: How to carry bronzes when they dont want to?!
Rank really doesn’t matter, you probably play terrible like all these people and just need to improve. If you play at bronze you just have to accept you are in one of the worst player percentage in league of legends. But thankfully you make many obvious mistakes which can you fix and improve yourself on.
: So everybody ready for jayce and azir stranglehold?
Do you even see Jayce and Azir in bronze?
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: When will saying "easy" finally become bannable riot?
: I got 14 days ban in an 3 honor account and first ban in my life as gamer
jeez dude, just do as I do and tell them that their parents hate them, they don’t have friends or gf, and that they are low players. Problem solved
Colactica (EUW)
: Can we remove toplane already?
Jungler playing the reverse uno card
: Are you even paying money to the guys who coded your matchmaking code?
I don’t actually see much a difference between those teams, both have equally terrible players. Both having terrible team comps. Both having easily abusable junglers in the early game. Both having pretty much no support. Where is the rigging here?
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: Poor you :( Apparently Riot doesn't allow calling others animals/inbreds/mentally challenged. What a shame tho, imagine all the possibilities we'll never have. Legit breaking my heart..... :^)
Well I love animals so that’s not an insult in my point of view, i also didn’t call anyone inbred that is very offensive bro, I said they were in-bread which is completely different, and saying they are challenged in the challenger division is technically a fact
Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: Are you sure that you haven't used 0 tolerance words?
Nope, what would those words be anyways? I haven’t said anything I consider seriously offensive, I’ll upload the chat logs when I get a chance
: Who is the champion that's played so rarely, that gets you surprised when you see him in-game ?
Singed {{champion:27}} he is most skill expressive champion multiple times harder than trashuo{{champion:157}} or aidskali{{champion:84}} , you literally need countless hours and the effort and motivation to Even think about picking this champ in a normal game, damn i wouldn’t pick it against bots unless I had at least 69 games at the very least. He is virtually hated by everyone because of his insane skill floor, all claiming he is not so hard but the Dont know the struggle of a “real hardened tactical feeding singed main” Singed is pog champ {{champion:27}}
Karhast (EUW)
: A new champion suggestion
Make swain decent first then we can talk about his brother lmao
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