: MMR?
mmr is only for matchmaking, but if you get on a team with higher mmr, you will most likely get better teammates and this way it should be easier to get out of the current elo you are in :D, win more games and get good performances and your mmr will rise :D
Rongarak (EUW)
: Post game takes forever
I think that riot is aware of this issue and are trying to improve the post game screen speed and stability(heard some players skip the screen)
: You are writing more messages in one game than me in one hundred games. deserved btw
: Changing champions really wont fix much, because there are players who feel very attached to certain champions. I, for example, am very attached to Bard. I like his hugable complex and mysteriousness, basically me, though I later turn into a Rakan/Braum type of guy. You cant just change.
So you are telling me if you are attached to a certain champion that you keep getting destroyed, you shouldnt change? Change is hard, but ofc you can change
: The threat of champions being permabanned with the 10 ban system. [Yasuo]
Just change champions yasuo is already one of the most banned champions, wouldnt make a difference!
Zurkrem (EUW)
: Could you provide some screenshots?
I Dont have any sorry :(
ZhaoYhun (EUW)
: pay2win
: This is not right
They are random to get man. That 1 per each 10 chests was a bonus, ig you bought the 10 pack you would get a free gem, but i dont think that is a thing anymore :D
: PulseFire Cait and One Question
Her traps are bulshit inside bushes, hope riot makes them more noticeable...
: bronze
change roles and champions :D
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: So I just played Fizz....
i didnt even read the text: Fizz is broken. I always ban him.
Timarius (EUW)
: After 128 games
I am bronze 3 and i think i lost almost every ranked game. I always get feeders in my team, i mean ALWAYS! it doesnt mean you belong there! There is always space for improvement, im sure if you continue with this win rate you will climb elo! gl!
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Alex3995 (EUW)
: but thats only the damage you prevent to your self with shield ,{{item:3194}}, {{item:3047}} and spells. its called "self migated damage"
kjono1 (EUW)
: Hello, Unfortunately there is not, having just played a game as Janna I had checked and only could see most healing done. Would be a cool thing to have though!
Rioter Comments
: My shop doesnt show skins (eternal loading loop) :(
Riot talking so much shit about new client, but they can add this. Don´t you want my money rito?
Antenora (EUW)
: My credit card is waiting Riot. All you gotta do is gimme some good skins.
Rioter Comments
: New Icons?
Probably tomorrow they will be released.
nemYA K (EUW)
: .ROFL to mp4?
Hello! I dont think you can convert the entire .rofl, but you can certainly record the part of the game that you prefer. and you can convert html files to mp4 i have done it a few times.
: whats fizz all about,op or what?
Fizz is broken, he already did way too much damage, now rip.
Brushman xD (EUNE)
: No he was. He even said it himself. He's taken care of now..
What happened to him?
Zurkrem (EUW)
: Your highlights are saved as .webm files in C:\Users\[username]\Documents\League of Legends\Highlights. Anyone can open those with a browser (chrome, firefox, edge, opera).
That is not the point. It could be a page that you could see where the players puts his own best plays. Like showoff!
shamshamm (EUW)
: The thing is, highlights are saved on the client side
but it would be cool to see other people highlights. Maybe one player can save an amount to his profile for everyone to see it!
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Hansiman (EUNE)
: If you play a lot of ARAM, you should eventually manage to climb out of the MMR the bots tend to sit in. I don't encounter a single bot when playing ARAM on my lvl 30 accounts on either EUNE or EUW, and I played a lot of ARAM when it came out.
No, i haven´t found one from a long time now.
42069I (EUW)
: The whole point of the video was to show a few clips of Tyler's behaviour in a more reformed state. My POV is the fact that a man, whom wants to change, can change overtime, and Tyler has shown prove of that. I do believe in second chances, that is why I made this video. You missed the fact that everything you said was months ago, if not a year ago. If you have a social life, which I assume you do, you should know that people CAN change once they achieve a higher role in a community once they know that they are seen as a role model. Tyler1 may have been toxic in his early streaming career, but he has seen/ or someone has told him that he is seen as a role model to others. I believe that he's a changed man and should be allowed to play the game / stream it. I see a great man in Tyler, someone who has the intention to entertain others. This is just my opinion, and I hope I have informed you enough with this, and maybe changed your perspective :)
Of course he is reformed, if you can´t make money playing the game and streaming it, might aswell "reform"( assuming reforming means making reviews of draven games played by other players)
Rismosch (EUW)
: I don't like Tyler1, but in my opinion Riot should lift his indefinite ban. Why shouldn't he be able to play anymore? Because he might become toxic again? If so, then why does he deserve such a ban and not everyone else, because everyone has the potential to become toxic. And if you point out his permabanned accounts, then realise that differnt standards need different punishments. The whole point of punishments is to teach an individual that his actions were wrong. Chat resrtictions and short bans should alert the player, that if he continues he will lose his account. Many people spent alot of money on this game and many people don't want to risk their accounts because of this. If he continues however, then the account is lost. This punishment is in most cases the most extreme one, because all skins and Champions are lost and leveling up a new account is tideous. The permaban teaches those players that their actions have consequences. In Tyler1s case a permaban was not enaugh. He had enaugh money and time so he lost nothing when one of his accounts got banned. The permaban teached him nothing, because the punishment was not extreme enaugh. The indefinite ban however was so extreme, that it changed him completely. I mean compare the Tyler1 in the video with Tyler1 in the past, they are 2 different people. Lifting the ban seems fair, because there is no reason that he deserves it at the moment. "But what if he becomes toxic again?", you might say. So what? Then ban him again. Where's the issue? I think he has learned his lesson and doesn't need the ban anymore.
