Erismaragon (EUNE)
: So I got suspended for competitive BS talk lol
> Without any history of me getting suspended ever in any online game, just got one for 14 days for talking edgy without personal attack lol .. If you haven't gotten any punishment before then you most likely used on of those "no tolerance" words. > All the while I have been called far worse numerous times and saw many saying the " good" family threats and stuff.. reporting them and nothing happens. They most likely got their punishment. You won't get instant feedback every time, but from my experience riot is actually quite consistent if we talk about chat behaviour.
RuneLye (EUW)
: Thank you! But also, say I did decide to play with some silver+ players - say i dont know them - if they start flaming me do i ignore them when they say to leave or do i ignore them and continue playing as i am??
You are looking for fun people who don't mind losing/%%%%ing up. Get into a Voicechat call with them, mess around a bit, have fun and every now and then ask if they got any tips for you.
RuneLye (EUW)
: How to get good for ranked
First things first: Getting "good" at league does take some time. ___ What could you have done wrong: Well, from the comments that are already in place it seems like you are deviating from the meta. This is not always a bad thing, but following it to an extend is recommended. The Meta describes "best practices" in some way - things that over time have shown that they are a good/ the best pick. If you are looking to get better faster than usual then I'd suggest playing with better people - get a group of silvers+ and play a ton with them. You will (if their skill bracket doesn't match yours) get stomped a lot and it will teach you the basics of the game really fast if you don't tilt and ask for criticism.
: Today i learnt
When I speak and I get engaged on I'll still speak, but the sentences are full of errors.
MissJJess (EUW)
: In regards to looking after my ADC, yesterday I did Blitz in ranked my ADC was caught out a lot by their jungle it would usually mean I grab the jungle and let the ADC get back to tower while i die.. should I just leave him lol? I have been thinking of taking Neeko as support and going full AP
You can save him if there is nothing going on around the map, but if he is not playing well and you suspect that your presence in the next fight might be more beneficial to your team, I'd drop him.
MissJJess (EUW)
: Support in ranked
I've had the pleasure of playing support till I reached gold (starting in bronze 3) on a smurf. Here is what worked out for me: * No champions who have to commit to supporting a single person. * Don't feel responsible for your adc (if he doesn't perform as he should but your jungler/top/mid might be able to carry -> support the jungler/top/mid). * Take the lead in terms of decisionmaking - initiate roams, pushes or ping to reset. * Learn some matchups and interactions so you don't have to take those early trades just to notice that you can't fight them. In terms of champions I've had success with these: {{champion:432}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:143}}
: ***
Alright - so you made your case by calling the people who are looking for a sportsmanlike atmosphere "snowflakes". > i think the bully hunters would laugh at you if you told them that someone was calling u an elo booster and that made u upset. Metaphorically speaking the mute option is the equivalent of putting headphones on as somebody is insulting you. Which, let's be honest, should not be necessary. The "Elo booster" you "berated" most likely didn't take it as an insult, but your whiny attitude is still really annoying and I don't play this game to listen to people like you. > all of you are soft, you arent gamers, you are over sensitive pc babies. even if you didnt find something funny / clever if someone said something that would be now considered offensives, people were mature enough to think "that wasn't funny / clever" and mute that person. I can take some banter, but here is the thing: Not everyone is fine with it and certain subjects are just off-limits because of the age-range of players. This would be the equivalent of looking to strike up a conversation at the airport with a 13-year-old and making something immoral the subject of the conversation. If it's an adult it certainly isn't as bad, but the confines of the internet will never allow you to find out/know. ___ As "Estrela Platina" already mentioned, I too am fairly certain that the logs above are not complete - if you are gonna post them you might as well do it right.
: it's official, gaming is for carebears / snowflakes
> about how rito only bans people who complain about trolls, not the trolls themselves Both get their share in terms of punishment - the problem is that trolling is not easy to detect and if you think otherwise you can most likely describe how you'd decide if someone is trolling or just plain bad/ having a bad moment. > how the admins are trolls themselves Which admins? > how the guy who trolled me was a smurf, how he admitted to trolling because he didnt care about his smurf account, evidence that all negative behaviour in lol originates from elo boosters / smurfs Most smurfs you encounter will not type in chat or engage in negative behaviour - I'm smurfing every now and then and whenever I think somebody is smurfing I'll chat with them after the game ended and ask what their main elo is. > how i, playing on my main get punished and yet the apathetic guy looking to cause trouble got not sanction What should riot do? Bind the League account to a social security number or something like that? > how he was playing in a duo queue, and so his report had more weight, proof that rito's report system encourages bullying Every report triggers an investigation - amount is of no value.
sSamyy (EUW)
: Ninja Tabis and True Damage
True-damage won't be blocked by tabis. The only things that helps against vayne are shields, healing and burst. You better get her watching a grey screen before she forces you to watch a grey screen.
