: 1. Draven - Stack 2 axes, then e-flash then spam auto and w (In fact, you're not supposed to use W inbeetween every autos but that was to show the fact that it was resetting) 2. Indeed it is Rengo 3. Twitch - Invis, then Spray and Pray. I was stupid to try to make ppl guess champions 1 - 3 since they are both adc.
Yeah I had a feeling it was adcs, adcs are hard to guess xD
: Champion 1 : Q - Farm / Wait a little bit - Q - E(Flash) - W - Auto - W - Auto - (W - Auto)... - R(R) Champion 2 : R - Activable Item 1 - Auto - E - Q(Auto-reset) - W - Q(Auto-reset) (In less than 1 s) Champion 3 : Q - R - W - Auto - Auto - (Auto)... - E
damn that's hard. 1. Looks a little bit like Shen to me but is not, maybe Kennen 2. Rengar activable item is ghostblade 3. Kassadin??
Sir Veigar (EUNE)
: 1) Riven 2) I can't 3) Janna?
Nope^^ 1. Ahri 2. Talon 3. Soraka :D Riven can't tripple R Talons normal combo when you have your Ultimate, you leap with your Q first and then do W-R In laning phase you would W first and then Q, but chasing someone and being quick in teamfight you would Q first to do a leap and close the gap. And Soraka is self explanatory heals for days xD
Sys (EUNE)
: Sure, E-R-Auto-Q-Auto-Q-Auto-W-Auto-Q-Auto-R Difficulty: Easy
something's broken on that combo {{sticker:fiora-cool}} Some white haired girl......
Sir Veigar (EUNE)
: Lets start a game - (Champion Combos)
Sure. Hm.. Champion 1: E-Auto-Q-W-R-Auto-R-Auto-R-Auto Champion 2: Q-Auto-W-R-Auto-Tiamat-Ignite Champion 3: W-W-W-W-W-W-W-W-R-Q-Redemption
: Well, it is whatever you make it... While all chat is not strategically important, it can definitely be fun to have a little chat with the enemy from time to time. At the start of the game, I usually greet them, say something along the lines of "GLHF" or even crack a few jokes. --- Sometimes you just encounter awkward situations or some WTF moments where you want to express your astonishment. There are some universally entertaining moments... If you or your enemies aren't sore losers, complimenting the enemy for a nice play is also a really cool gesture in my opinion. --- While all-chat is not super important, there are some fun conversations to be had, especially in games where I get totally stomped, all-chat has often delivered a fun conversation which made losing much more enjoyable.
I agree :) But one thing, as weirdly as it may sound, I do use all chat strategically sometimes xD strategic smacktalk helps you gain more free wins than people give credit for. If the opponents are weaker emotionally, it will hinder their mental performance. Thus, giving our team the more confident edge and cleaner thinking. Of course, you shouldn't be too cocky tho. But it defintly helps That's why some pro's smacktalk other pro's or even boxers and athletes. It's mental "warfare", it may hinder their performance before a match or during it.
: Why do we need an all chat?
So I can tease my opponents and get a free win :D {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}} {{sticker:sg-syndra}} It's all phycological , it's strategic phycologic victory bullshietting them. League players are very sensitive, a little bit of smacktalk serves as the ultimate free win
: > Splitpushing is a good strategie to climb, nobody knows how to deal with it until masters More like high plat :D Still a good strat, even if they know how to deal with it, it'll be viable.
well yeah :) But the thing with dealing with it is... it's a double edged sword. It's true that Plats and even some Silvers can deal with a splitpush, but can they deal with my team getting Baron or getting a tower by themselves/or get kills in a 3v2? I feel like splitpush can only be effectively consistently dealt with in Masters without problems, but it'll always be good XD
: One tricking
Splitpushing is a good strategie to climb, nobody knows how to deal with it until masters so it would be always viable to put pressure in a sidelane. It prevents ball-games happening. And you can safely 1v2. If you don't know what ball-games are, it's 5v5 clumping up and one team is a coinflip and the worst player of one of those team will lose. You don't want that happening. Especially because you are tryndamere, you don't want the enemy to ball up on you. So because you are splitting, you basicly split them up and let the ball desolve itself because of you. Good luck with splitting, if you're good and keep everything in mind that I said, you'll go Plat in no time. Everything else is up to you
: "Sometimes a blue curtain is just a blue curtain" https://pics.me.me/what-the-what-your-author-english-teacher-thinks-meant-author-5290214.png That's an example of overthinking. Some tend to 'ovethink' usually simple things when they got this one thing to think about, and too much free time on their hands with nothing to do. Basically what it means is that you keep mulling over this one thing, making it unnecessarily complex as you keep adding thoughts onto it over and over 'just to be sure'
Very beautiful! Humanity is indeed becomming more aware of the blue curtains! What other people think of my sentence: "Humanity is becomming more aware of depression" NOOOOOOOOO! Overthinking!!!! Why can't we see the Blue curtains for what they are {{sticker:sg-janna}}
Rismosch (EUW)
: I think I will never understand why you guys mean with "overthinking".
