: Concern about udyr in preseason 2020
Udyr getting buffed means he will just steam roll opponents early. It's that or he is useless if not strong. His design is too old and needs rework. LoL isn't the same game it was years back. Running a little bit faster these days isn't amazing ability to have.
RedbackWasp (EUNE)
: Rarity?
This whole "rarity" stuff flew out of the window some years back. They said they wouldn't bring back old skins but here we are now. You can get them from loot now or wait for something like Christmas when the shop opens. Even stuff like hextech that would be considered as rare skins are really not. These days you can get gems from multiple loot chests/orbs, they get attached to passes and etc. Currently the only rare skins are something like Pax Twisted Fate which you can't get anywhere or victorious skins.
: And how do you feel now 20 euros poorer?
Almost same way I felt before spending them just now I have skins I wanted for much cheaper price. You seem really triggered by that and concerned about my money. You don't have to as I am doing fine. Still plenty of cash left.
Energy (EUW)
: Can I get a redo? FeelsBadMan
I got lucky with mine. Got 3 skins I really wanted but didn't buy because they were too expensive or not available. Total cost for them would be 3770RP. Bought all of them for 20 euros and had like 600RP left.
: For gods sake let us disenchant emotes
Same thing should be with icons. I got{{champion:51}} Pulse fire and {{champion:246}} from ranked rewards. Like why? Why are you giving me faces of champions I don't play even. TFT icons almost all are garbage. Why can't I choose icons for {{champion:4}}? We had stuff that was rare or had value but since now you can buy anything you want I don't see point in it. Sometimes you have to wait for special days but still they can be bought. It's not like they will lose gold mine of cash making since who buys icons or emotes really...
vauvenals (EUW)
: a letter for riot
Even if it's not a real letter try to use some space between sentences. Whole wall of text is just a blur now.
MrAeRoZz (EUW)
: Searching for an old youtuber
Vague? I think it's more then vague... Asian guy in 2012 with rice farmer hat :D Can't talk about quality of the whole channel but this is good explanation for top if you need this type of vid. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=INF-c48T7M0
: remake system is so shitt
Not only that I meet too often people that play not from Africa but from bottom of the sea. They then just spam the chat with their ping like it's a good excuse... Like seriously? Why play this game if often you get high ping or your internet is not stable for online games. If the game detects too high ping it should allow remake or kick player from going into matches. I see this far too often then I should considering this is not an indie company they should have solutions for this. Going years back I had rarely issues with my internet. I pretty much had no issues with my internet even when I lived in dorm in another city. Now back home living for like 3 years I had like 0 issues. I am investing my money into having good connection but another player isn't so the game is last guardian against this problem and the isn't really trying to do anything.
Dekara3 (EUW)
: Dont play ranked.
Whole season is like this. Complete apes somehow are able to get to higher elos. Like for example I remember having a game some time ago. {{champion:82}} vs {{champion:10}}. All I needed is a bit of help. Instead I get "top is useless to gank because kayle has R". Wut? So she is squishy and mostly pushes my lane that means she can just R and run whole distance safely to tower? Don't I have my ult or doesn't my jungle has cc? Then some days ago had a game were one guy wanted {{champion:75}} jungle. I banned it because I don't want garbage jungle pick and I am not in silver or bronze where this could work. Even when I asked to not do this players are dumb and still will do their thing. First thing he does runs top and feeds first blood to {{champion:107}} that is my opponent and says "Good luck". The sad part is that the system won't pick this up as toxic behavior. I am baffled with what I see in my games. Like top {{champion:157}} vs {{champion:122}}. He saw the guy went {{champion:122}} but still picked {{champion:157}}. Fed like 0/10 then tried to explain me that {{champion:157}} top is good but he didn't know the matchup... So why the fck you picked it. Then I see weak early jungle picks that don't ward or expect invades from stuff like {{champion:64}}. So many times I see someone getting invaded and not warding or playing carefully. I have seen so many people just int for no reason. I play mostly top and for some reason I get ganked too often. Maybe they look at my win rate I don't really know but my junglers avoid top lane quite often enough while opponent jungler visits it as soon as possible. When they get Herald they mostly deploy it top lane too. In one game team looks fine in another they are awful. The skill difference between teams jumps too much from game to game.