Mostly Bad (EUNE)
: >Let's put it this way: If you'd let a Premiere League team play against a 5th-grade school soccer team, who'd you bet your money on? But you probably did not understand what I was saying at all. Imagine that every weekend the players in each team in Premier League get mixed. It doesn't really matter if the team is called Liverpool or Sheffield anymore, cause the players in each team will change every single weekend. And you'd give the best player of the year award to the player that had the best win rate, a.k.a. the most games won. They wouldn't account for how many goals that player scored, how many assists he had, how many tackles he made or anything else. If you are Mohamed Salah, and get new teammates every single match, and due to the randomness created you don't win enough games, you will end up being considered just an average or below average player, no matter how good you are on the pitch. Same in LoL, you get random teammates game after game, if you don't win enough, your contributions and your actual skill are not taken into account. That's how it currently is in LoL, but it doesn't give you an award, it just gives you a new flashy icon that says you're Gold or Platinum or Master.
Alright, but you are already requiring the players to be on a high level. Also, see it this way: Let's say you mix up the team 100 times and a certain player gets the first place 60 times. Do you think he is good in his role/position? Or reverse it: One player doesn't get the first place a single time. Is he worse than the player who got the first place 60 times? For both cases, I'd say yes, even tho the second example seems to be unrealistic - but that doesn't matter since we are talking about hypotheticals. Also, another factor you should consider: The games in League get balanced around MMR - you will (most likely) get players that are playing around your skill-level. Metaphoricly speaking this ensures that the premiere league team doesn't get to play against the 5th grades. This becomes even more relevant if you stretch the sample size of games played to a couple hundred, since you might get apes in your team, but you'll also get apes as enemies.
Mostly Bad (EUNE)
: This game will never show you how good you are at it !
While I agree that rank is unimportant, I find your explanation kinda weak. Let's put it this way: If you'd let a Premiere League team play against a 5th-grade school soccer team, who'd you bet your money on? While comparing Players based on rank inside of challenger might be a bit hard since solo q is a chaotic place, I don't think putting iron and challenger into the same bracket is a good idea and plays down the time and effort that professional players put into the game, day after day.
Shamose (EUW)
: Ah yes the 1 damage reduction against leona.
I mean... I recently died because of the leona passive. Would have been great to have that reduction. {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
Ehhhh (EUW)
: Of course, I am. No skin gives any kind of buff. This isnt mobile legend or something EDIT: Only skins with sunglasses give a buff
Be careful with the "no" - let's not forget the "Commando" skin-line.
evilSwarak (EUNE)
: So tell me is ok when Ornn deals mored damage than Darius in early game ? Or is OK when Mordekaiser (mage) beat shit from everyone ? I don't think so. And THERE IS problem ! Mages beats everyone. Doesn't matter if you are tank,bruiser or assasin ,they'll beat you everytime. Why ? Because their items are so CHEAP{{item:3157}} {{item:3135}} {{item:3152}} and so GOOD. Buisers items SUCKS {{item:3071}} {{item:3748}} or are SOOO EXPENSIVE{{item:3078}}
I think you've listened to Hashinshin for way too long. Ornn and Malphite are the only tanks that are sitting in S or A tier. Singed would be the next to come and he is B Tier - all the other ones are hanging in the lowest and 2nd lowest tier. Mordekaiser is a bit of a tricky one since he's just hit this peak that you are talking about, however we can look at the other mages played toplane and see if it's the items or just this morde being morde: _____________ **Listed as on the Tierlist of ** ________ Mordekaiser Ornn Quinn Darius Fiora Vladimir Renekton Kled Teemo Jax Those are the top 10: You got 5 Bruisers sitting in there. Mordekaiser and Vladimir are the mages you are talking about (you can include teemo in this one, but I don't think that has anything to do with items). Mage items are certainly cheap, but those that are don't offer the kind of damage that you are looking for which they compensate by giving them utility or some other effect.
evilSwarak (EUNE)
: Top lane problems
Top lane main aswell: No they don't. Bruisers have driven out tanks ever since conquerer is a keystone and mages are the only thing that keeps them in check. It's a bit like a triangle if you think about it. Bruisers drive out tanks, Mages beat bruisers and tanks mess with mages. You might argue that with the true damage gone conquerer is not that effective against tanks anymore, however, They still get beaten badly if their kit doesn't include something like %HP damage every 0.5 seconds (goddamn Ornn). I can get behind the "make new damage items" thing, but everything else I'd scrape and keep it as is.
