uzumakin (EUNE)
: If there was more word limit I would create more describded backgrounds. But at some point I Had to rush the story so it would have some coherent plot. Thanks for the comment :)
that's understandable, still good work though!
MoaKing (EUW)
: Vengeance is as cold as a drink. (Bilgewater Competition)
uzumakin (EUNE)
: The Saltwater Gathering
It was okay, but it bothered me how you had the need of listing the champions in such an uninspired way. It made it feel less like a story and more like a plan of 'oh who should i include in here? Well i'll add this this and this person." - as if you didn't want to bother making a more subtle description.
: Before Burning Tides
You had some grammar errors and i found some sentences that could be rephrased. I dont hate the plot though.
: Short story : The curse of a fool (Fan fiction contest entry )
Oh damnnnnnnn thats a really nice story. i appreciate how you didn't focus on dialogue too much and i love how you gave MissFortune this cool misterious vibe, one thing wasn't clear for me- was it pyke that was narrating the story or just some commoner? Eitherway i've upvoted!
: You... You look familiar... (Bilgewater contest entry)
I feel you used Pyke's name too much- thats only my opinion though. Next time try replacing it with his title or just simple call Pyke "him"
: She's out of my league...
I dont know if i like your take on Miss Fortune- there's something about her missing if she doesn't have that spark of revenge that drives her actions, making her who she really is- Miss Fortune, kind of ironic because her past is unfortunate. Her being the "beautiful girl next door" only is kind of.. how do i put it? It gives me cheap romance vibes. Thats only what i think though, don't let it discourage you from writing more in the future~! It's just i cant stand seeing that strong character view taken from her{{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
MapleToon (EUW)
: Miss Fortune's Beautiful Bilgewater (Bilgewater Fan Fiction Competition)
oh my god dude yo u%%%%ing hit me hard. with that pleasing mf fantasy then the goddamn angst bless you honestly I DID NOT EXPECT IT ahhhhhhh i love it in every possible way
: Xayah and Rakan skins
spAArklzz (EUNE)
: I totally agree. the changes you did really make it seem better, especially the crowns and her cleavage (which was super unnecessary). To be honest... The color palette in rakans skin bothers me more than it should. It feels too bright and doesnt fit in with the sweetheart theme. It just feels so off putting in my opinion. Xayah's skin is not as bad, but it still has a lot of potential... The recall animation too, it was so stiff and like you said it doesnt fit them. I hope they change the skins {{sticker:sg-ahri-3}}
exactly lol. im really hopeful. All they're receiving is mostly negative feedback on the current skins {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}} papa bless
: :( {{champion:498}} Iam sorry bud :c they are well made, but the models aint that good :o <3
i believe they are well made too ! i just want small changes to em if possible {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
Rismosch (EUW)
: Honestly, even with your suggested changes I prefer the default skins by far.
i respect that, hey i aint here to bash nobody's opinion. i just thought i'd take my time to write a discussion about this since many people seemed to mind the actual skins a lot {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: New Xayah and Rakan Skins
Keep flaming the skin so we get quality pls **** {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
Ledros (EUW)
: I really prefer the crowns you gave them. Oh, and the rings are a nice little extra for them :) I do think the Rakan got the worst end of it. Especially his sleeve... Looks weird imo --- I’d like it if we keep Xayah’s lower dress short. She’s gonna need to move and all but the rest I agree with completely XD (Mmmmm... legs.)
ayyy true, im glad you liked my edits. I havent made them to show everyone how they are necesarrily supposed to be, i just wanted to show that the skins can be better, they have potential and they arent necesarrily 100% bad **** also yes lmao xayah's dress its more efficient short but i added the slightly longer verison bc im extra asf ayy lmao {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
Saibbo (EUW)
: Xayah is acceptable, better than the cosmic one honestly.. Rakan in the other hand is awful (not that i'd buy/play it anyway). It's really a pity that such good champ has somehow ugly skins :S, missed opportunity imo.
i agree with you lol, it feels bad for rakan boi
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