: AP Shyvana: it just needs a little bit more skill
AP or AD I think she has old design both graphically and kit wise so she needs a rework. She could be a lot more interesting.
Rioter Comments
Jesi Oni (EUNE)
: Maybe you didnt heard about it yet but they are removing Thor from comics to add a 'strong female' worthy of wielding his hammer that will be called Thor as well 🤣 He will be probably playing computer games or will just die 🤣 Femwashing at its best 🤣
I have seen something few months ago about it. So much of this garbage is happening lately that it's hard to remember everything. Upcoming Terminator has some alien with a girl. The enemy terminator looks like Mexican plumber or something... Bad plot and acting in these movies don't help too. Don't read but from what I know comics sales have fallen a huge % because they make stuff like black chick iron man and stuff like that. Why create new stuff when you can ruin what already exists.
: > [{quoted}](name=IzzŸ,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=ivPoMjW6,comment-id=0001000000000000,timestamp=2019-10-12T04:30:58.543+0000) > > D...do you know Batwoman has existed as a character since 1956? She isn't new or part of some "trend" In the new series she is. Quite obnoxious too, they removed everything about her to make some butch lesbian that steals from bruce vayne and acts independent.
Then when audience rates it badly the main actor calls everyone that did that "old angry white men". Not only show is bad but it's actors are racist great...
IzzŸ (EUW)
: D...do you know Batwoman has existed as a character since 1956? She isn't new or part of some "trend"
Funny how people try to sound smart when they completely miss what others are talking about. Batwoman exists? Amazing right... I am talking about the show they spawned recently and it's bad not that she is Batwoman but it's bad what they made her into and the whole show.
: "Played since day one" You never look for a champion in a carousel unless it is a 4 or a 5 star unit, lets say a Swain to get 4 imperials or a Yasuo who is quite flexible. It is unlikely that the item on a carousel champion fits and you need both. You only look for an item in carousel so yeaaaaaaah. Little hint, even though you have played since day one and you are a big boy: more gold means more interest, which means more chances to reroll and push levels, therefore getting better units. Once again, you never look for champions in the carousel before stage 5.
Thank you for explaining something I didn't really need to be explained because I didn't say stuff like take cheap units from carousel. I think blood left your head and you just decided to explain me this for what ever reason. Gold doesn't have same value as an item. Topic was about no point being in winning completely early which is true as you will most likely get cheap unit with an item that you can't do much.
: Lol have 145 champs right now 51 are females (if i didnt mess up on math) and 94 are males. There are a lot of male champs that come 4-5 time on a row but no one complained, 3 female champs people complain Riot is not feministic. {{champion:432}} i considered as male {{champion:203}} i considered as female
That's the thing you consider them to be it. These two are neither really. Btw include how many of best skins females get in that calculation. Btw it's not just any females like {{champion:420}} or {{champion:143}} but {{champion:39}} {{champion:145}} {{champion:142}} {{champion:498}} and etc.
Shamose (EUW)
: White person dresses up as black person? Racist. Black people dress up as white people? Nothing wrong with that. Let's make it a [Movie](https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0381707/)
Don't remind me about movies please... They are already butchering most good movies like Star Wars, James Bond, Ghost Busters or try to ruin characters like Batman by making stuff like Batwoman. Bond movies were about certain male fantasy so how about new Bond is black chick... Luke Skywalker that was icon of hope, wisdom and will power was made into sad angry old dude. While new character is awesome at everything she does by default with no training or anything. Don't make me even start on Batwoman... that garbage on fire...
xStyrosx (EUNE)
: feministic indie company
Well I noticed that they like making skins with boobs and create "diverse" champions like Varus or Neeko. Look at Blizzard now. They sure are doing good with all their awful decisions. Like the saying goes "Get woke go broke". Riot is still playing their cards carefully but you can still see it surfacing like given examples before. You have to understand that from the US toxic ideas are spreading. For example latest news. A female that professionally does cosplay made {{champion:555}} suit for 3000$. She was accused of "black face" and removed from huge cosplay contest. The suit quality was so good that it looked like real life {{champion:555}} but somehow it became racist now...