: For the final answer
Here is a counter I made while ranking my silver 4 account up to plat 4: Trolls in-game: 4 Won with trolls: 2 dif: 2 percentage: 50% Flamers in-game: 52 Won with flamers: 24 diff: 28 percentage: 46,1538...% The sample size I got is pretty small tho, so it might not reflect real rates.
: Unfair rework of Aatrox
Just a thought from somebody who played the old Aatrox like 4 times: He had major balancing issues. Either strong or weak - no in-between. You could argue that the state he was in right before the rework was good, but I feel like this had something to do with most of his counters being in a bad spot right around that time. Overall I think the new Aatrox does the Job his earlier self was supposed to do really well
Marcua (EUW)
: The strongest role in the game
Right now it's well balanced but if I had to choose a role I'd have to give it to jungle or mid - well, most likely mid. But this is just the result of reworking the drakes.
: So my friend doesnt know to use boards and asked me for tip, how to get out of silver after 7 years?
I'd rather have an iron player who's stable mentally than a butthurt 14-year-old who's unable to take criticism. The latter would be you.
: I think you're not seeing a problem with the "current state of adcs" is an issue. I do believe the state is in the "OK", but not good or exceptional per say. I feel Kalista is a mechanical monster that has been left in the dust, and provided with rather awkward buffs that have been negligible in play rate. At the moment it also seems hyper-carries have been dragged down in the tier list, favouring early/mid safe picks such as Caitlyn, MF or even Ashe. Jhin has also rose up the tier list, but it seems quite clear there are a significant number of picks prominent not too long ago that are in an awkward spot (Kalista as stated, Varus, Kogmaw, Twitch, Tristana, Sivir which are below average tier).
So... the meta doesn't favour certain champions in a certain role. Exclusively an adc problem I guess. The least picked adc is sitting on a 1,35% pickrate,{{champion:96}} - however, he still does what he did in earlier seasons. It's not him being bad at what he does, it's just that what he does is not as valuable as it used to be and this is something that you'll see in every lane. This is how league has always been balanced. You don't get to have 147 S-Tier picks but they will cycle through every once in a while to keep things fresh (to some degree). > "OK", but not good or exceptional per say. I don't want to go back to the times where an adc with a single crit item could handle a bruiser. Every lane is in a "solid" spot with no lane being blatantly favoured or anything.
: Oh WAIT Malphite is able to do the same. Five dumbs standing next to each with 20-0 malphite pressing one button! SO OVERPOWERED
: Rito Gamez are so mingy when it's about buffs, but so generous when it's about nerfs
I honestly don't see a problem with the current state of adcs. All of the adcs are playable, some of them are really good depending on the teamcomp they are picked into and some are very situational. Why Aphelios is getting a nerf: He is basically able to simultaneously oneshot 5 champions if they are grouped too close together.
: Smurfs
I dunno what kinda smurfs you got in your games, but those who faced me on my smurf (mostly) muted everyone and didn't type a single word for the whole game. > This shit is so annoying because there's just nothing you can do, but to watch your smurfs either make the game unfair by carrying you or the enemy team, by inting or by being so negative/toxic that you're whole team will turn toxic as well. Riot has a system in place which will match smurfs against other smurfs, ofc this is not exclusively placing 5 smurfs against 5 other smurfs, but it evens the odds quite a bit. > It's like building a giant house of cards and then someone else walks by and destroys it with one blow. League is a team game, so you'll have to depend on whoever gets on your team.
Zeezilian (EUW)
: Why Yasuo is the most feeding champion ?
IMO most people are just too... well, let us call it "ambitious". Looking to dash through every minion about 200 times before finally killing it, taking fights they can't win just hoping to luck out and get a random play, etc.
CJXander (EUNE)
: The system cannot distinguish trolls because of the community
In-game behaviour is really hard to judge based on data. If the troll is not a dipshit and just running it down, you could always argue that it was a genuine mistake of some sort and as long as that's a plausible explanation bans shouldn't be dished out.
