: "I'd rather have a toxic teammate than a bad one"
Yes. I absolutely would rather have toxic (flaming) team mates rather than bad once. I'd take old tyler1 in my games any day over the shit that I'm currently getting. And don't get me wrong I aint exactly a perfect player. But getting team mates who refuse to cooperate just because they have something to prove is a million times worse than having people flame you. How many times have you had one of your lanes die. Then they start fighting again and even as you ping them not to fight they immediately engage the enemy without even considering summoner spells, items, hp difference, stopwatch, just because they think they have something to prove? I'd rather have the toxic 1 - 1 flamer than those guys on my team any day. Honestly there should be a report among the lines "disregards his entire team, the game, the win, because he thinks he has something to prove"
: Playing support in solo queue
90% of supports are autofills that hate playing their role and immediately abandon their adc if he dies once. RIght now I appreciate the 0/10 Riven main more.
xWhiTzZyx (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Grendel Grimzy,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=EgUr9rxq,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2018-01-27T04:08:07.564+0000) > > If I don't win, I'm not good enough. That's how I always see my loses. that's the biggest load of tosh i have ever seen. i play ranked with a friend and we are currently stuck in silver 5 when season 6 we almost made gold but started late. most games we are in we'll try our hardest to carry but end up the only people on the team with positive scores yet the remaining 3 players will all be 1/7 1/8 1/6 or some crap. i know that game i played well enough, my team didn't. i cant carry a game when the rest of my team fed the enemy
And yet I made it to Gold V... in like 18 games... playing only autofill... I'm no genius at this game. I believe that everyone from bronze 5 can make it to plat 5 no problem. You just gotta figure out how to win your games instead of googling counter picks and going to mobafire then pointing fingers when you lose.
: Ranked right now
If I don't win, I'm not good enough. That's how I always see my loses.
HSBunny (EUW)
: So.. how are your Ranked stats? Good or Bad start?
2 - 8 placements, got in to silver 1, did no want to be silver 1 so now I'm gold 5 don't want to be gold 5 so I'll speed run plat 5 in the following 4 - 5 days (did I mention I main autofill?) then if I don't like plat 5 I'll just spam 2 champs over and over and go to diamond like most people do
: " I just don't care about bad players anymore in general" No hate but ure gold V. You are also considered bad player. So am i.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Actually the fact that we mind our own business, trying to salvage the game rather than telling everyone else how bad they are already puts us in a position where we can say we are the middle players. Also I'm Gold V in 17 games and you're Gold III in 30. Trust me, either of us can get to plat in a pretty short time.
: ***
No need to insult the guy. But the fact that he really means to tell me that he meets more positive people in his games than toxic is just flat out lying. Except if you're right and he only plays premades with friends, which pretty much means he does not understand what I mean by "meeting people"
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
I don't assume. It's facts. Really you mean to tell me you meet more positive people overall? Not the toxic, I'm better, I'm always right, You guys are bad, attitude players? I mean I've met positive players as well (I mean like really positive not just like they don't flame or just mute everyone and don't talk), but that's maybe once a season if I'm lucky. How they manage to stay positive when they get flamed by players spewing curses like it's 200 B.C. is baffles me.
: because assuming otherwise would imply that his original thinking is the problem and he can't have that! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
^ see? this guy right here is the typical player. Always has all the answers and knows better.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
I'm actually pretty sure most people just consider it cringy. No offense but who says that with a straight face? Like if someone is that positive in real life he would not play LoL. Pretty sure that people who are that positive just surround themselves in a positive environment and well, league is not exactly a Barney the purple dinosaur type ecosystem.
: My worst experience in League of Legends + Message to all thie Players.
Homie just abuse colorful language trolling whenever someone is being toxic. I don't care if people consider it trolling, it makes the game fun for everyone else in the team. Recent examples include a team mate of mine that clearly had no clue how to play Vladimir (with the Academy skin) in to Viktor. He was crying in all chat stuff like "Why does my #($* *$#(#@$*@($*@# team never listen to me?" Me: "Mate even your champion is still in school" Don't call him any insult. Just make a stupid observation and never come back at him regardless of he will say or cry. It took him like 3 minutes to cool off but eventually he got the idea that nobody in our team or the enemys was touched by his venting so he just gave up and moved on. He still flamed us post game saying it's only thanks to him that we won and shit but who cares? We won. And if anyone here who's reading is one of the toxic guys. Quit whining. You are in the game with the people you call garbage. THEY ARE AT YOUR RANK. You know what my favorite toxic thing in the game is? It's not even insulting anymore it's just flat out funny. When someone from 1 division above you, say you're gold and he's plat, calls you a goldie. Like LMFAO really? Such an inconceivable difference between gold and plat.
: so? if you do nothing wrong reports don't do shit {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Yeah but it will still enrage the monkeys. Honestly I think I'll just keep it 0 and mute everyone. If you ask me it's better than being like "hello friends, I hope we all have an amazing game, I know we can win if we all stay positive and do our best as a team" like how cringe is that?