C4libur (EUNE)
: Am I bad at TFT or something?
It's the nature of this game. With each faction and item they just introduce more RNG into the game. Certain items and factions are far better. Like why play pirates if you just get from 0 to 2 gold mostly. When 2 hextech untis disable items for good amount of time and they do it reliably unlike pirates that give mostly low amount of gold. It's a type of game mode made for money from little legends. It's a balance nightmare too.
: You get 3 more gold when you win 2.1-2.3 rather than lose and you save about 10-15 hp. That is fair tradeoff for a first pick carousel imo.
How exactly gold is better then champions you need or items? Played since day one and noticed that winning is not good unless you get lucky in what champions you get to buy and item drops. It's stupid to stomp people for like 9 rounds but because you didn't get enough of good items you just get stomped later instead. Losing that hp is a good trade off as you can pick better items and champions.
: > [{quoted}](name=GrìmoreWeiss,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=ZpaXcjZN,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-10-11T20:12:33.742+0000) > > Because TFT and prestige skins. After that each patch they need to fix all the problems they have caused. I agree they need to include more then win/lose ratio as it's painful to get a team mate that feeds not only in your game but feeds in most of his games. Wouldn't be a problem but it's s9 that means one feeding player and you have not much % to win. yet Riot Games refuse to listen to the feedback
Because it's not same riot games we knew. Now they follow smell of money. Now Tencent is their master. Because there are suckers that pay for passes, hextech skins, prestige skins, little legends and etc they will focus on that more. Imagine if eternals were released in the state they were announced. A lot of people would pay for it for sure. Companies wouldn't be doing it if it didn't bring good cash. Look at best skins they release these days. Most of those skins have boobs. As US now has this war between normal people and SJW the company has woke moments like making Varus into gay or Neeko into lesbian. They just care for money mostly and for some points how good they are. That clearly worked for Blizzard which is now in big trouble.
: Garen
> [{quoted}](name=killerspreex,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=BFIMG7h2,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-10-11T20:17:21.178+0000) > > Like Garen wasnt already broken before, you decide to buff him? i never saw soo bad balancement in one game. How was he broken before? He couldn't take conq rune. He lost most of match ups. In high elo he is trash pick. Half of time I go top i see stuff like {{champion:85}} , {{champion:17}} , {{champion:122}} and etc so you can't trade much most of time. He has pretty much 0 build paths. Every time you play you pretty much have no choice what will you be buying as he has no use of items that have certain stats like life steal. Ult dmg can be reduced a lot by one rune. Now because of conq he has more dmg but got squishier because of weaker W. Even if he is on the stronger side you can't compare him to champions that are or were OP. Like I honestly prefer older Garen because villain let me blow up strong targets but now your ult is a bit stronger. I even looked up your match history until new changes went live. You saw Garen in couple games and in only one he stomped your team hard while in 2 he fed and in one did ok. So you just came her butt hurt from one game. I main him and he seems fine compared to release {{champion:114}}, {{champion:266}}, {{champion:84}}, {{champion:518}} or even {{champion:142}}. Even if he is on a strong side he still isn't really annoying to play against as he has no mobility or cc.
: Why is it, still nothing been done about the awful matchmaking
Because TFT and prestige skins. After that each patch they need to fix all the problems they have caused. I agree they need to include more then win/lose ratio as it's painful to get a team mate that feeds not only in your game but feeds in most of his games. Wouldn't be a problem but it's s9 that means one feeding player and you have not much % to win.
Intocabille (EUNE)
: They won't bleed, but it gets old pretty quick... plus the marching morale of said Pikachus is pretty bad. :-) Wait wut? Was that Steven Segal at 2:41?