EnVen0m (EUW)
: Permaban for having enough
if your teammate shows toxic behaviour you just mute them and report anyways. The system knows what to look for if we are strictly talking about verbal abuse. You don't need to know what he/she wrote, you just have to make sure that you don't engage them head-on. Edit: Also, I'd guess there are more games in your logs than the one you posted, right?
: Just want to give credit to Riot Support
I actually share that experience. I've had trouble with the client when it first came out and the guy/gal from support went through a lot of logs, talked to someone who's good with all the technical stuff, etc. and we had the issue resolved in 1,5 days. I've never seen a support team that was as good as they are and I honestly don't understand why so many people are dissatisfied with their service.
: can ppl flame in french and german whitout getting banned?
Can confirm that german/turkish flame can get you punished.
Liorik (EUNE)
: Advice on champion powerspikes
Powerspikes are relative. Example: Kleds 3 is quite brutal and beats most champions, however, there are champions that scale into late game while handling kleds lvl 3 really well, for example, {{champion:114}} even though she isn't that good early on. What usually will get you to the right answers for the early spikes is this question: "What can he do now that he's gotten 1 more ability?". As an example: Leona is kinda garbage lvl 1 as longs as you don't let her get close to you. With level 2 this changes as she can now look for a engage. This, of course, can not be applied to the later levels since they won't gain more abilities, but just more points to invest in the already gained abilities - you'll most likely learn this by playing a whole lot more. You'll usually have more success if you assume that champions with a higher lvl will beat you in a 1v1. In terms of Item spikes, it's a bit more complicated. For botlane it's usually a question of leading/being ahead, however, you can expect crit champions to hit their heavy spikes at 2-3 items while the other champions might have their spikes later or earlier (ezreal hits a big spike with triinity while for example kai'sa hits her spike later on).
: At the end, after we had Baron. Entire game near gold. May be 600-700 gold diff. I don't understand where she was getting all that gold. Players who do nothing in this game are getting gold, LOL No, at 20 minutes you were ahead ~1,2k, at 14 minutes ~700G which is pretty alright if you ask me.
: Rito is the frikkin troll company
I've just looked up the game you are most likely talking about. You were 4k Gold ahead of the enemy Tristana.
Rioter Comments
: Please, give me some tips
Kassadin, Ryze, Vladimir, Kennen, (Tank) Karma, Swain, Lissandra and Rumble. Those are some Toplaners from the top of my head that could fit your playstyle.
2xDealer (EUW)
: How much different were your three accounts in terms of age? OP talks of correlation to age (~total number of battles played)
This one and one other are around 2 years apart. The last one I leveled about 2 months ago. So it'd be season 3, pre-season 6 and season 9.
Ratatouka (EUW)
: coven lissandra
I'm jealous of people who can paint/draw - that said it looks really nice {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
: Your Elo system is broken and i have proof.
Haven't had the same experience while ranking up 3 accounts. I got this one to plat 3, another one to plat 4 and the third one to plat 1. I'm certainly able to keep up with the other players on all 3 accounts and had only a few trolls/inters or inters on all 3 accounts. That said - you get matched with smurfs whenever you are smurfing. I had this confirmed by ~ 15-20 people I added after playing against them.
: not a new player but i DO need advice
Not a jungle-main anymore but here's what I've learned regarding farming and vision: * CS is a bit of a tricky one - you can full clear to get the most gold you could, but you give up pressure by doing so. I've had more success by impacting lanes as well as I could. If your goal is to get an S or S+ Kill-participation is what'll get you there. ** Site note: You still should farm a fair amount - accomplish this by planning your routes. * Vision is a bit of a tricky one, but for junglers this is usually pretty good: Gametime (in minutes) x 1,5
DeejayF (EUW)
: Can we please remove the first ultimate of Akali?
> So hear me out on this one. Her first dash doesn't deal any damage and is only there to make her safer ever since the micro stun was removed. If this champ counts as one of the safest picks in pro play then why don't we actually hit her damn safety already? I'd say it prepares you for the 2nd part of her ult. If she'd be able to pull out that insane execute without any warning It would be kinda insane IMO. If we are looking to nerf her safety, I'd suggest cutting her movement speed bonus on her passive.
