: i will explain later,,, on bigger
unless you post the chat logs you were baned for, we cant tell if its a bug or not. Severe flaming may very well trigger an automatic 14 day ban (skipping the chat restrict)
: > [{quoted}](name=Spearki,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=ZE8WMHmE,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-10-09T11:13:50.331+0000) > > no? why would changing server help? because I remember when I had a chat ban I simply changed my server and ban wasnt active there
The K (EUW)
: Why are players who are this bad allowed to play against real people?
if you got your wish... you would not be allowed to play against real people.. it all depends on who you ask :P
Upe (EUNE)
: The think u just said is flaming too acording to the autoban option cuz i can report u for that ingame XD. And if we are talking about weak ego than i dont get how i am flaming to win... I had the game won and i was just playing for fun, but ok i got the ban and its over, maybe next time i play normal i mute the thrash talkers cuz they cant get talking back...
true enough.. in game it might have been a reportable thing to say... but this is not in game little one. also.. where did i say you were flaming to win? the general rule is that flaming lowers your chances of winning even more :) but yes.. muting those who start flaming is a very effective thing to do
Upe (EUNE)
: Shit goes wrong in a game where i finish 12 1 and is normal LOL... And what kind of tactic do i discuss with enemy garen who is talking whole game that we are noobs who play noob champions while he isp laying garen XD. Do people play normal to win or to have fun, cuz if i wanna win i play ranked and normal is just for fun... Edit: and in the ban/log screen says that i offended a player ...
it says you offended a player because a player reported you.. the system can not read that players mind and decide if its actual offence or not. and if a garen is talking and flaming and what not.. why did you not mute him? did you answering him help at all? other than perhaps your weak ego that is :P
Upe (EUNE)
: Yea you are right. Its 2017, people are getting offended on anything. After i played for 4 years, more than a 600 ranked games, climbed from bronze to plat by myslef i get banned on normal game where i play vs lvl 15 and lvl 25 accounts XD. Have passed thru lot of flame and all kind of players. But ok i get banned for saying a cuople of lines to a player that is fairy new to the game and cant handle trash-talk back. Anyway thats my oppinion and the ban is in power so gl hf in your games.
actually its not about offense or not. most flaming is not offensive at all.. simply idiotic, childish and utterly useless. i play to win, not put blame on anyone else than myself when shit goes wrong. that and ofc that the chat is supposed to be for tactics, not bullshit like flaming. luckily riot has mechanisms where one can get rid of people like that.. and obviously its somewhat working. Flaming is simply a perfect sign that someone is not able to handle the game.. they've stopped focusing properly on the game to win
Upe (EUNE)
: Well if u concider how many times they have told me: " i wish you die from cancer ", " you family will die in front of your eyes " and " give me your address so i find u and kill u ". Than if making fun of low skills players that think that they are good and beter than u is bannable 14 days ok. Anyway at least i get time to play my euw acc now XD.
ah.. .the "but others flames a lot more than me" defense.. sorry but it does not work like that.. both those and you stepped over the line.. and got banned for it. (as long as you remembered to actually report them)
Upe (EUNE)
: So here you go. Half of it is in my native lang. cuz we were 4 premade... And half of it was a sarcasit comments cuz i had 10 1 and i didnt even care about the game... Game 1 Upe: neam inspiracija ova da igram Upe: lvl 25mid mi dade ... Upe: bot ne se ni 20 lvl fala bogu Upe: wtf Upe: sto planiras so zivotot inace? Upe: igra garen Upe: logika Upe: logika na windwall Upe: i kako doma drva imate? Upe: u bronze or silver garen? Upe: %%% garen //( after he told us that we play noob champs, f*cked our mums and we are noobs ) Upe: fk Upe: ne gi stignav Upe: brate ne se ni vll 30 Upe: u want SUM %%%? Upe: wow Upe: dont %%% Upe: burn yourself //( people dont understand sarcasm this days ) Upe: baj blueto Upe: gimme blue teemo Upe: free se Upe: cek me Upe: lmao Upe: riot wont ban good players //( now i know they do actualy XD ) Upe: LMAO Upe: cry Upe: graf Upe: lemme smash Upe: cek Upe: haha Upe: ? Upe: ez Upe: lmao Upe: flame me now Upe: fail Upe: sto planiraat ovie Upe: ce pram meja Upe: u wanna win garen? Upe: ;p; Upe: lol Upe: no ss garen RIPORT Upe: lol Upe: sup? Upe: i mean Upe: what sup Upe: AYYY LMAO Upe: surrender so i wont waste time Upe: kill him before he lays eggs Upe: hahaha Upe: u need brain to play Upe: 1v1 me garen? //( ingame he said that i need 2v1 to kill him XD ) Upe: on tower Upe: fider Upe: come 1v1 me Upe: im on 30% mana Upe: ? Upe: mana neam Upe: ez
Upe: burn yourself Upe: surrender so i wont waste time Upe: kill him before he lays eggs Upe: u need brain to play Upe: fider Upe: ez you might be correct that the system does not take sarcasm into account.. but even if you take away that one.. the other ones would be enough.. its simple.. stop being a massive %%%% :) oh and this is without trying to translate the non english bits
: Verbal and verbal. And it wasn't severe. Never have i said anything like :" ur retar.ded/autistic/anything else", i just cannot know if thats true, im not a doctor. I only say things that are true. Cause if a guy goes 0/5 as blitzcrank vs a sona and builds iceborn vs a fed sona, i will tell him smth like "ur game knowlage is really poor, dont buy armor vs AP"
and the "i just say things that are true" argument is pointless... does not matter how much truth there is.. flame = flame
: No. I dont do dumb flame like : "ur stupid/%%%%%%ed/dumb/idiotic/autistic". I pointed out what the silver V players do wrong and tell them what to do instead cause they have no idea what to do. Boom - ban.