Have seen enough of his movies and stuff to say that Yes it's him :D He has citizenship in three countries and Russia is one of them. Still waiting for this movie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cfMGp1tU4vk
: Ban for toxicity
> [{quoted}](name=Madalin DXL,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=6lveZQbG,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-10-11T15:57:13.451+0000) > > i am really curious, how does this system works actually, i mean i get banned for 14 days for toxicity, just because at 10% of that actual match i get outraged, but the player who is raging and flaming and being toxic for other 90% of it, it is still in game going :) Don't flame people with the obvious words. For example don't use stuff like %%%%%% or something. I understand game gets frustrating and especially it gets like that in this season so you need somehow to release some steam. Call them vegetables or something just don't flame in every game.
Intocabille (EUNE)
: Either bad sound or remix of Hell March I haven't heard yet... Anyway... have you seen the Pikachu Hell March video? :-)
I wanted to post fitting footage with hell march. Listening trough it yes there parts edited that sound not too good. Edited my post and found better version. Still hell march is like new anthem :D Russia is not candy land but I admire their patriotism and their military discipline. I am a Russian born in Lithuania. I respect and like my birthplace but it has some serious problems and has delusional ideas that Russia always tries to invade it :D Will look up that pokemon version. I hope my ears won't bleed.
Dyzlaxia (EUW)
: When will Vel'Koz get a skin ?
Like {{champion:53}} since 2013 got only high quality skins. His new skins theme for harrowing can easily be moved to {{champion:161}}. Easy theme to think up is pumpkin but cauldron with holes from which tentacles come out sounds much better.
: > [{quoted}](name=GrìmoreWeiss,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=ypBTGqnN,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-10-11T08:59:13.831+0000) > > Or he is done with the game so he won't try to reform and play it at all. He said he flamed without holding back so he is honest with what he did. Not the best post but he is right about something. It's easier to get banned for saying something then feeding or trolling in games. You sit there for 30min as a hostage while someone ruins your game. I really don't want to see {{champion:157}} top against {{champion:122}}. He saw it was {{champion:122}} and it was no wonder when he fed. Then proceeds to tell me {{champion:157}} top is good and he didn't know the match-up. > One example out of many cases. These people don't even get a small slap. > Simply put, picking {{champion:157}} Top and lose lone is not trolling, it's possibly feeding but even then, there's no punishment for that if it's not intentional. Otherwise it would be safe to assume that ALL players would have been bannable for one or more games at some point in their game history. And no, the fact that FOR YOU it's inting does not make so. Otherwise, again, you probably would have been banned too because it's a sure thing that you HAVE been reported several times for that without knowing it (courtesy of salty players who blame everyone but themselves everytime they lose). > Honestly what is the point in coming here and write stuff like that. To show off your magnificent IQ or something? I see you like to go around topics writing this drivel with big usage of this childish stickers... I'll say it's way more childish to complain about a videogame like it was some kind of life or death matter. And to begin to insult other players by ranting about their's IQ at the drop of a hat like you did. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
It was ranked and he knew he was against Darius. Later told he didn't know the match up. I am currently playing with gold-plat elo players. You realize how dumb it is to do that? I see people picking champs they don't even have single match in ranked because they got a support role or something. You don't need to ban them but stuff like mastery level should matter in higher elos instead pick what ever you feel like it. Childish to complain about video game? I guess you live in stone age because since then games became great way to express your talent in art, music, story writing and etc. Games became important to people. In this case we have a game where someone can be attached to champions they played. People put a lot of hours and money into this game. They can and should complain if there is an issue. The complaints I see don't really fall into "life and death matter" so don't know out of what pocket did you pull this idea. Not much of an "insult" I must say if you got offended by that as you show it off pretty well on your own. You just mostly post empty sentences just for the sake of posting.
