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: I can't believe the level of bronzeness in these comments. "Current Q has 0 impact" what the %%%% are you talking about, his q didn't exist before the rework. "His e used to work with his ult, now it doesn" once again, wtf are you on about, it's literally 100x as good of a synergy than before. Nobody forces you to play the new Zac, and don't you think some people miss old versions of other champions too? Riot can't please everybody, stop expecting them to change according to what you want. Thank you
i know what you are saying. Ofcourse they can't make all users to be satisfied. U mentioned about Q, old Q could penetrate minions and monsters. That could make much faster Jungling than now's Q, that spends a few seconds to stun. Also Q could make Zac on top Stand. And about R i don't know exactly ur Elo, but above Platinum when there is Teamfight, Seperategroup leads to finish the game easily. Nowadays Zac is much weaker than before, that has lower destructive Power. Lastly i'm asking to other users, which Version of Zac is good. You don't have to be upset.
: His R was just completely out of control man... you knew you will not have any teamfight when you play as ADC against a Zac.
there were so many Champs, that should have been nerfed but NOT ZAC. I wonder before Remake, could we see Zac in the Contest more than aggressive Champs: Lee sin, Elise, Jax?
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