you say so.. yet we do not see any chat log. care to show it?
: Main banned w/o chat restriction
it probably was deserved. you see the 2 week auto increment (skipping chat restricts) is for quite heavy cases of flaming.. but do feel free to post screens of the chats you had in game in order to disprove this..
DarkTitan7 (EUNE)
: Yes but everyone deserves second chance.If this was toxic then really what is bakaprase and tyler1 doing...
and you did get a second chance... and you wasted it :S
DarkTitan7 (EUNE)
: Actually this is my second punishment(14days was first this is second dont know where u read 2 punishment thenban..
its the normal one to first have 2x chat restrict, then 14 day.. then perma. you however now showed that you have gone overboard on the flaming before... to the extent that you actually triggered the automatic 14 day ban... its not easy to get.. its for those who realy go hard core flaming.. the 14 day ban is basically riot going like this: https://youtu.be/qo5jnBJvGUs?t=29 and you didnt listen
: what do you mean?
its simple.. you deserved it... and perhaps they did get punished at the same time as you did.. but got chat restrictions.. you have no way to actually know that :)
ExtraQ (EUNE)
: Said the hard-stuck gold , and no I wasn t toxic that fking teemo did go full blue trolled my lane and I was as calm as possible cuz I was in freakin promo so I give you the permission to shut your mouth{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
and since i'm higher rank than you.. i give him full permission to open his mouth again.. while you should shut yours.. based on the chat log at least :P now... i'm guessing you dont understand why rank does not matter at all... right?
deVulse (EUNE)
: If i get caught on for example a Theft, i will go to jail, lets say in my country i'll be set in jail for 1 year. After i get out and i'll do it again and get caught again, i'll be jailed AGAIN but this time for 2 years. If it further continous, a max punishment will be 2 years, and if ill do it further ill be jailed for another 2 years etc. So as you can see, a minor crime will never EVER give you a lifetime jail sentence. Its clearly wrong, that getting a number of minor insults can get you a punishment of hard insults. IRL you will never be jailed for lifetime no matter how many times you'll be caught on a minor crime. Its wrong, wrong and its just a game, a thing tht i spent a lot of time, effort and money on. I do not deserve my life work to be removed just like that. Anyway, its too late.
wrong example to use.. the correct one is to use the bar example.. you're at a bar.. cause problems and in general %%%% enough with the other people there.. so the owners kicks you out.. you get in the next time... hey you could have just been overly drunk that one time right... but you cause a fuzz again.. and get booted again.. a few more times this happens until the owner figures.. %%%% this.. never return! i dont want you here! the next time you show up.. the bouncer tells you to %%%% right off though at times you manage to sneak in (on a smurf) but if you cause problems again.. a boot will be along shortly
: Exactly, you only further proved my point.
oh dear... are you actually not able to see the point of those two restrictions... the lvl 30 thing is have full masteries.. since they have a big difference in pure stats (read balance)... had everyone had full masteries at lvl 1 i would not care if they got into ranked. and the number of champions is not to protect the players... its to protect the game itself from an impossible situation.. if someone have 19 champs.. and they're all banned / picked before that player get to pick something.. now it is impossible for that player to pick a champion.. both can be gathered into a "have not played enough" type of rule.. as you usually get a few champions while playing (and getting enough champions to enter ranked is damn easy.. plenty of very cheap ones. your ban on ranked is "not good enough".. not good enough to enter ranked.. that was thought to show how good you are.. but no.. people need a minimum skill to be allowed (by you) to even try to know how good they are. its simple.. ranked is for everyone! those who cant play well end up in the lower ranks! this means good players does not have to face them!