Kurotsu (EUW)
: I'm Russian and you just ruined my chill ero anime mood with patriotism
Long time ago this anthem was replaced for me with this. Rises you patriotism so much you can even find it in your blood. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fwJDZDcxdMI
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Soroka6 (EUW)
: Riot doesn`t make unique and creative skins anymore
The problem is they take up themes that make most champions look boring. Like they released Elderwood Ahri, Veigar and Nocturne. Ahri get's another skin big suprise... She already has far better skins to pick. Nocturne doesn't feel good in this theme. Veigar looks ok and he has some good chromas. Still I have yet to see any of those skins. Then we have infernal Varus, Shen and Galio. They don't fit that theme too. Latest High Noon Hecarim skin looks like Infernal skin but still it's far better then just plain Infernal skin. Like Infernal Nasus looks great and Infernal Amumu looks ok as he has fire chain theme but just regular fire demon theme has nothing to offer. They didn't even add any voice filter to make them sound like demons.
: Well tbh, I agree on most of what Grimore is saying, you're explaining it pretty well. I don't find you "triggered" or being "mad". You're simply saying that you have more fun including everyone, which is true. Men do also get harrased, but not based on their sexuality. Then again I know that toxic people are toxic, and whatever you are they will use it against you, like being a female even if they're not really sexist. But with that being said... there **are **things that men don't understand, especially when it comes to girl gamers. Yes, there's a lot of "man stuff" that women don't understand either no doubt, but the difference is that there are men everywhere in the game but rarely women. So if a girl wants to share this stuff or talk to someone who can relate to the things they go through, that's ok. I think that's the point of the server and I don't really see a problem with that. Luckily, you can be in multiple servers in discord - I mean I'm in one where 95% is guys but wouldn't mind to be in another where it's only women, simply because we don't grow on trees in this game lol.
People use words as "triggered, mad, kid" and etc. to make your opinion mean less in peoples eyes. Like this is internet so my opinion isn't really that important but still it depends on the reader. Maybe I sounded "rude" but with media these days painting men as some sort of evil and then reading "safe environment to play", "excluded from most things" after that she mentioned harassing like being called "e-girl". I don't know if all the people that replied are girls or just some white knights but their arguments are really poor or even have insults added to them so they didn't help much to change my opinion. Like sure females get flamed but still I think a dude gets a lot more of it. The same way a guy is more likely to be killed during mugging. What I advised them to do is to make a channel where you pick everyone but if someone behaves poorly just kick them. Best final opinion can only be made when you know how both sides think. Both sides could even learn something from each other. Never did I say they can't make the channel how they want it.
Tsunamied (EUW)
: I appreciate the feed back and will let him know. This is his first night officially streaming League. He is still trying to find himself on video. He is usually more funny off camera, so it might be a comfort thing until he gets used to it. So I hope it will be more interesting for you or anyone else in the future the more he keeps up with it. I will also be sure to tell him about the music as well.
He also needs to know that whole streaming thing is over saturated. You need a good idea or years of work to get any popularity. If he wants to "succeed" he will need a schedule but if he wants to do it purely as hobby without caring for popularity then he still needs some sort of consistency when he streams. The strange part is that for his first stream I find it weird there is already donate button available... Anyway don't know what software he uses but best thing is OBS. He can customize and improve the look of the stream a lot more then it is currently. Easy stuff to do too.
Tsunamied (EUW)
: A Support-ing Wife
He is streaming a game known for competitive game-play. He just talks while playing aram. It's as basic as a stream can be. Not recorded on a potato but otherwise nothing special. If he wants to play more variety music he can use spotify. There are library's for twitch streaming. Then he can look up channels like https://www.youtube.com/user/NoCopyrightSounds Or use https://www.monstercat.com/ Should avoid any copyright. He has to have a direction that would make his stream more interesting because he isn't really amazingly funny or interesting at all. It's just a stream anyone today could make.
: The state of matching is so bad... i have experienced that.. every game end up wining my own lane but than other lanes feeding like crazy... and than if you win your lane in team fights impossible to do anything because other lanes are too fed... and than try to split push but the team goes of fighting instead of defending and than they all die.. and you are left alone to go back and defend.. its like people dont use any strategies at alll.. out of all the games i played i only had like 10 % of games that were well matched others are either enemy team is made up of unskilled newbies or you have them on your team and you get hard stomped..
