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Limpfi (EUW)
: GOLD TEAM SHEARCH an adc for tonight ONLY 21h 24h 5v5 flex , discord neccessary
Have you found someone already? If not add me: Beschermer
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: Hoi, Ik zoek toevallig ook nog een team, lijkt me leuk om in te spelen. Helaas speel ik niet zo vaak top, maar adc en support kan ik wel. Weet niet of jullie dan ook maar iets aan me hebben.. Summoner name: Dofensmirtsz,
Nee sorry. dat gaat dan helaas niet. Nog veel succes hé :D
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Kion (EUW)
: Lion eSports LF toplaner [NL]
: Will you use curse voice?
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: The Chaos Vanguard Check out this community c: We have multiple ranked teams set up and system of making them including the lists of players looking for a team:) Even more, each ranked team will get their own personal room where they can practise in peace! TS : Website: Forum:
No thanks. We have a ts server and a gaming community ourselves :)
TPukelis (EUW)
: Well i can play top, but I'm not sure about the "knows when to teleport" because i mostly take ignite :/, but i fit in the rest of the criteria Check this out. The whole team prefers a tp top. Consider it. :) I would love to let you join our team. :)
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: > [{quoted}](name=Kyuuri Kantoku,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=eurTAyPe,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-03-13T10:35:13.233+0000) > > i ulted my kassadin when Vi ulted him. i cancelled the vi ult and won that teamfight. in the spotlight shows Vi ulti can not be canceled by bards .
you cannot ult vi. but i ulted KASSADIN. its just like zhonya's
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: once they try out with you guys they just kicked you for no reasons, dont reply to that trash clan ! i warn you
You failed to respond to question we were asking. and you were looking for a fun team. and not a competetive one. and we even said goodbye. so please honey. dont be like this.
3fiddy (EUW)
: IGN : Mango mads Elo/Division : Gold II Strong points (3) : Duelling, peeling, teamfighting Weaknesses (2) : Going to HAM in early ganks, applying pressure when behind Main role : Jungle Main champs : Nidalee, Sejuani, Rengar, Elise, Rek'sai, Kha'zix Pref SoloQ or DuoQ : SoloQ atm. It's just super relaxing to lean back while listening to some sweet music :) Available voice programs : Skype atm. Can quickly download TS or whatever. The reason you want to join Beyond Cloud 7: I recently started persuing the idea of playing on a team. I think playing on a team sets up for some nice wombo combos and compositions, which is something i would like to experience :)
: Beyond Cloud 7 is recruiting!!
Nardie (EUW)
: I've been looking for a team for a while now, and I'm desperate to play regularly and improve. I know a lot about the game and have been playing casually since early season 2. It's time to take things up a notch and show you what I can do. Also playing with a bunch of cool guys on a regular basis would be really cool.
Pegamais (EUW)
: My opinion about Bard
i ulted my kassadin when Vi ulted him. i cancelled the vi ult and won that teamfight.
Nardie (EUW)
: IGN : PG NardieBaby (Nardie) Elo/Division : Gold III (Have been higher previous seasons). Strong points (3) : Aggresive playstyle, strong map awareness, comfortable laner. Weaknesses (2) : Overaggresion occasionally & suffer from a weak early game. Main role : Mid Lane. Main champs : Zed, LeBlanc, Kassadin, Ahri. Pref SoloQ or DuoQ : DuoQ. Available voice programs : Anything, also have a TS3 server.
And why do you want to join our team?
: name DJ ROSKILDE 4000 MAIN TOP MID MAIN ALMOST ALL CHAMPS have ts3 skype etc
fill in the information pls. Copy paste it :)
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