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: No, as long as you start behaving decently eventually you will start geting honor.
: it's not a permanent thing but it doesn't go away just because you get honors thrown at you you actually need to be respectful in chat and muting it slows down the process of reforming
Being respectful to a bunch of players who behave like raging chimps when they see a banana will get me reported.
Rioter Comments
: Seems like a fair amount of effort as well as asking a lot. But you haven't shared anything about yourself. Might help you out.
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: Pantheon Rework
Personally I think Ryze needs a rework.
: What you write is something like a mixture of my points 1 and 3. For sure you CAN flame him if something happens like what u have written. Still you SHOULDN'T. You could just write "Hey buddy he is way to strong now, try to stay safe and use your xy ability to survive, when he dievs you" or just GANK HIM! Everyone can help him, when he is 0/2. You don't have to wait till he is 0/10 and you cant 2v1 their toplaner. Midlane can rotate top, jungle can gank, support can rotate and adc can setup a wave and tell his supp to go top. There is NO EXCUSE for flaming
"Hey buddy, stay safe for 10 seconds I'm on my way" *INSTANTLY STARTS FIGHTING THE GUY TO PROVE HE NEEDS NO HELP* Nah, you have no clue how deep the shit in the brain of these guys goes. Best thing you can do is /mute all from the start of the game and the second you see someone having an IQ comparable to that of fish that spent too much time out of the water then you just ignore that lane completely and try helping the lanes with slightly less mental issues. The excuse for flaming is these "excuses" of players that dare check the RANKED SOLO/DUO button so they can ruin peoples games cause they want to look like they're carrying.
: Why you should't flame anyone who is "inting" in your eyes
Yes I can actually. When someone plays like shit over and over and over and keep dying 1v1 top lane, not learning his lesson or the fact that his lane opponent is so ahead of him that there is no way he can win in a 1v1 and just tries to prove himself like a %%%%ing monkey then that's is inting. You are well aware of the fact that he killed you 10 times already and you still don't stop fighting. That is by all means intentionally feeding.
: The more they ban the worse it will get.
For the once getting banned. I completely agree.
starkk1234 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Grendel Grimzy,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=iZEQibKO,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-12-07T04:21:05.581+0000) > > What do you think would happen in football or in any competitive sport if a player would intentionally throw the game? He would be rich as hell.
He would be penalized for twice his lifetime earnings. Not to mention never see the competitive scene again. Unless his team gets paid by the enemy team and your manager comes and tell you "throw the game" but that's not the scenario. You can be sure you will lose way more than all your money if you throw a game just cause "you feel like it".
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: Looking for some good champions to play with.
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Bíbs (EUW)
: How do I beat a lategame Yasuo?
Idk, maybe not pick the shit that you are currently picking? Just a thought.
: Can i have a list of champions that can play 2 roles?
Disregard all and every comment except this one. Annie (anywhere except jungle), never banned, gold guaranteed no matter if you're a bad or new player.
Silakaktins (EUNE)
: Toxicity
The second I enter the game. /mute all
DunkMäster (EUNE)
: Bad Teammates
Your most played champion the entire past season is Lee Sin, a garbage no carry champion for low elo and you only have 29 games played on him. On your most played sodding champ. What the fluke do you want me to say to you? You are legit the type of player you described in your post. You go online before each game, google guide/counters and expect to enter the game solo carry cause you typed 3 words on google. Listen to me when I tell you, YOU DO NOT WANT TO WIN! You are not even trying. It's you who should play 10000 games before ever being allowed to play ranked.
Budsbam (EUNE)
: Let's be honest: {NEW RUNES]
I agree with you except for the part where you said that thing.
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: Zoe's "opness" doesn't come from her Q or W it's her E that's the problem, and it has many; The hitbox is too big, the zone left behind is too big The range of it is absolutely, 100%, categorically broken to hell The duration of the sleep is too long, takes the skill out of having to land the Q quickly The fact is has that range and also passes through walls Projectile speed is too fast Low cd Cd reset also It's way to loaded of a spell, her main part of her kit is supposed to be her Q but it seems like she revolves around hitting her E most of the time. Also there is a major flaw with her E, her E is supposed to be so in lane phase by landing her E she can follow up with her Q which is fine it's part of her kit but the real problem lies with after lane phase. Since the range and duration of the sleep is so long if you managed to land it on a carry when you are 5v5 around an objective it gives your team stacks of time to then follow up when an engage, I've seen countless times where an entire team fight is won because all Zoe did was land an E on a high priority target. Either landing on an adc who is then wombo'd by your team or on a support so they are not able to provide support to their team for 3 seconds of a team fight which in league standards is a very very long time. They just need to tone down her E a little and she might be balanced... ...might. There's still a huge problem with her W and the Rng that comes along with it, personally I don't think Zoe should be allowed to get activatable items from W, I've seen her get two redemptions in a row and throw them in top and bottom lane
Yeah but aside from relying on her E to do any type of damage, all of her abilities are skill shots which just means that if you dodge her attacks she could potentially do absolutely nothing in a team fight. Where as Veigar just has to select a target and press R in the late stages of the game. I don't know, so far Zoe did not seem to be a problem to me at all on the mid lane on in general (Granted I do not play any skill shot champions, I just can't be bothered to use my brain)
: > [{quoted}](name=Bassintheface,realm=EUW,application-id=jeJYsmwG,discussion-id=zEQgJ73K,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-12-04T19:45:44.002+0000) > >-snip- Zoe's E is for her like Veigar's E is for him. Her whole damage depends on it. Good luck landing Qs (and gl landing Ws as Veigar without stunning) on moving targets far away. I agree on the puddle size if it fails though, it's kinda big. She is a champ that relies on preparing a single attack, that takes a bit. Also her E doesn't have long range at all, unless you do it through walls, which is a punishment for not having vision and/or ignoring her. If her sleep had less duration, she wouldn't be able to prepare a proper ranged Q, which defeats her whole kit purpose. If they were to nerf her E, they would compensate on buffing Q, duration on 1st cast for example, would probably last longer before it expires to recast.