Overthinking means: That you overcomplicate a situation too much, even tho it has a very simple basis.
Kendee (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Rismosch,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=139uM7Hr,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2018-05-24T09:45:54.135+0000) > > Define "overthinking". > > I really don't get what you mean by this. Overthinking in the mostest, simplestest way: ( yeah I did that on purpose! ) Lets say You play Lux on mid. Very simple so far. Lets say there is an enemy champion very close to you with hardly any health. Still simple. Now, You start THINKING how to get said enemy champion. Should you try to Q him/her and then E or the other way around? But what if he/she has Flash and then it is "pointless". Well if you got to this point: You were overthinking the situation and said enemy is already at base on full health.
Yeah. It's more about doing mechanical things quick. You can't ride a bycicle while thinking about how to ride a bycicle But Overthinking goes into alot more things than mechanical. What champion should I pick? No... Caitlyn didn't work the last time (You pick Vayne) No.. Vayne didn't work the last time. (You pick Twitch) No.. I guess I should play Xin xhao jungle. Man Xin xhao jungle is garbage I should pick Maokai top. So in this case you were not wrong but also not right all along. You thought about something negative that probably does not exist. All you had to do was figure out a single champions true potential. There can be more of that, somebody can complicate how to actually win a game. Well, you don't die in laning phase, get alot of farm, do better than your laner and get Objectives and get to the Nexus. nothing more to it. But it's easy to think that, people don't save it subconciously and actually do just that ingame. They will roam when they don't need to, miss exp, don't get mid tower and lose the game because of that
Rismosch (EUW)
: Define "overthinking". I really don't get what you mean by this.
Sarcastic? :D Basicly, some human beings that got too much time on their hands like to overthink and overly complicate a situation. And what happens with complication? Exactly. You get it wrong. It's just human, I get it. It happens to all of us at one point. But some things turn out to be simpler than we think they are. Thinking is good, but too much of it is not. That's why people that generally don't think that much get things done quicker and with less worry, which is the teaching that I want to bring to someone that thinks way too much about it. That is human, aswell. Don't judge me, I've been there aswell.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: I don't think "Don't die" tip is necessary. I think there's a minimum you should die on average. To improve you have to test your champion limits, which means taking a risk that could lead to death. Some players tend to take this tip way too hard, which leads to way too cowardice playstyle. That kind of playstyle also prevents improvement. Sometimes dying for your team to clean up or just to escape with least amount of deaths for your team can be what brings victory to you.
But that is self explanatory. If you want to improve that's fine. Go into normal games or on a smurf and test your champions limits My first point with playing a few champions and mastering them further enhances that you already know the limits of those few champions. Climbing is different from improving, you can play to improve and be improving but it doesn't guarantee climbing. This post is about the execution. Really Ironing out your skills and improving only matters at Diamond. Bronze to Diamond matters basics more and persistance and consistency Maybe I'm gonna make another topic about Improvement and cleaning up your playstyle
: I hate this monkey so much :( Can you believe he makes me tilt more than Zed? That damn clone. I will try tho, thank you.
You will tilt your opponents much more aswell as actually give your team more morale, have fun with it and good luck :) Heed my words, you will enjoy smashing Bronze with {{champion:62}} :D *future prediction* In 3 days you'll be out, come back to me and thank me for showing you this extraordinary monkey
: There are champions with more complex mechanics like Zed, Lee Sin, Riven, etc. And other champions like Tryndamere, Lux, Ahri with easier mechanics. I usually avoid champions with complex mechanics because its harder to win and a Bronze player usually don't have such skills. Including myself, I don't think I don't belong in Bronze. I usually win my lane (check my Match History if you want, except the Zed one where I tilted hard and lost :( ) and I try to have a positive KDA, but if I belonged in a higher elo I would win the match.