: That's the point. If you can't handle the pressure and tilt 24/7 it's on you, not your team and they shouldn't suffer for your shortcomings.
but you do not seem to understand that your suggestion leads to tryharding (you have to get kills) by everyone.. and flaming can easily turn into a flamewar.. for example a jungler that goes in... but his top does not react... jungler gets shit on since he had faith in his teammate that failed... the jungler now gets a lesser score.. even though he technically didnt do anything wrong.. but his teammate left him to die.. hell its not that hard to troll someone into a bad score either (or at least being behind) again.. you can ping for a towerdive.. should be an easy one for 2 people. jungler goes in from behind.. you do nothing.. jungler dies... jungler has to pay for trusting you... also you did not address the point of facing of against a superiour foe that manhandles you. i've had the fantastic pleasure of facing the same guy on the same champ 3 games in a row... manhandled him in 2 (jungler camped in the 3rd) now in your mind he should have failed at least one of his "provisionals" because he simply faced someone better (also got countered each time.. i picked later than him... and who bans heimer anyways) those who are on the losing side of the game in general gets a lower grade than those on the winning side.. mostly due to getting killed more lets say you do a decent early game (well within your parameters) but mid game is dominated by the 10/0 yi that just jumps into your lane and shits on you on every chance he gets.. the other lanes is so far behind that they cant fight at all then he comes in. he camps you into a horrible horrible score.. no more farm.. no more kills.. just a bunch of deaths.. farm under tower? he dives and back off its simple... people who are that bad will fall in ranks.. ending up in bronze.. so they can keep trying to get better in something more serious than normal games (many dont take them seriously... trying new things you know) but then again.. someone made that point and it flew straight over your head.. and as rumple said.. someone playing very well during lvling will face better players in normal games when they hit 30 (one smurf i lvled ended up with facing high diamond / masters only in normal games) by this.. if i were to get to play ranked i would have to get a good score against master players... in comparison a completely shit player that gets to 30 after grinding hard will face bronze people and will have a MUCH easier time getting to play ranked than me
: Silver and Bronze are ranked, last time I checked. What patch are you on?
clearly you didnt understand what he said
: Carrying means only one thing: doing damage and earning gold. You can be a 0-12 Jax splitpushing the whole game and eventually backdooring to a far-fetched victory, but in this scenario you're also leaving your team to fight 4v5 for objectives the whole time, which means you're actually not carrying so much as desperately trying to win. In itself is not wrong, but how many times does this happen and how many does it work?
well that was the bullshit statement of the week... by your statement being a support is basically impossible to carry.. even though supports can easily be the primary reason for winning... hell i've manage to get praised for being the sole reason for why our jungler got intensly fed... in his oppinion i carried the entire game... by going 0/0/0 (sent their top and jungler low several times.. forced them to back away from their tower... took to long ofc so i got no assists when our xin showed up to simply jump in and get the kill. supports can be godlike in defending a shit adc... but the adc does not die and gets the damage done... even though he does so many mistakes that the support save him from.. ofc costing the life of the support splitpushing can be the thing that actually breaks the enemy team. (done that plenty of times) forcing 2 or more people to go into your lane for long enough to have the rest of the team get shit done... or the enemy team stays gathered... the 4 people are smart/good enough to stay alive and not getting pushed away... oh shit.. now you got towers in addition to splitpushing you can do the part where you push a lane hard.. then when people come to stop you.. tp to the rest of the team and get shit done in addition to this you get those great games where you simply get shit on their top/jungler work together to towerdive you into oblivon.. so that they get fed hard and you have next to no chance to get back your grade will be utter shit.. even though i've seen that tactic done and work in everything from bronze.. to a pro game this will only apply more pressure to someone who had a bad game.. increasing the chance of tilts and / or flaming
: This is not Spongebob game, we are not 3yo kids
you're perfectly allowed to say anything the %%%% you want... just dont use the enter key... i dont feel like see your pitiful whining
noob infant (EUNE)
: heimer ain't that easy, his cc is fairly difficult to land and his rockets are an average lvl of difficulty skillshot.
correct... but all people who dont know heimerdinger see is the turrets and how impossible it is to take them out without getting killed.. "no counter play" is a common phrase... usually after they run straight in... telegraphing what they will do and where they will be.. so the e+w combo inside the turret beam range is easier to hit than the karthus ult
: Why is it bad to play simple champions?
