: 3 tutorial games for fpx to easy . g2 disgrace seriously how did skt lose to them ... what happend ? {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
> [{quoted}](name=SKT T1 Garou,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=BXHdTUFT,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-11-10T15:21:42.582+0000) > > 3 tutorial games for fpx to easy . g2 disgrace seriously how did skt lose to them ... what happend ? {{sticker:sg-lux-2}} SKT and Faker went full on troll with a gold lead. That is how.
: To easy for FPX
It has been beautiful to watch.
: So you can get scripts that now reduce cooldowns?
There was no E fully proc'd either. To make sure I was right I even watched the game back this morning.
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Zedant (EUW)
: Lux is unfun to play against
You gotta admit that an 18sec cooldown on her ulti that can throw out over 1.5k is just a bit stupid.
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: Either you're lying, or you're genuinely delusional. Or you're talking about a smurf? There were only 2 games where you actually played with a gold player, the other games were all Iron, bronze, silver or unranked. The two games you did play with gold players (one gold player in each game), you won one, and lost the other. Seems balanced to me. On top of that, out of your 8 games, you won 4. A 50% winrate is also balanced. Furthermore, you dismiss ELO right out of the gate, but you have no clue how it works. In the last 20 days, you've already played more normal games than ranked games this season. It's 100% possible that your NORMAL ELO is a lot higher than your RANKED ELO, because you just play more. If you keep an okay winrate, your normal elo with climb and you'll be pitched with better opponents. Maybe, just maybe, you're actually mid silver skill (since that's about the average rank you're matched with in these normal games), and then it's normal you're matched with low golds in normal games.
2 of the guys in 1 game were Plat players last season. I did check their op.gg. Yes, I've had some good games, but to be honest, I was either lucky or got carried.
Sylaelque (EUW)
: Just just don't play ranked, I manage to climb Gold 2 from Bronze 4 with a 14 win strike still got matches like this after ranked rewards changed to one with Qiyana Emote then my rank decreased to Gold 4 with so many unlucky matchups like crazy with so many trolls, afks, feeders, rage quiters. I will just leave a dot in here and stop playing ranked games until the new season. Example games: https://matchhistory.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUW1/4146462642/2031123434525184?tab=overview https://matchhistory.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUW1/4146474124/2031123434525184?tab=overview https://matchhistory.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUW1/4146447172/2031123434525184?tab=overview https://matchhistory.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUW1/4149222603/2031123434525184?tab=overview https://matchhistory.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUW1/4149243113/2031123434525184?tab=overview Especially never ever play support role without your duo, no matter how good are you playing because most of random players in ranked game really stupid and they don't play seriously.
I'm not on about ranked, this is playing 'for fun' and to try to learn. Only problem is, with matchmaking this bad, the only thing people learn is how long death timers are.
: its the matchmaking of season 9 is not working like it should. like the remake system of this season is all mess up aswell. and the low win rates that dont make players drop divisions. season 9 is the worst season ever of league. but riot and rioters thinks is doing fine. just do like the rest, play and dont even boder to worry about it.
In other words, don't even bother till it's over?
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: How do you beat mordekaiser?
To be honest, always found Swain a good match up into Morde.
: Matchmacking
Riot match makiing is utter BS. The gamne stops being fun when you get stomped every game because there is a massive skill level difference between you and your lane opponent. Riot need to sort this out because yes you can learn from playing people better than you, but if there is 0 chance of you even being able to get into lane without getting 3v1 by 3 Plat players as bronze player than the only thing you are learning at that point is how long death timers are.
Jesi Oni (EUNE)
: You have to watch vods from your region so EUW and EUNE is supposed to watch EUROPE.
I was. Plus as has already been said, I've watched LCK. LPL and LCS vods/live games and they have counted before.
: Deactivate adblock watch for 15 mins something you haven't already watched Make sure you are reward unlocked and obviously logged in It then takes a few minutes to update
AdBlock has never done this to me before and the suggestion didn't work. But thanks.
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: maybe you was in range?
Not according to the replays and what I know of the champs.
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Shamose (EUW)
: Why though? Does making league skins help opressed LGBT people somewhere? How would lore explain champs running around in rainbow gear? Or is braum gonna be a leather daddy or something? Just doesn't make any sense.
To be fair, leather daddy Braum would probably be an awesomely funny skin :D
: Somebody explain this to me please.