{{champion:62}} And my single point 6. Will bring you out of Bronze Play Mid Wukong and crush them.
: I am honestly starting to believe you should play the most braindead champion possible and build a team with a lot of damage in lower elos. Or just an unkillable tank. I was put in Bronze III and some games are simply uncarriable. Not carried by me but in general. Its really useless to try complex strategies, the teammates never follow you.
It is one way but I stray away a little bit for LS's opinion. I set a little bit more value on comfort and personal playstyle. I know it might sound stupid but someone can be comfortable on Syndra but not be comfortable on Annie. It is for the fact that the Syndra player likes more indepht kits and gets more fun and accomplishment playing Syndra. Yes it is better to play the most braindead champions, but if you don't feel any accomplishment with it, play something that you enjoy. I also mentioned they should be hard to screw up with either way. So Syndra gets left out either way in this case, except if you really love her sucking your balls ;) But yeah for Bronze you should play {{champion:62}}
: What's wrong with {{champion:62}} mid? Unless you build AP ... Otherwise he is as much of an assassin as {{champion:238}} or {{champion:91}}
Nothing wrong with it that's my point :D Off meta doesn't always have to be weak and totally off. Wukong mid isn't played by many at all but still is an "Off meta" pick like the host mentioned. Just like Kayle top is off meta but was never really weak in Lategame. I don't get the point of the Host saying that all Off meta picks are weak, I can mention alot of them and they are quite viable. It's just pointless whining. Addapt with your Off meta picks, find a working strategie and all is good.
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Arnoter (EUW)
: You dont have to pick whats in meta, not even have to adapt in it in Itemization. But if you wanna win, you play what is best at the moment. Nobody pushes you to do it.
Or you play the best strategie available, which is what "Meta" actually means. Good people know the Meta, Great people beat the Meta and create it
Rismosch (EUW)
: Why are you exaggerating? I see no one complaining about off meta picks, or off meta items, unless we are losing hard.
Yeah I play Wukong mid and I do just fine in Platinum elo xD Extraordinary strategie needs extraordinary execution. Lulu Jungle just needs a duo Twitch mid or Kayle mid
: 140 CHAMPIONS in League , BUT ...
There are alot more champions viable and there are very strong picks still. "Under the radar champs" that don't get nerfed I would say are the strongest. Yi was never really concidered "meta" but look at him. Easiest champ ever freelo. What "Meta" actually means, is picking the strongest strategie available to you that ACTUALLY WORKS. That means you could pick what would be concidered "Non-meta" champs, if you have a strong working strategie with them congratulations. If you play Lulu jungle you have to especially concider what your strenghts are, you can't just pick a non meta champ and exspect to do what a real jungler does. There are many strategies with Lulu jungle, for example Lulu jungle Twitch mid. Or Lulu jungle Kayle mid. If you want to play Lulu jungle you need a duo partner to fully play the correct winning strategie. She's a support champ afterall, that doesn't mean tho that you can't play her Jungle and not play her well in supporting your duo from the jungle. All you need is the right execution. If it's too hard for you then play something not that far off. You don't have to play exact meta to be sucessful. I play Wukong Mid and I do just fine.
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: i really have to put the first point deep into my mind.... i really think that i could have helped a grim situation while the truth is i might have been maybe 2500 yards away. i really do blame myself most of the time. i am not sure why though, but maybe its because some people told me that i have to carry myself on my own. it %%%%s me up so bad. and when someone also blames me for something i wasnt really responsible i take it deep into my heart and blame myself even more. i really have to cut the crap
I had trouble with this too, not only with league but in life. I blamed myself too much for things I couldn't controll, suffering by actually someone else's mistakes expense. That's very sad and dissapointing, but I grew from the story. I'm a hardworking person, and other hardworking people probably feel dissapointed aswell to not get the graditute they actually deserve Anyway, it's important to keep your mental in check if you're thinking right or not. Be open to critical thinking and judgement, but cut the crap that doesn't have a place with your objective and inner self. "It's easy to judge others, but your judgement can be clouded within" So be careful, don't take yourself too seriously but also stay away from being corrupt or anything like that xD **Thinking that you're wrong even tho you're not wrong is a form of mental illness, and thinking that you're right even tho you're not right is a form of corruption.**
: Sounds swell. Doesn't work.
