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: >I just don't understand why this happens to me I even checked my account MMR in websites (like lol-mmr) they say that my skills mmr are silver and my elo is silver so that means that my skills = my elo... No, it's not. All of those websites can only give you a rough estimate based on whom you recently played with. Functionally your MMR/ELO is completely separate from your rank, whereas your MMR affects how fast you gain or lose ranks. > So why when I win the system give me just 15 or 19 lp for maximum and when I lose sometimes 22 lp is taken away. > (sorry for my English) > > ps: Sometimes when I win I gain 22 lp and when I lose, I lost just 17 lp ( but that happens just sometimes) I don't know why but the system is just random. Each rank has its own "target" MMR, above which you gain more LP than lose and below which you lose more than you gain. The only other factor in how much LP you gain and lose are your teammates. For example if you happen to end up on a team where the MMR is on average higher than the enemy's, you will gain less LP and lose more than you'd do if both teams had perfectly even average MMR. This is why in one game you can win 15LP and the next one will give you 19LP. The basis behind your story is this: Your MMR is below the "target MMR" for your rank, which is why you're usually losing more LP than win. If you will keep up your recent winrate, you should quickly get out of the hole you found yourself in.
Oh, I see so basically if I keep winning games, my MMR will get fixed. Thanks.
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