i see this alot due to me maining heimer... most of the hate is because they have no single clue of how to play against him... so they blame that "i just have turrets"
cleedude (EUW)
: Dude i swear i can document it. I had two SUCCESSFUL reports in my last 5 ranked games. And you know how rare successful reports are!?
then feel free to do so.. you might be a scientific abnormality to study :)
: not true
but you play it... (taken from your match history) you play a game that you do not find fun... what in the deepest bottoms of the blackest part of hell is wrong with you? i play games i like.. games i find fun.. if they stop being fun.. i quit playing them
: I'll tell you a secret that, alas, you will probably refuse to follow. When someone ask for a role swap, accept to swap with him and go support. You will be surprised by the fact that very often you win games because of that. If you won't support cause "of course i won't play support cause it's the noobs role and can't carry", then i'm afraid you are one the bad side of autofill and you won't move away from it if not by adapting.
it might work.. but for example me.. i have some sort of difficulty getting into the support mindset... early game with me as support tends to fall into the.. trying to poke / farm. i start doupting if my adc is with me or not.. so i dont dare to poke to hard against the enemy.. then the enemy gets agressive and we fall back and get poked often.. i tend to do a lot better when i'm in a solo lane where i only have to worry about 1 target early (+jungler ofc) and the only one that can make / break plays is myself :P
: > [{quoted}](name=munraker,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=EkcREPEc,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2017-09-01T12:22:00.063+0000) > > What if that person wants top and you are adc? > > WHAT CAN YOU DO? > This is not the best advice IMO Never happened once to me. Everytime someone ask for a swap, is ALWAYS because he is support. Never saw something different.
if you read that again he's asking.. what if you've been given the adc slot.. the autofilled support wants the top spot.. offering him the adc slot might not cut it
cleedude (EUW)
: Champ select trolls in ranked
you must be some sort of magnet for such players then.... i get them perhaps 1/10 games at the worst
: another day another rant
lets see... from what i can get from the match history yi invaded fiddles hard (most of fiddles deaths are in the jungle) and probably hunted fiddles as much as he could in order to get horribly fed and just simply do what a yi does a fed yi is not something its easy for a far behind fiddle to escape from.. he has his fear.. and then yi is on his ass again if he just positioned himself somewhat correctly after the alpha strike for bot lane i see that jinx got killed twice on enemy side.. rest under tower i'm guessing that they were pushing against the mf/sona that in the end either hit enough with the pokes or just went ham and got them. they got ahead and started pushing back hard after fiddles failed a gank. after this your bot lane got the fantastic pleasure to endure the poke power of mf/sona while yi controlled fiddle in the jungle making any more ganks bot very unlikely.. prodding mf/sona to go even harder.. the stats could simply be getting snowballed haaaaard it has happened to me with heimer as well.. focused early.. falls behind and then the perma pushing trynda had his way with me under the tower... while our jungler got manhandled by the enemy jungler.. making any help impossible
very rarely.. then again.. i cant get you on my team so... less chance right there :)
: They went 2 mid ffs i was 2v1 bot wtf
i've actually had that work.. (some bastard came the same lane as me before the lane system we have today) turns out that ahri + cho mid is pretty effective on taking down towers and poking the shit out of their mid :P
neviss (EUW)
: Heyo I have a question, I just hit Gold 5
if you've gotten to gold 5.. then you've already seen how that community is like :P
Treycos (EUW)
: > why should I stay with him? To not make the situation worse It's the kind of players that tilts for no reason and goes afk, making it a garanteed lose
also remember that a adc having a very bad game could need to simply farm alone (getting more xp) while fending off a tower push (or perhaps letting a tower fall and guard the second one) while the support increase the pressure in other lanes.. for example in mid lane where he can help out a midlaner that is somewhat ahead.. in order to put the enemy mid laner more behind or possibly force others to come mid.. probably from bot lane so that the adc thats behind get an easier time farming to get back into the game
Andrey0345 (EUNE)
: That's an ok pick.
tell that to the mountain of people that claim otherwise (pregame and if i fail)
Toxic Shaco (EUNE)
: You're my man, not a meta slave. GL to diamond
before i took a year break.. i got into diamond.. by playing heimerdinger top :)
you must be a magnet or something i think i have like 1 such game per month...
Sywos (EUW)
: My main getting banned by team mate after I declared him.