I see what you guys are saying, but if the character model is no longer there it doesn't make much sense. That is why I asked about the hitbox, because thats the only thing that makes sense too me.
Cypherous (EUW)
: Because you're not immune to CC while moving unless the skill specifically states it, its only visually a jump you're basically dashing
This is part way through the move. As in, the character model is out of range of the CC, but still getting CC'ed. That is why I asked about the hitbox.
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: Twice in a row I can't pick a champion.
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: MFS werent in range to get the turretplate money from two of the plates.
That makes sense, but not the first time I've seen it.
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9 Volts (EUW)
: More remakes and afk player than ever before during my time in league
6 games today, 5 remakes because of AFK....ffs, might go play PUBG.
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JarFed (EUW)
: Why are so many people AFK at the start of the game!?!?
At that point in time it's not really the AFK that is causing the issues, it was his 2 friends refusing the remake. I had a game where my J4 jungle was afk for the first 15mins. 2 people kepy saying no to the remake and then the game went on for 30 odd mins with J4 feeding (even though he was helped in jungle, mainly at my expense) all because people didn't want the early surrender. The only reason the game went on that long was because the full 5 enemy team decided to just stand near the nexus dancing and taking inhibs when they respawned. Bot had fed the lane so much that they took inhib turret on about 12 mins then 3maned mid while bot lane took took jungle and never did anything with their lane. I think after that game I had to get a new keyboard, not 100% sure.
: Cause those people saw good player using tp strategy with Yuumi and are coping it.
Hey man, that is rocket science to some people...
: Using 3rd party software
To be honest, it's not me using 3rd party, just in 1 of my last games, shady movements, perfet dodges, vision with no vision, that short of thing.
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Backstard (EUNE)
: Just got demoted to bronze
You keep saying 'pay to win' but the ONLY thing you get on the game for real money is skins. No skills. Unless of course you're paying for 3rd party hacks, then thats 'pay to win via cheating'. So how is this a pay to win game?
Timarius (EUW)
: most fun is that you are able to see the categories of other country, but then when you click it it says: "AAAHHHMMM NO! YOU CANT"
Yeah, thinking about it, they did have an issue with showing LCK (or was it the LPL?) for copyright or something like that, so maybe thats got something to do with it... Either that or I was woefully misinformed.
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Silent Note (EUNE)
: A positive post
My jungle last game made the comment 'stop being so nice, I can't flame you'
Smerk (EUW)
: Try restarting your client
Yo know, any sensible person whould have thought of that before making a post on the forums....I am not that person it seems.
Sasha Virgo (EUNE)
: Fiora's bugged interaction with Darius' bleed
I;ve had the reverse of this. Used parry on Darius W and still got bleed. Might have mistimed it, but I wasn't sure so I didn't send in a report.
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AndrewJK (EUW)
: TFT can you make it bit more friendly?
It is friendly. I've played 1 game today and it was TFT. Finished 8th out of 8. Got first win of the day bonus. how much more friendly do you want? :D
: not being able to remake
I reported the same bug over a week ago. Lucky for me, it wasn't a ranked game.
: not being able to remake
I reported the same bug over a week ago. Lucky for me, it wasn't a ranked game.
: And that's not bannable.
No, but the purposeful int and flaming is. I was just pointing out the stupidity of picking a Jhin into a Teemo.
: [Read This](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201752884-Reporting-a-Player) The following are behaviors that would not be acted on by our disciplinary systems: Playing poorly but still trying to win. Strong language that does not insult or demean other people. Choosing unusual champions, building unusual items, or experimenting with new ideas that don’t match the current “meta”.
It's not the unsual pick I was pointing out, it was more the fact he picked it INTO a counter. That is just dumb, what ever way you look at it.
: Well, I had people telling me straight up to inject c@ncer in my brain and that I deserved to get raped because I am a female. They kept playing like theres no tomorrow. Ever since, I lost my hope regarding Ritos banning system. So they are probably not punished and you wasted your time by reporting them.
To be fair rape threats are slightly different. If it happens, screenshot it, bypass riot and go right to police.
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: delete your runepages to be sure,create a new one in the League client,while you are in champ select pick your desired Rune page and keep that one open until the game starts,it solved it for me after playing 4 games with Glacial on carries :)
I'll give that a go if I get the same problem again. Thanks for the tip.
: i 'lost' my 25 pages... https://imgur.com/a/MbwEd8r
Yeah I had that issue the other day, the reason why I made the page just before game start. I didn't have 25 though...9 I think.
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