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: Fresh Wukong player
you should go hydra build if your looking to push lanes, other wise lethality build which is duskblade, ghost and black cleaver, its a guarantee one shot to squishies in a QER combo, you use ghost to get into fights without being seen or use it as an escape. i tend to go last whisper on a comp heavy with tanks but usually wukong is realy bad against high hp tanky champions your main goal is to ulti as many enemy players as you can but prioritising squishies
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Andrey0345 (EUNE)
: Not really. They just got different playstyles.
Yes both have different playstyles but when Red does a better job at assassinating then blue then there is no "playstyles" involved, the whole concept of going blue or red is a gimmick.
Andrey0345 (EUNE)
: What does anime has to do with Taliyah and Kayn? And how good animations = anime moves?
He is trying to put in real life physics into a skill that is a huge handicap to a game like this. Talya had animation lock just so you can see her perform the skill and he him self refused to fix this issue for a long time. Now kayn Q and W have an animation lock, blue should have 0 animation locks I cannot Q and ulti right away it feels clunky.
Spearki (EUW)
: as a mastery 5 kayn with over 50 games in ranked i find it fun af when ppl with no clue about the champ make posts xD {{champion:141}} /
I would love you to prove me wrong about blue kayn
: What's this, a champ that is not broken OP at release? That can't be right...better open another whining thread.
No red is op blue is a joke
: So in essence, what you're saying is that you don't know how to play Kayn and you've come here to cry about it rather than practice more?
Blue Kayn is there to balance out red which is op right now
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: Some feedback for Kayn
Agree Blue can not assassinate that well, Red can do a better job at assassinating TBH
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: Why's Heaps of people claiming Taliyah to be nerfed and that she's OP? :3
shes strong early to mid but late game shes garbage any one can jump on her and one shot had a enemy main taliyah who was playing like a monster to only fall of late game and actually her ulti helped us win even tho it looked good
: It offers some HP and Movement speed bonus. Also Sheen effect is really great on him. Now you can build PD IE and Tri Force without wasting the crit. Also the more AS you have the better. Not a Yasuo player, but when I play him occasionally, it always feels nice to have that Triforce.
wouldnt a black cleaver be more gold efficient, he doesnt really need attack speed since u already cap the CD on Q
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: Or you could play normals with the friends you played teamranked :) At least thats what my friends do
thats the thing Team ranked offered best of both worlds you could tryhard but wont get punished (sort of) for loosing
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man1978 (EUNE)
: Olaf counter
olafs biggest counter is not giving him any kills early in the game then he falls of big time and if you can dodge a couple of his axes he will have 0 kill pressure on you he will run out mana if he spams any more
: A rapid increase in queue timers
waited 10 minutes recently my q times are generally long
Degmond (EUNE)
: The problem is that tanks don't get close to lucian as fast as you might think. He has his E which thanks to his passive can have almost 0 cd + youmuu.Also, by the time tanks get to him they have to eat up his ult, which with bc and youmuu and maybe even lord dominik's regards(jeez what a name) hurts quite a bit.
you dont buy lord dominiks on lucain since you already got armor shred on BC, with this new build you can kite a tank and deal enough damage to scare him off.
: which adcs are you talking about ? cause i only see lucian bans ... and to be fair i dont understand even those ... adcs in general feel weak in this meta ... you either go full dmg and tank IKs you or go somewhat tankier and you dont deal any dmg ... either way you have next to zero impact unless you go 6/0 in first 10 minutes
caitlyn ezreal can be safe during laning phase and out scale him late game and draven can go toe to toe in damage
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: If Riot ever finds her to be too weak I thin kthey should consider adding damage to her ultimate. Would increase her damage output , but it would be limited since her ultimate has a very long cd.
she has the damage, its her kit that putting limitations on her damage
: Hey, I do not fully if not at all agree with you. You don't seem to understand the power of her ultimate. If you want to just play to carry 1v9 you can always go with "OP" champions that got damage on all their spells but lack CC/Zoning or so. But if you just want to win relying on your team (as most do), reach level 6 and all you have to do is walk not even 1/3 down river and guarantee a double kill/ double flash on the botlane with your "useless" ultimate.
also forgot the mention, you have 0 waveclear with out having to level up E first so using your ult during lane phase is alot less then it looks. enemy laner pushes u in all the time and you have zero damage under tower once worked ground is there
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: Time to gut Lucian, so other ADCs will be viable too.
there are loads of other ADC you can play with, lucain is some what balanced.
: Rework Taliyah passive please.
everyone on PBE complained about her passive same thing is still happening, riot does not like to listen they only look at statistics
Buttcramp (EUNE)
: Ideas for Taliyah.
already was suggested on PBE nothing new here, she is trash
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: Hey, I do not fully if not at all agree with you. You don't seem to understand the power of her ultimate. If you want to just play to carry 1v9 you can always go with "OP" champions that got damage on all their spells but lack CC/Zoning or so. But if you just want to win relying on your team (as most do), reach level 6 and all you have to do is walk not even 1/3 down river and guarantee a double kill/ double flash on the botlane with your "useless" ultimate.
3 minute cooldown you can only use her ultimate in the laning phase 2-3 times before everyone starts roaming
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: Blizzard is still the same old Blizzard Riot is Riot
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: But isn't HOTS a Blizzard game? You're subbing 'Blizzard 2.0' for Blizzard 1.0?
riot Is the new blizzard
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Enjutsu (EUNE)
: She's a rather high skillcap champion, few games isnt really enough to judge her strentgh and in the first place few points you mentioned are questionable. Midlane is a pretty good place for a roaming champion and that passive really helps with that. Q, you're too hungry for pure wave push, the way Q works is actually good for wave control, but you need to know how to do it. W and E should be used together, im not sure exactly how, but from the videos i've seen it's possible, players pretty much shove enemys into E as it apears. Ult lasts long enough I hope she doesnt get any changes anytime soon, because noone knows how to play her yet.
her passive goes on cooldown when she is using any skill, attacking with auto or taking fart damage, that sort of passive is useless. i have 25 games on her on PBE, she is complete trash, she has no reliable damage source all 3 of her skills need some sort of condition to get damage. she squishy for a short ranged champion and she gets animation lockd as well for a control mage how are you ment to control the map if your in range to get blown
Butcher26 (EUW)
: Taliyah feedback
been playing her on PBE for a while and the same points you have mentioned are all over the pbe forums, riot does not give a shit, simple as. she sucks and there are better mages who can do her job million times better
Zeromatsu (EUW)
: The game lost a lot of his tactical character it once had.
just dont buy RP, money talks and if they see a huge drop in RP they will do something about the game, i have 36 skins in the last 2 years iv been playing and this season iv only bought 1 skin
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: Middle East Server
I don't understand how riot can make a japan server but not cater for the middle east, there are thousands of players also from south Africa and Mauritius that would benefit from a server close by (I remeber looking up a patition on faceebook for LoL in Mauritius and there was already 5k signed up. some parts of Africa should have a good enough infrastructure to support servers, hell there are servers that can support this game just look at steam they have servers in south Africa. There is definitely a huge player base around this region and its a bit shady to why riot refuses to expand. I wish I had the money to buy the rights to riot games like garena (what ever its called) did in asia and create my own region.
: How about creating a North Africa Server !
this is a good idea for people to play from the south end region of Africa to0, as Mauritius is my holiday destination.
Mada (EUW)
: I think it was twitch that banned gross gore for not taking the hint after his second warning not to insult others on his stream.
he got banned for accusing kreppo sleeping with an under aged girl, there are far more worse streamers out there that dont get baned like soda popping showing his penis on cam and not getting banned
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