xMeruem (EUW)
: Number of players online counter?
OP.GG used to have this feature
teemos (EUW)
: Just get spirit guard udyr and forget about wat he looked like. but have u seen blitzcranks feet he needs a visual update
I have spirit guard udyr, but when you use a spell the animals are really really ugly
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: No, it doesn't. You only get sometimes a meassage for a ban and only if your report was the final report which triggered the ban. I reported quite a few guys and got no message even though I saw that they weren't playing for the next 2 weeks. Also you can get punished if you had multiple games with little punishable offenses and you won't get the log of all of them
That was his second game, first game he did not even type
Cypherous (EUW)
: Chatlog required :P
Afelers (EUNE)
: Do you know those guys or where exactly did you get the idea that they were not punished? Also if you had a 14 days ban recently then anything that triggers the system is an instant perma.
It usually says if you reported them that they got banned
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