I saved couple of images for another thread I made a week ago. Here is what I get in my games and these are just examples I could be sitting here whole day if I saved every info from all games I played. https://i.imgur.com/HpTdhMy.jpg https://i.imgur.com/gdpPOSz.jpg https://i.imgur.com/fCnH4oq.jpg https://i.imgur.com/2joW4Q1.jpg There were too many cases like that to count and I see this far too often. I even destroyed my winrate with Twisted Fate even when his KDA is great. I just can't do anything with him because he is team dependent. Funny thing I win most lanes with him but lose games because I TP around babysitting someone that feeds and doesn't stop doing it. I TP into their lane after they die to secure the kill but whats more funny is that they have all summoners mostly so just run away from me. Even if I get fed a little TF isn't a champion known for amazing combat abilities where he can ace teams...
: Jungle Streamers
Not a fan or anything but seen Scrubnoob. Plays great and mains Rengar. A very old player since this game reached light is stonewall008. Makes content about jungle on a lot of different champions. Each video has increased speed and he comments over it. I guess stonewall is most informative as he has many videos with many champions and every single one is about jungle.
: What new mechanics do you think Riot games will add in the future?
> [{quoted}](name=MrSteveYoGurl,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=H5gNwAo8,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-09-28T19:52:46.512+0000) > > What sort of things do you think Riot games will implement in the following seasons- champion wise, champion/map visuals and/or new season mechanics What did they add so far? Mostly broken champions. What did they do with maps? Pretty much nothing. Like maybe some map changes for events but nothing else. Like dude they threw Bilgewater aram map into trash bin for 5-6 years now. It's such a great map and we can't even enjoy it as alternative version of the map.
Talonium (EUNE)
: How do i find a main champion?
You play normals and arams so play what ever you feel like. Because of your opponent you may or may not get time to chill so look for champions that offer easiest and safest laning. For example {{champion:1}} Q can be used to farm easily. You just last hit with Q and get refunded mana and half CD. If anyone tries to jump on you charged passive and R will put them back in place. What else... {{champion:245}} forgives mistakes with his R. {{champion:103}} has easy and safe laning with her kit.
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: If you leave our beloved peg-legged friend in the dark, all alone, crying.. You are a monster and no main will make you feel happy :(
He is getting reworked with Voli anyway. Might as well forget him so he can make more memorable comeback.
Jesi Oni (EUNE)
: Well you cant buy him now... Only during Halloween. Everything event related is 'rare' for me. I have not seen people using him in ages.
And? Maybe there are better skins out there or people don't play Brand often. Like a gemstone is rare or Pax TF is rare to see. I got so many stuff by now you would consider "rare" when they really are not and I think other people did get those too but they don't care for some old skin. Skins being available each year or receiving them from loot pretty much removed any rarity to older and harder to get skins. Also after so many years I don't see point in buying for example Magnificent TF when much better and cheaper skins are available.
: Who's running?- you are still in the game and as if by magic you no longer see those big bad words that seem to be so scaring for your mental health. What you want is to pretend to be a victim and out of spite want some player banned, instead of being mature and just muting the person and moving on! I'm not saying they are right and you are wrong, I am saying you are both immature children (at least mentally), and that's the games biggest problem (aside from Riot being an even bigger child).
It's funny how some random on boards "pretends" he is psychiatrist and throws out stuff at people like "immature children". Sorry for wanting bad behaving people to be punished. It seems it was a bad and immature opinion to want a bit better game quality because Dr. Whatever said that. Instead of jumping to conclusions like assuming "I am pretending to be victim" how about you learn a bit about being mature. If you don't like immature people then you don't have to you know make look yourself like one. It's weird when someone tries to avoid the issue then calls someone immature when a more mature person would actually think of ways to fix that. This problem can't be solved forever but some ideas can make it a smaller issue then it already is. I just gave one without even thinking about it that hard. Btw dictionary does a good job telling who are real victims and I don't consider myself one so you brought up a really stupid idea...
: Learn to find the mute button, problem solved then and there.., or better yet, disable chat entirely.
Instead of running from the problem I would like a solution that would at least work some what. Why should I not flame my team to blow off some steam as it seems ok. If you are careful what you say you even get a pass.