Difference is that as the game progresses, Zoe will still need her E but Veigar will just get to the point where he just presses R and someone dies.
: I wonder how fed was Veigar. Or how stacked was he.
1087 AP. Still I was just 7 - 4 and she was 6 - 3 so it's not like I was too far ahead of her.
Rioter Comments
: New Runes are too one-sided.
First of. That rune page that you posted is the most despicable rune page I ever seen in my life. I can't think of a single instance where you need that much CDR. Only person I ever saw use that combination of runes is probably trick2g on Udyr but he's garbage anyway. And second. The new runes increase the gap between players drastically. Now having a wrong rune page makes the game 10 times worse rather then before where the only problem would be that you have 7 mag pen instead of 8 ad. Riot stated that they want the runes to feel significant not just be flat stats. And they pretty much did just that. These new runes feel way more powerful. For example thunderlords decree did nothing for blue Kayn but by replacing it with Dark Harvest Kayn just got a keystone that gets amplified by his blue form passive giving him some insane burst. Learn to adapt to these changes. Believe me no matter what elo you are if you learn how to make use of these new runes the payoff will be better than using the old runes x10.
7daysko (EUNE)
: They're actually buffing Zoe?
That champ is all around garbage. Gonna need more than a buff to ever make her useful.
: As far as I understand the subject nothing will change for Esports as is. The end on net neutrality in the US will mean that ISP's can block or slow down certain sites and put them behind a paywall. Like forcing people to pay extra if they want to use Youtube or play online games. I don't think any of that will change the way the NALCS works.
But won't the fact that websites like twitch, league, youtube affect the view count of worlds and other events? Or even affect the connectivity to the game due to certain websites being controlled by fast/slow lanes?
Rioter Comments
: I would totally agree. During Season 7. But the current preseason is snowballing. Which tanks don't do any where near aswell as an ADC, mage, fighter or assassin.
Vsec Exile (EUNE)
: LMAO. Cdr vayne top is rather good at kiting, but if I go morgana tank top and you are like gg...sorry, you can kiss my shiny ass
rather good? alright mister "im silver but deserve challenger"
: Average game time is incredibly short at the moment, shortest it's ever been sinse I started playing. Tanks just don't have the time to scale. If the game went to late game, I'd agree. But I haven't gotten a game where I've been full items in a long, long time. With the current meta being win early win fast and snowball potential being through the roof, tanks (usually weaker laners) just don't cut it.
you wanna know why games don't go to late? Cause the team with the tank wins in 20 minutes due to having a wall of steel that people can't snowball over. How the hell do tanks need scaling are you crazy? You realize that if you go 7 - 0 full damage on a lucian a 0 - 2 maokai will still kill you? If you ever wanna leave gold then TANKS or not RANKS
Vsec Exile (EUNE)
: Soerry if I dont pick someone who was desifned as a tank and still build that champion as a tank. or sorry for picking a fighter assasin into midlane, doesnt mean you have to pick a carry in the toplane and try to force me out of mid.
Tank needs HEAVY cc and a shit tone of armor and MR. Picking vayne top and going mallet does not classify as a tank. It just classifies as EUNE levels of bronze. Happens in EUW as well.
: Its not a tank meta. o.o'
No it's not indeed. It's the assassin meta in the tank GAME! Tanks are your win condition since season 4.
Rioter Comments
: Riot please just fire whoever is in charge of esports right now!
You might not notice but NA is so far the only region who didn't win worlds. So yes please let him kill of EU so we can keep shoving the fact that we are better in their face.
xMisuto (EUW)
: As someone who wants to main Zoe!
Pick a better champion is my advice. She is complete garbage,
ma dude you're in bronze trust me she is not the issue
: dude shes op af she one shots anyone she half healthed my GALIO im sorry if thats not op i dont know what is
if by OP you mean you are so bad that you get hit by one of the slowest moving skill shots in history (her E). You do realize that any player on the planet who has a quarter of a brain will immediately build either Banshee or QSS and make a complete joke out of her right?
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