DeejayF (EUW)
: On Riven? or what since I was playing as Riven
Riven and Jayce are the ones I'm usually picking. On riven you don't really need it since by delaying your Qs you can usually kite out as soon as he ults, but stormraiders can be used. If you are not confident on riven, I'd suggest picking it up or just practising with a buddy until the trynd matchup is one of your favourites. At 6 if you are even you can basically all in him, deal 95% of his hp in one go and back off with 85%-65% of your hp. He has to play passive, and all it cost you was your ult.
DeejayF (EUW)
: Can someone please explain me how Tryndamere is not in any way OP?
He is heavily slow reliant. I've found major success in picking champions with stormraider surge and just forcing him to ult every time he has it, leaving him with 100 hp while I run away like the flash. Also, pick aftershock and CC him while your team attacks him and watch him run like a bit*h
Shamose (EUW)
: Guess who is getting a Prestige skin next patch.
Some math to the ult changes: __To make things a bit easier for me I'll just use 100 bonus AD for the level 1 R and 350 for the level 3 R. Potential Damage is what she will do at the 75% HP Threshold. Armor neglected since I am lazy.__ ---- > 100(+60% bAD) Damage = 160 Potential Damage = 480 > 175(+90% bAD) Damage = 265 Potential Damage = 530 ---- > 200 (+60% bAD) Damage = 410 Potential Damage = 1230 > 325 (+90% bAD) Damage = 640 Potential Damage = 1280 ____ Let us assume we'll ult targets at exactly 50%: The multiplier would be: > OLD: 2,66* for each % of HP missing; 133,33*% @50% HP > NEW: 1,33* for each % of HP missing; 66,66*% @ 50% HP --- Damage of the current Ult @ 50% HP with 100 bonus AD (one point in R): Damage = 160* 2,33 // ~373 Damage of the new Ult @ 50% HP with 100 bonus AD (one point in R): Damage = 265*1,66 // ~440 Damage of the current Ult at 50% HP with 350 bonus AD (three points in R): Damage = 410*2,33 // ~955 Damage of the new Ult at 50% HP with 350 bonus AD (three points in R): Damage = 640*1,66 // ~1062 ____ TLDR: The difference between the new and current R gets smaller the closer we get to the threshold - to maximise damage-output you want to get as close to the threshold as you can. _____ Sidenote: Armor will further close the gap (100 Armor = 50% damage reduction; 50% of 1062 = ~531; 50% of 955 = ~478; difference = ~53)
: Why does my league client, look like it's made by epic games?
Certain design decisions are somewhat streamlined. If you want your client to look "good" you'll follow certain "rules" - any client that has the same/similar proportions will have some similarities to other clients with those proportions.
: Looking at smurf to learn more about the game ? That's what I did before playing ranked (until 2017 I think). I learned less than I did in the same time by looking at pro-matches and tutorial, but I still learned from it. But now, it doesn't help me anymore, probably because I use the in-game time being frustrated about everything when I play ranked instead of actively learning... I'll try to do it again. Learning I mean. Thanks for writing it, maybe it will help me. Well, about carrying, I have one thing to say. Everyone want to be useful and want to matter for the result of the game. My best friend is a Janna main, and what he don't like ? Being useless or being a weight for the team. That's what mean carrying for us, weight in the balance to favor our team. If that's the definition of carrying, then I believe everyone want to do it, playing a competitive game without that desire seems strange to me. If the definition is (and I believe it's what you mean by "want to be the carry") being THAT GUY who win most of his game alone... Well I agree the amount of people playing a team game (and with mmr system) while hoping to be that guy is baffling.