It works all the time :D The missing variable is then **you** and **consistent effort** You can lose weight if you're fat but don't exspect to lose all of your weight only going on 1 day going onto the treadmill. It's a consistent effort of good mentality and consistency. You can't say it doesn't work I'm never gonna lose weight, clearly it does. All you need it to get your ass everyday on that treadmill. There's no easy way. Those are the variables and that's how it works. Make whatever you want out of it, those variables won't really change
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: FUN? League is not about having fun it's about suffering and enjoying it. {{sticker:sg-syndra}}
{{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}} {{sticker:sg-syndra}}
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T City (EUW)
: This game was made to tilt and anger players. And the worst thing about it is that there are too many punishments for flame but none for being bad and ignorant.
This game was not made to tilt, it's all about you and perspective. If you wanna tilt each game that's fine. Don't play ranked then if you seem to get angry at every little thing, don't even play the game if you don't enjoy it. One guy may find the toilet roll to be facing upwards better and gets triggered at anything else, Another guy may find the toilet roll to be facing the other way better and gets triggered at anything else. And then there's these 1% of the people that like it both ways. All perspective. If you don't like a teamgame and get mad at every team you get, play fckin tetris or singleplayer or whatever.
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Rismosch (EUW)
: What are you talking about? Of course it is. Hypocrites are everywhere.
Everywhere but not all of them. If you say they are everywhere then you will end up ignoring the leaders with vision that will change the world for the better.
Rismosch (EUW)
: But when he is aware and sais that others are not, then he is exactly the hypocrite he's talking about. This whole post is ironic, because you cannot say others shouldn't judge when you judge yourself. This is hypocritical.
That's not how the world works mate Stop talking about something if you don't know shit about it
: Everything you just said is wrong *speaks in Mark Hamill*
Wrong haha we'll see who will be laughing I know my shit
Rismosch (EUW)
: OP writes about how others don't know, but that he does. Oh the irony.
I think the author is well aware of what he's talking about, doesn't mean you have to turn tables right at him and try to come up with something to blame him aswell :D What he said is legit information, no need to turn a plot-twist we're not in a movie, we're in the real world here. Some people are bad, some people are not. And then there's a certain gray area. Some people blame others, some people blame themselves, And then there's some people that critizize or (blame others correctly??!!) and critizize themselves correctly. There's two sides to the table. You can blame yourself wrongly aswell which is unhealthy and a mental illness. Know your strenghts and weaknesses and judge others accordingly. And judge yourself accordingly aswell. Some people can't even do that. We have quite the way to go as humans ohh baby I can't wait for 2800 when every average human really knows these concepts
: It is of course absolutely valuable to be aware of ones own self-bias and what drives it but you absolutely positively can't turn it into something to point fingers at others... and I fear that's what you are doing. I mean - look at what you just wrote - all of it is about someone else - not about yourself, the infallible ;) And even the parts in which you include yourself are about others: "We" I'm nowhere near an expert or even educated in that field but I fear you took a concept that should make one self-reflect, and instead turned it upside down and reflect about others. Anyway, what did you read? I love Bloom - he writes in a fashion that makes me read books... which I usually don't do to be honest, I wait for the movies.
That's not how that works. Sometimes, people are just bad and others are not. That's just how it works. Just because he wrote it like that doesn't mean everyone suffers from the "Self-Serving Bias" I understand this concept and I am far beyond that, I don't have a Self-Serving Bias. I know my strenghts and weaknesses that I bring to a game. And I know that some humans are just bad, but there are also some that are far beyond "Self-Serving Bias", evolutionized you could say. It's abit rarer to see in today's human society, but I'm watching far beyond all that already. It's just a matter of time. But humans are humans.