: This is how you are expected to perform to climb in low elo...
This season is weird with how people are grouped into a game. Fresh acc and I get bronze. Ok I climb to silver in couple of games. After that I skipped couple of times and got gold 4. Everything looked fine. And then boom losing streak after losing streak. I had to witness such horrors that even I began to play like potato for few games. Now I am gold 2 but for some reason games are really hard. They are not hard because I lose my lane or something but because often enough I get someone in my team that just ints. He finishes game with like 2/10/5. Some would say maybe a bad game. After I check history I see same pattern in every game and no matter if they win or lose. I should have been plat by now but games are just too hard to win with matchmaking like this. Even IWD made episodes where he played ranked on EUW from start and found it difficult to play because players he is matched with are just sad to look at.
Rioter Comments
: Riot? You there? Matchmaking needs your attention.
Just played my next game. Barely won that because I did good and support Naut helped a lot while mid did ok too. Guess who were the problem in our team. Adc that doesn't stop fighting and by 15min was 2/9 but later fixed that to 9/9 because all she had to do is clean up. Solo died to support karma. Clearly fed intentionally. Jungle Malph that went ap invaded enemy jungle all the time and died solo to enemy jungler. These two almost cost us the game. You know what they both have in common? Their history is full of games where it doesn't matter if they lose or win. They feed mostly. So this is gold 3 elo? Just group ok players with feeders and call it a day? My match history after these last couple of days doesn't look too great I admit but not like this. https://i.imgur.com/HpTdhMy.jpg https://i.imgur.com/gdpPOSz.jpg
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: lol yes adc is just right clicking on people ... its not like literaly everyone can oneshot you including tanks that do 80%+ of your hp in a single combo ... sounds like you didnt play a single adc game :)
Who are these tanks exactly? Fed {{champion:33}} should melt adc but that is his whole point. Unless you are facing a juggernaut no one will do that. Not only there are old adc's that melt tanks or especially squishy target the new ones are even more over loaded. You can't even itemize against them because they get stuff like on hit, true dmg or hp% dmg while having good mobility or good cc. With so many tools adc's have they deserve to die if someone gets close. If this role was in such bad spot to get almost killed by a tank then I wouldn't see 6 out of top 10 picked champs to be adc's...
DzigibauxD (EUNE)
: chests
> [{quoted}](name=DzigibauxD,realm=EUNE,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=v8ukbEAl,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-09-22T16:33:17.252+0000) > > I didnt got any good skin like epick or legendary for a long time There is a god. One of his symbols is $.
Silent Note (EUNE)
: So you're saying that ADCs that were popping off and carried should never be honored, because it's their job to deal damage?
Mostly ADC's pop off because they supports did more in lane or enemy team were awful. Like I said you want a medal now? For just clicking auto attack button? In both cases whole your team did great which most likely let you pop off. Why are you even crying about few honors? I don't get honors when I honestly should or there are just people more worthy then those that have more kills. Like the world doesn't start to spin around you if you have more kills. You didn't get in this game you will maybe get in second but if you cry about these things here then I am not surprised you didn't get any.
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Did you even read the post? I literally said: > I'm not asking to be the most honorable one on my team. I just want to get honored 1 single time as an adc, but it's impossible. I clearly stated I didn't want all honors, but just one at least. Also, what about the other 2 games? The Jinx one from yesterday, where I clearly carried. And my support wasn't actually that good that game. She made a lot of questionable plays, yet I still honored her for trying. Again, I'm not asking for all the honors in the world, only 1 single honor.
Again same thing. Top 4/1/14 Jungle 3/5/15 Mid 1/2/16 Support 6/4/23 Like honestly what are you arguing about? Like only mid didn't have kills but otherwise is looked like stomp game. Everyone did great. No one fed and everyone did their best. Like you want a medal because you got more kills? It's your job to deal dmg. You have to do more then just deal dmg for people to notice you. Selfish plays won't help you that much unless someone notices your contribution to not only getting kills but others benefiting from it like maybe you healed someone from a certain death.
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