: Is this banable
Short answer: No. It doesn't specifically break any of the Terms of Use or the Summoner's Code. It is a %%%% move, but technically you agreed to let him pick Ezreal.
: So its rarity is just because of how old it is?
And because it's legacy, yeah. Check out the legacy skins and you'll find out that many other champions have legendary skins that nowadays would be worth 750. You can be sure of one thing: The pricing won't change. They'll probably rework TF in the future and turn the skin into a super cool flashy concept, but intil then...
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: ....
DaahRealLeon is right. League is the World's most popular game, and tons of successful youtubers already cover pretty much every kind of League video you can make. What you say about bronze youtubers is right. People would rather watch challengers play. You can continue doing showcase stuff, as I said. Show self-recorded gameplay of the changes with the text on-screen, instead of just showing the text.
They will not get XP rewards, but you will get some exclusive stuff: > We're also planning to give out exclusive emotes based on how many hours you've put into since the beginning of League. Playing 500 hours gets you the Defender of the League emote, 1,500 hours gets you the Champion of the League emote, and 2,500 hours gets you the ultra-rare Conqueror of the League emote. Source: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/c7He9MWq-frequently-asked-questions-about-the-upcoming-leveling-and-rewards-changes
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: I'm unsure just how the Honor system works.
The only common reason is that you're getting reported too. Maybe you carry and 3 teammates honour you but the whole enemy team reports you out of pure saltiness, whereas your friend is left untouched. IIRC reports lower your honour rating. Hope I helped
: Ban
Leaving a game will not trigger any immediate punishment, but two or three in a row will. Three AFKs in a row and you'll get low priority queue (20 minutes), but not a perma ban. Riot employees are people and understand that things like poor internet connections or blackouts exist.
: The magnificent Twisted Fate
It's an old and rare skin, that's the case. Old skins can have terribly unbalanced pricing.
Please visit [this link](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/231536768-Updated-Client-Known-Issues) in order to learn about bugs and issues present in the updated client. Remember that if your issue can't be found, you could always sent Riot Support a message. Additionally, there is a "low spec" mode that you can activate. It can help a lot! Hope I helped {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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: Help me
Your videos are kind of pointless. You just show written information that other sites (especially S@20) present in a much more accessible format. No one will choose to sit through your videos when they can just open one only S@20 link and have much more information. News channels are good when you have a charismatic commentator talking his audience through the changes and details and explaining them in an easy to understand way, or an experienced player discussing the effects that these changes will have on the game. By the looks of it, your channel provides none. You just show images of text that you probably get from S@20 or official patch notes, and do so with a 24 hour delay. I just watched your "Azir mini rework" video, which lasts 33 seconds, while it took me only 5 seconds to read the information in the patchnotes. You are only getting views from people who think that your videos have some kind of gameplay, and close the tab after seeing it's just info they already know. As of now, your channel is pointless. It's harsh but it's the truth. You're just wasting time making the videos in this way, posting images of the patchnotes, which people will actually read instead of watching the video. Want a change? Provide commentary, keep the audience engaged. Go into the game and record the changes (like the mini reworks) instead of just posting text.
: please guys check my channel give this poor new comer a shot please people
Another "highlights" channel with obnoxiously loud music imo. The plays are cool, and if you enjoy making this vids, good for you. I'm not telling you to stop, and yes, there's people who for some reason enjoy watching highlights and plays but to be honest, if you intend to have a proper audience and engaging content, it's the wrong path. Youtube is saturated with this kind of videos and you will probably have trouble reaching a high amount of subs. However, as I said, if you enjoy making them, go ahead and make more. Some feedback I have is: Turn down the music volume (yes, we can turn it down ourselves but hearing the SFX in league then will be impossible), and try to come up with ideas that will make your videos more unique and bring something new to the table. This will prompt others to subscribe. I hoped I provided some useful tips. GL&HF
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: A comparison between My Teams Jungler vs Enemy Teams Jungler
: Furry club :3
Hey add me pls :3


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