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: So how do I actually get champions now(besides paying your employees' salaries)?
While playing a slightly newer account in EUNE, when I leveled 14 I got 500 blue essence. And... yeah, feels like it should've been way more given how many games I played, and how much ip I got the day before the new system arrived.
: When is Reworked Urgot coming to PBE?
This is actually intended, since Kled becomes momentarily invulnerable while dismounting Skaarl. Would it be better he continues to tank turret while he can't be hurt?
: You mean the tiny offensive jump that is probably shorter than Vayne's Tumble? Ofc, it technically is a gapcloser. It is never really used as one. You use W to reset your autos and mainly, to make tentacles swing down. In my ~4 games as Illaoi so far, i haven't used it as a gapcloser yet.
I shudder at the thought of Illaoi with {{summoner:32}}
jana (EUW)
: her skillshots are to slow, i dont think that shes that good tbh.
I wouldn't say "too slow", but they *are* dodgeable.
: I just remembered the outcries about Darius' "heals for missing health" part on his Q. How many threads about Illaois missing health healing exist right now? Genuinely asking, I havent played against her yet so I wouldnt know about the strength of the healing.
5% for each champion hit by [a] tentacle(s). They're easier to dodge than Darius Q (at least if you ask me), especially since she has no CC, whereas Darius can pull and Q, forcing enemy to flash to avoid. All in all, it's weaker or stronger depending on how many tentacles are out and how much cc team has.
: Her and she* actually I find **him** a real pain in the ass to lane against, just like azir and yeah. **he** does some pretty crazy damage.
Nagakaburous sound male-ish, and it's his tentacles that are annoying/dangerous, so you do have a point.
LA Losty (EUW)
: Yeah she is really strong, especially if you get a good ult, then you cant possibly fight her. I was 6/5/4 toplane and had black cleaver and tiamat and 3 of them came top in the jungle (near their blue). I got a triplekill on them and then died right after due to the enemy illaoi comming in the end.
I found it hilarious when Lee kicked me into the enemy team (Kick back the tank? Really, Lee?), I just popped ult and spammed W, it was chaos with all the tentacles hitting people, and even tho I was focused I survived thanks to tentacles healing me.
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