So everyime i play ranked Lately this has been happening to me alot over the past month does not compute :)
: You skipped the part where he admits that he is guessing. But it is possible to make an educated guess if you know which phrases are scrambled by censorship. You'll notice that when boards auto-censor a word they just swap letters for %, but the number of signs remains the same. So, if there's a 3 letter word censored two options are most probable, based on wide use of the phrases by toxic players. Those are "****f****a****g****" and "****k****y****s****" latter being short for "kill yourself". The guess that the censored bits of chatlogs conaint one or both of the above is further made more probable by the escalation to 14 days ban without chat restriction first. Those two phrases are known to cause such escalation.
right :) kind of sad though.. perhaps riot should remove that filter on the player behaviour part of the site? afterall actually seeing the words should make things simpler when responding to the standard "why did i get banned" :)
Infernape (EUW)
: You're lucky you only ended up with a 14 day ban. Account sharing is punishable by automatic permanent bans. And your account probably got the 14 day ban because of all the "kill yourself". I'm guessing this line: >"one disabled %%%: pls %%% %%%" contains both the term kill yourself and a slur directed at gay people. Which is classed as hate speech.
somewhat off topic question.. is there some setting i have not found here on the boards? there you say "contains both the term kill yourself and a slur directed at gay people. Which is classed as hate speech." all i can see is "one disabled %%%: pls %%% %%%" i was hoping to find a way to actually see whats written :)
kawonik112 (EUNE)
: How to avoid braindead players from ranked games
well... i would use a simple trick check if anyone on my team is named "kawonik112" and then simply dodge if someone is named that
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Why do League players get triggered by constructive criticism?
hmm.. it might just be that he once again gets told that his choice in champ in X lane is wrong.. and he's sick of it used to get plenty of hate for picking heimerdinger at all.. since he's so situational
: Permaed
are you sure it was for flaming? since the usual setup is either first into chat restrict.. or into 14 day ban if you went overboard on the flaming
stainlord (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Great Dohvahkiin,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=MEkuaacm,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-07-17T10:36:30.897+0000) > > my first question would be.. > why would you need those? > > but in general i would bet that unless there's a nice riot mark on the account answering.. then you can be safe to assume that the numbers they give are not accurate if i take those then i can flame all i want troll all i want afk all i want and so on without getting EVER BANNED...
i already flame all i want.. and troll all i want... and everything like that.. and i know i will never be banned (key words here are "as i want")
stainlord (EUNE)
: The Truth Behind Getting Banned
my first question would be.. why would you need those? but in general i would bet that unless there's a nice riot mark on the account answering.. then you can be safe to assume that the numbers they give are not accurate
kawonik112 (EUNE)
: Why bans for toxic if there is a mute button?
because having a bad game is actually a thing or one simply got faced with someone that was a lot better than you (or was damn lucky) i've actually had two games right after eachother.. with the same champ.. against the same champ.. against the same player first i lost hard... the next one i won hard. 0 jungle involvement both times. the only difference was that i missed the first important stun in the first game causing a kill to the enemy and not to me.. this snowballed the entire thing and i got dived to oblivion. second game.. i hit the stun.. got the kill.. snowballed and pushed the poor %%%%er under its tower and prevented so much farm it was hilarious you know nothing.. you're just a %%%% that want to flame
: New Honor System
i've actually found my self honoring supports more than the other roles... and in the cases where i get to know what the others voted... its been more often than not the support that has been the most honored player :P hard to say without more information though
ChoC0Iate (EUW)
: Title.
you clearly do not understand how the punishment for afking works.. the first level of punishing afkers is giving them the low priority queue.. so they can keep on playing.. but damn those wait times
: Yeah, I've won 2 vs 5 games. I had {{champion:432}} {{item:3285}} {{item:3115}} and Heimer was just doing Heimer stuff.
if you try with heimer alone run top (usually melee champs there) its a bit hard early... until you hit lvl 3 then you will have 3 turrets.. they will charge you.. you stun them... they run away or die gets easier fast push hard so that you get their second tower down before bot take your inhib they will retreat to defend inhib tower all will charge you and you get multiple quadras :P
Sontax (EUNE)
: How autofill affects low end players in bronze league and silver.
so... the autofill does the same as the system before it did? when basically the one that were to slow to call his/her lane gets to be support and can complain about that instead.. so they lock in the same stuff as with autofill and do the same thing anyways making missions for completing a game as support can be interesting as an insentive to actually go support. but again you will have those who think they will do better if they pick their mid/top champ and go support using that since they are good with that... and hoping to have their tactic work in order to complete the quest
: Botting
indeed.. those things are not fun :( though you can still win (at least with heimerdinger) :)
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