His streaming and youtube carreer %%%%ed him, the internet gives and the internet takes away. in his case he got known and then it backfired. If he wasn´t known he probably would be in his 100th account by now.
42069I (EUW)
: Tyler1 | Reformed | A message to Riot!
Even tho i find him funny at times, he is a toxic player. I don´t care if he is tyler1 or faker, that behavior is not allowed, rules apply to everyone. Glad he is permabanned from league.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Getting to level 25 isn't that hard, if you're playing 24 hours a day (something a bot is perfectly capable of). I don't know how often Riot have these ban waves, but they come at regular intervals. You can easily see that a wave has been issued due to the sudden wave of "I was banned for nothing"-threads that pop up on boards. Sometimes the bans are issued to people currently using the account, but that had purchased it after it was done leveling. So sadly some accounts do manage to get to lvl 30, and start being used, before they get banned. At least the detection system actually picks up and flags these accounts quite accurately.
Yeah thinking about it, it is better to take a while and having it done the proper way than quickly and missing on a lot of users. I think i am just gonna play rankeds and normal drafts :D
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Accounts leveled up with bots to tend to all get permabanned, it just happens, as mentioned, in waves. This prevents the creators of the bot-programs to figure out how they're being detected, and how to update their bots to avoid detection in the future. Sure, the ideal situation would be to have them banned after a single game (or even managing to ban them before they enter a game), but this provides the bot-creators with far more information they can use to bypass detection in the future. By banning these accounts in waves, they get to level up for a bit before they're banned, but the overall amount of bots you encounter is less.
i see, the levels were 25+ which is a bit scary i mean, i don´t know if they used bots since level 1. i also checked and they didn´t have a single mastery or rune equipped, which i am guessing they used it from lvl 1
: The reason why he plays it is irrelevant. The point is a feature that you provide as a 'playable' feature is being ruined by a behaviour which you prohibit. 'Banning in waves' is not an answer, the game mode is still ruined and unplayable. It's not just 1 or 2 team mates that are bots in these games. It's often all 4 of them. Is Riot working on developing a more responsive cheat/bot detection system? For these bots it should be fairly obvious - their behaviour is very very obviously non-human.
Yes in this game there were 4 of them which made it trully impossible. One game before i played with a friend of mine and the rest? bots. we still managed to win since he is d5, but it truly removed the little fun and relax from normals/rankeds and even arams.
: That's not really a point in Coop vs AI, but it is annoying that you have to put in time to level up your accounts and these guys just use bots
Yeah i know right? my hard earned ip and these guys just botting :( feelsbadman
Valzuuuh (EUW)
: Keep in mind that only you should play on your account and have access to it, in some cases account sharing may lead to permanent suspension, beware. It's definitely frustrating to have bots in your team, they only feed enemies and you will have hard time winning/playing the game.
I know but since it is my own brother i don´t think that there is a problem since he only tries the champion, if he likes it he buys him in his own account, so no problem for rito, but thanks for the advice. Yes it sucks, but now i should be more tolerable since i now i know that they are banned in waves. Thank you for the advice.
: Bots have low mmr becaurse they neven win. If you take some time to win a few arams you should get rid of them, worked for me atleast :)
i actually win most of my arams, but one or another game one appears, decreasing fortunately.
Valzuuuh (EUW)
: Riot is actively trying to get rid of bots, but always when they ban them, there will of course be more bots. Please keep in mind that bots are banned in waves, so don't expect them to get banned in few days. Please do not take this question as offense, but why you are playing Co-op VS AI with level 30 account?
No problem, sometimes my little brother plays on my account to try new champions since i have more than he does, others just the daily ip bonus, since i dont have a lot of time to play. Sorry about the rage but when he realises that the game is infested he calls me to play the game, even a kid with a lvl 6 account knows them very well xD
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Rusya (EUW)
: It would be a lot of hassle to do. Just find your champs normally
Just use riots personal champion info no? they know where the champion belongs due to role %. Plus my days are like: today im gonna jungle, what do i have?
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Ahwu (EUW)
: Actually I built the item myself, experiencing it's Opness firsthand. But you probably should stop writing, as more and more nonsense is coming out of your keyboard.
Sure man, talking to people that are butthurt is impossible.
Ahwu (EUW)
: So your argument is because you can't balance it you shouldn't even try. Thx for your opinion
First of all, riot doesn´t care too much about aram. There are a lot of issues that require more atention, such as Ivern. I just think that you are butt hurt because you got destroyed by a cho gath or something like that.
Declined (EUNE)
: Greetings HDinis09, May 4th Riot finally decided to retire the Legacy client, what you're seeing there is the Beta client, or also known as the League Client Update. There's nothing to be alarmed off, it's been underway for a VERY long time, and now it's finally here!
Yes i know, on the league folder i was using an old launcher for some reason i deleted the old one and sent the new one to desktop. Thank you
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Ahwu (EUW)
: Literally nonsense. By that logic giving Raba 200+150% AP for 100g would work as well. Both teams able to use something doesn't result in balance.
Literally sense, no game is ever balanced, specially in ARAM.
Ahwu (EUW)
: Gargoyle's Stoneplate in ARAM
If blue team can use it, so can red team.
: Another day, another game, another 100% Lee Sin pick rate.
: Tank items give less HP and Immolate damage against champs was nerfed hard. BotRK was stupidly efficient to a point that even Caitlyn would sometimes build it. Ashe, another crit based champ (kit-wise) built it every game. Lord Dominiks Regard gives more bonus damage when enemy has high HP. > 1st day of Patch and all the Silvers channel their inner LCS coach, analyzed and computed the patch within seconds and a few games and spread their cornucopia of LoL knowledge all over the boards.
Are you telling me that 75 hp is relevant to tanks? lol even 75 x 3 is nothing.
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