's an actual client coming too. Overall, really good changes. To answer your question, your rank is gonna be a bit lower that what it is right now. If you're low plat, you're probably gonna be low/mid gold next season. You will still have a very decent mmr though. If you get unlucky on your first games you might get stuck, but if you can abuse the high mmr and start with some wins, then it shouldn't set you back that much,. Keep in mind that you might also get promoted 2 divisions if you're constantly getting 25+ LP for wins.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
I'm talking about climbing in rating. I can always just "play the game" for funsies in unranked.
th3 pr1nt3r (EUNE)
: Boosted Animals
There should be bans handed out towards eloboosted accounts or accounts with logins from different countries, but judging by Riot's complete indifference towards the issue I think that it will always be part of the game. One could even argue that Riot collaborates with eloboosting websites, as the changes to the matchmaking in S6 (allowing premades of up to 5) make it REALLY EASY to boost accounts all the way to D5 VERY QUICKLY. It's rather easy to detect account sharing. VPN blocking is a thing. Online casinos use it to ensure they're not getting scammed. I don't see why Riot can't use it too (maybe because it doesn't affect their profits?). Group-queuing is just stupid game design and it's up to Riot to permanently remove it from ranked. They're bringing back solo/duo for S7, which will make things a lot better, but in my opionion duo needs to go as well. People can play with friends in normals, or get an actual team of 5 if they want to play competitively. Soooo, unless all of the above are resolved, there's no point to take solo queue seriously. Just enjoy the game casually and realize that you won't ever get to your actual rating without having to play thousands of games in order to overcome RNG.
: hextech crafting...
You only get a few fragments at a time. First fragment is pretty much awarded on the first win, 2nd fragment might take a few more wins, 3rd fragment requires a lot more wins and then there might be a 4th and 5th fragment (not sure) which require even more wins. Then it pretty much goes on a cooldown and you CAN'T earn more fragments unless you play an absurd amount of games, so you pretty much have to wait for that cooldown period to end before you see another fragment.
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: Improving your own play
There is absolutely no reason to improve your gameplay unless you want to pursue LoL as a profession. In that case, just play 12 hours a day and go for challenger and hopefully you will get picked up by a team at some point. In every other case, the game is not competitive at all so there's really no reason to improve. Just have fun and if you don't make it to your desired division, get boosted by 4 friends. Boosting is really easy with dynamic queue up to diamond 5.
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