: When skin available ?
Valentines Day
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: Well last time i could buy orianna skin altho it was a snow down bundle so yeah you can buy you malzahar skin :D
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: Still didn't get the Pool Party Icon and Mystery Champion
On the original post for the pool party champion. It says we will recieve it on the 1st of july.
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: Seriously? They're going to lose money if refunds were refreshed? So you're telling me that if I get my lumberjack sion back I can turn my RP into real money? Because I am pretty sure I would use my rp to buy another skin. Seriously. Did you write that message on purpose or by accident? How are they losing money, it's still THEIR rp, I can do nothing else with it besides giving it to them.
They wouldnt lose money as you have already bought the rp.
: English Stream - Laughs, Giveaways, Community
Have never watched you before but i watched and this is great.
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