It depends on how good the smurf is. For example: Me playing on a g2 when my main is p3. I'm not the one to 1v9 and I'll usually rely on my team to a certain extend - that being said, I don't think I am someone that people in that elo (g2-p3) can learn a lot from, so there is usually no point in them watching me. Another example would be a good friend of mine who hit d2 a couple weeks ago and is currently dragging an alt account to d4 while only playing off-meta. People can learn a lot from him and if given the chance I'll play with him once in a while just to see what he does differently. > Well, about carrying, I have one thing to say. Everyone want to be useful and want to matter for the result of the game. My best friend is a Janna main, and what he don't like ? Being useless or being a weight for the team. That's what mean carrying for us, weight in the balance to favor our team. If that's the definition of carrying, then I believe everyone want to do it, playing a competitive game without that desire seems strange to me. > If the definition is (and I believe it's what you mean by "want to be the carry") being THAT GUY who win most of his game alone... Well I agree the amount of people playing a team game (and with mmr system) while hoping to be that guy is baffling. What I mean is that people are not willing to sacrifice their own resources to put the fed guy into a carrying position, hoping that they'll make a glorious comeback, carrying the whole game while they, currently, are 0/3 with a 40 cs deficit. Mages not focusing on just clearing waves when the Jax top is fed af (being able to 1v3 while taking 2 down) or the midlaner getting angry if the 10/0 jungler takes his cs to reach his power spikes faster. It's somehow baffling how people have forgotten what their position in the team is and I honestly do think this is one of the reasons why we see the one-sided stomp more frequently. Everybody is trying to go 10/0. One of them is reaching 3/0 and so do 2 enemies. Now we are in a position where 2 segments of the map are in a major advantage, pressing down towers at any given moment while the only fed guy of the opposing team is pressured to either extend his lead or help out his team in trying to get even. --- I might be delusional on the last point I made.
: I believe it does. But that doesn't change the fact the other player will usually feel useless because what's supposed to rank you for a 5v5 game will rank you for a 1v1 or 2v2 + support game. The game is no longer about what can you do against your opponent with your team at each point of the game. It's about "how to support my smurf until he win for me". That's not what players seek when they start a game, and so, there's far less fun and far less to learn from (unless they're "play only for win" people that don't care about being boosted). By the way, a low-silver can climb to gold just by mastering this "support a random smurf", showing how much smurf tend to appear in silver game, I did it in pre-season 2018 and my level did increased to gold level only 8 month later (played most of the season 2018 around silver 3).
> other player will usually feel useless because what's supposed to rank you for a 5v5 game will rank you for a 1v1 or 2v2 + support game Yes, and this is actually the reason why I don't smurf in lower elos. I'm somehow still baffled by how everyone wants to be the carry tho. I think that playing with smurfs isn't actually that bad for your further progress on the ladder since it might give you some clues on what you need to do if you are looking to advance in terms of ranking and most of the games actually don't have a smurf involved, so you still get to work on your own game without someone higher getting in your way.
Cienight (EUW)
: Don't you people enjoy having smurfs in the enemy team nearly every single game? *irony*
I've been smurfing on a lower elo (silver 1, currently gold 2) and even though I'm performing most of the time I've been sitting on a negative winrate for a long time. Just to confirm what's going on I've decided to add the best player of the enemy team after games for 15 games. Out of 15 people, 11 of them did accept. 10 admitted to be smurfing and 9 were around the elo of my main account. One being somewhere around d2. The system matches smurfs against other smurfs quite often.
SepharU (EUNE)
: Down vote this but i refuse to gank flaming lanes
You do you, boo. On a more serious note: Gank wherever, whenever and whoever you wanna gank. While you are at it, you might as well join me and camp lanes that are toxic in all chat.
: My dominant arm is a lot stronger than my other arm, how can I balance this out?
Pick a weight that your weaker arm can lift and use the same weight for the other hand. If you are using barbells, you might want to not do so until your problem is fixed.
: Champion Idea: Naalus the Soul Eater
Overall I like the design and with some changes to numbers and the removal of the random marking on his W I'd like to see this idea becoming a real champion.
: > [{quoted}](name=HIVSuperposition,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=NIXwAizM,comment-id=000000000000000000010000000000010000,timestamp=2019-09-02T17:03:57.446+0000) > > I got to talk with 2 after meeting them in an urf game and asked how they received feedback. In terms of boards this is how they do it. I so how dont believe it
I've been on boards 3 years ago, started playing league in the beta. If what you are not believing is that I got to talk to the 2: I've been around for a long time and it's just a matter of time before you run into some rioters. If what you are not believing is that rioters check boards: There is a "Red-tracker". Also, you'll see A Red Herring (as an example) lurking on boards once in a while and from what can tell there are a few more who are just reading posts (just a wild guess). Your best bet would probably still be the NA boards since they are a bit more lively.
: > [{quoted}](name=HIVSuperposition,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=NIXwAizM,comment-id=0000000000000000000100000000,timestamp=2019-09-02T16:51:05.041+0000) > > The board is the right place, but rioters will check it once in a while and look at the content of the post - if there is nothing to be gained by looking at the post they will not bother to ask you directly what's wrong. so you work for Riot? so you no what they do?
I got to talk with 2 after meeting them in an urf game and asked how they received feedback. In terms of boards this is how they do it.
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