Vsec Exile (EUNE)
: Bronze 5 be like "me deserve challenjour all these trolls hold me down"...and then Silver like me proceeds to stomp xd Silver 5 be like "%%%% those trolls, %%%% riot, %%%% matchmaking, %%%% why am i placed with bronze, ahh i troll feed afk and ragequit. oh and ofc i will NEVER SUPPORT" Gold 5 be like "hey noobs let me mid me smurf" Rest...well...let's just say i've heard horrorstories there but havet actually seen it
Well trolls do exist, but even 3 games of trolls isn't gonna hold you down from climbing from bronze. And for Silver, I hold a strong opinion that Riot matchmaking is pretty shitty. Silver is a random place, a mixture of skill levels. Which shouldn't necessarily be like that. New players should be placed in Bronze and actually amazing players in Silver should be placed higher, which isn't the case. More often than not, you're left with less than you anticipated for your skill level and have to grind your way out day in and day out. Which isn't a bad thing, but why get matched lower than you're actually doing in your games. *** Why do you think alot of people are complaining about matchmaking? Sure there is this one side that is just hardstuck because they're bad themselves and they're just blaming without reason, But then there's this other side that are actually amazing players but they're getting matched with the average anyways, they have valid reasons to be upset.
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: Just won my S2 promo - let's see how fast I can climb back to G5 to start my actual quest for this season: Challenger
Meet you there brotha! :D I need to get back to Plat 5 from Gold 5 aswell But my goal is Master and Challenger, I want to sweep through diamond as much as I can
: I went 3/7 - needless to say that the initial placement was just garbage due to the quest. Went from G5 to S3 - absolutely fine by me. Got 28LP each now for my first 2 actual matches and I get actual supports again. Appears as if the nightmare has an end.
Nightmares definitly have an end :P With me aswell The storm has calmed itself xD
Inishadow (EUW)
: 34-37 right now. went 6-4 in placements. went very downhill after that. decided to one trick the godyr and destroy all the gates this season. Well im climbing. started s2 fell back to s3 and now s2 77 points. will be gold in maybe a week with a little bit of luck. ranked so far: i got alot of new players which is a instant lose (in my case) they get 70 farm in 30 mins and go like 0-9-0 so yea can't carry them sadly. still having fun now with the godyr going 1000 miles an hour after getting a turret with the whole enemy team behind your back and escaping always feel good.
Hahaha always love mashine gun udyr running guy xD
LeDron (EUNE)
: https://imgur.com/a/pn9r0 I feel good right now :D
Nice! gotta make it up there man :D
: How Do You Lose lane
Where is 5. I never lose lane For high elo tho if I lose lane then enemy laner was better
Rismosch (EUW)
: Honestly, those placements were the worst games I have ever played. So many bad players and trolls, it was truely stupid.
yeah :( Well my losing streak shows how bad it was in the first days, even tho I probably could've won all of these games or more of them. But can't win everything myself. Don't want to focus on these people too much tho, I have a long journey to go. If some new troll player gets hardstuck, so be it. I'm gone {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
Rismosch (EUW)
: Considering that with the ranked mission my placements were totally %%%%ed up, pretty good because I managed to get back to a 50% winrate on Ahri.
Yeah the ranked mission and the new players brought some mixture to the whole thing, anyways, on our way up! Leave it all behind is all I'm saying, can't always have the best start :P
: I have only played my 10 placements, 8W 2L atm ;)
gg! What a great way to start, don't lose it :D
Rumkatten (EUW)
: I never tryharded ranked before, but this is the season I will give it a go. I went 6:4 in placements. I only lost lane in 2 matches though and got honor in 9 of 10. I am now 13:11 and I consider this a good start, given how this game sometimes sends you on an endless spiral of loses. Im hoping I can get to gold, since people are telling me that the champions I like the most are much better/more enjoyable to play in gold.
That's the spirit! This could be your Season, I hope it is mine aswell. Never give up! All or nothing. I learned alot last Season, this is my time to put it to the test.
: im not masochistic enough to Play ranked but im slowly getting there {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
{{sticker:sg-lulu}} That's what I've thought!! xD
Eambo (EUW)
: Dang, you went crazy on the games! :-P So far I've only played a few 3-1 right now. I'm okay with a game a day or so atm, although with weekend coming up...we'll see how it goes :-D
Have to catch up with the ranked train somehow! :D Alltho I crashed and landed on my face, I'll find the road and get to "Master Hill" and Challenger mountain xD
: {{sticker:sg-soraka}} Well, I haven't even start yet. And I got to say, I'm not really looking forward to it. But, I do hope it will work out better for you. Long season ahead. :)
Gonna be a Long season indeed xD Atleast for me, I set my goal out to go to Masters from Plat. But since I have started in Gold, It's gonna be quite the journey from start to finish :D Comming for the top!
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: You should be able to now. :)
I've seen that! Me happy me write post!
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