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: So long as it isn't intentional I think it shouldn't be called "inting". Even if they die 10 times in ten minutes. There's a reason you encounter most of these scenarios in bronze. They are just not very good at the game. I know it can be frustrating but this trend of saying "inting" is wrong in my opinion. As you go up in ranks this situations will happen less, don't let it discourage you. And remember that everybody has good and bad games! I'm sure you can make it to gold, stay calm and keep climbing.
That's fair enough, maybe 'inting' is too harsh. I still hold the player responsible for their deaths however. If you are Lux into Yasuo, and Yasuo has killed you three times by 5 minutes. Stop trying to all in him - it clearly won't work. The issue is, most players see a Lux stomp in their games and think that's possible in every game. People can only imagine their champs as the carrying/op/fed version, whereas more people need to understand that champs can be played aggressively and passively, sometimes we need to play under turret, focus on cs and wait for mid/late to fight. Everybody is playing to get fed when we should be playing to win. With that said, thank you for your kind words!
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: Hey ! I would like you to look at Senior Emissary [Humpelstilzche's comment]( I think he answers your question pretty clearly and in details. But just as a very short answer, keep in mind that "skill" is very hard to measure. And if they linked winning to stats, a lot of players will start having negative behavior like letting their teammates die and never helping them in risky situations in order to not die, tanks never engaging, people afk farming to have the best farm in the game, etc etc... So nobody is gonna try to really win anymore since all that matters is having those beautiful nice stats.
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: i love that moment when im building full tank and get oneshotted by a non fed leblanc...
Leblanc 'That's my secret Captain, I'm always fed'.
: oh i'm aware of that, this thread was made only to tell Riot what they should have done to avoid the backlash (seriously, read the comments in their article) i personally won't get this skin because i don't like it but if i can help improve the game with some suggestions i'll be happy to give it a try :)
You sir, Are a gentleman and a scholar. Carry on!
: new prestige Aatrox was a mistake
I'm really fine with this skin. I usually buy chests once or twice a month, I like the random element in unlocking skins/wards/emblems - It's a little bit of fun that I'm happy to pay for. The Aatrox thing is just an additional bonus if I happen to buy enough to unlock it. The thing to remember is that you don't HAVE to buy this Aatrox skin - Especially if you don't think it's worth whatever price. Just keep doing what you're doing - it's essentially a random bonus you may or may not get by buying chests, you don't have to have it, and Riot doesn't have to make it affordable if they don't want to. It's one skin out of hundreds. Get it or don't - Either way, you'll be just fine and so will Riot.
: Hey there, I can't give you champion specific advices, but I can give you tips related to your playstyle in general : > then I'll focus on taking the turret - if I get it, I'll try to do Rift, but I definitely don't get it often enough. I would recommend you to not get too pressed to get tower by 14min. The turret plating was added exactly for this reason, to make sure towers don't fall before the 14min mark. That's something that rarely happens without the intervention of others (like the jungler coming and help you destroy it). Also, rift herald is the best way to actually get that first tower. So don't wait to destroy it before picking it. At around the 10min mark and when you feel that you're safe (enemy jungler is in the bot side) you can push your lane and shove the enemy under his tower to go and do rift herald with your jungler without anyone to contest you. It will allow you to easily get a free tower and a huge gold lead. Especially with the new plates. Rift Herald will destroy most of them and give your team 160g for each, getting the tower will also give your team gold of the tower + gold of the first tower. Doing this instead of waiting each time to get tower before will make you secure much more heralds (since you're doing it first) and towers. > ideally, I'd love to be taking first turret by the 14 minute mark, picking up rift 90% of the time Don't get worried about not getting something 90% of the time, it's impossible. You can't always beat your enemies and take the objectives. Don't forget that they are also trying to win just like you and they will do their best (imagine yourself in the enemy team). So being able to secure something 50% of the time consistently is very good. > You talked a lot about your laning phase and how to face your opponent/get first tower But how about roaming and helping teammates? Roaming mid and getting a kill there + pushing the mid tower can be huge for your team ! Just getting the enemy flash is more than enough to help your midlaner and give him a big advantage. You can also help your jungler at the scuttle crab fights and the invades. Try to widen your impact to other lanes instead of just focusing on beating your enemy toplaner. Making your teammates stronger (and denying stuff from the enemy team) is a good way for winning. I saw in your profile that you don't buy enough control wards. Buying 1 or 2 is not enough in game, especially if it's longer than 30min. You should buy one on each recall and place them more (even if the old one is still alive) because the zones you need to control are different as the game goes on. Also, as "Enjutsu" said in another comment, it's a good sign that you're climbing and you look to be at the right path. I will second what he said and tell you again to stay consistent Btw, I added you ingame, accept me there and I can help you more {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Thank you, Doom Emissary! Your comment is super informative. It's amazing how we miss obvious things. It never occurred to me to go for Rift before first turret - I just assumed the play would be too risky. I was also hesitant to buy pinks while I had one active - but you're absolutely right - the zones of control change. I'm also selfish with my TP - I primarily use is to keep control of my lane - I'll try to look for good TP ganks more in future. Map awareness is a big factor with regards to scuttle fights, and something I'm actively working on. Again, thank you for taking the time to offer me this advice, I'll do my best to take it all on board!
: I think I fell in love with League the moment I realised that I can make mistakes and then blame it on my teammates... this really helps me reinforce my self-bias and always gives me an ego boost.
It's even better when you go 0/11 in under 10 minutes and begin to type 'better jgl wins' into /all chat. Really, proves that you're the better player, simply being held back by bad team mates.
: I got into league back in s2 when a few classmates mentioned it to me. However, after playing it for about 4 weeks on a crappy laptop, I was pretty much done. I didn't feel a spark when getting into a game, the mechanics were tedious and I was beginning to grow tired of getting destroyed all the time. And that's when elise came out. I didn't even care for her as a champion, but holy crap that loading screen. Not only was the artwork for it absolutely gorgeous, but instead of music it also played Elise telling her story of how she first arrived on the shadow isles. I sat and listened to the whole thing and when I finished it felt like I'd just experienced something magical. I went back and read all the journal of justice issues in less than a week and buried myself in the lore. Only through that did I really start enjoying the game itself. And looking back, I'm damn glad I stuck around.
This reminds me of when there used to be lore snippets for each champion. I miss them!
: When facing Trynd you need to be able to control the waves. If he is allowed to stand in the minion wave and build up fury he will out-trade you with crits. In both your recent losses against Trynd as Garen you let him get to the lane first, meaning he had built up his fury by the time you got there. Get there first and then every time he goes to attack a minion, Q him and then run away using the speed boost from your Q. If he wants to keep trading he will have to spin into your minion wave and take a ton of damage from minions.
This is great advise, and I'll keep it on board for next time. Thank you!
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VIT Laati (EUNE)
: On the easy matchups, go for TriForce instead of Cleaver.
Thank you! I actually will do this if I'm ahead, despite the fact that team mates will often spam ping my items for having triforce!
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VIT Laati (EUNE)
: If you want to climb as a support in yolo-Q without a duo, don't bother with champions like Janna, Soraka or Sona. Those require your main carries to be decent, and do the actual damage. Play something like Fiddlesticks instead. He has carry potential, while also providing valuable CC.
I appreciate the response. This makes me think I'll stick to top lane as I enjoy Sona, but hate AP carry champs. I like utility, and keeping my team healthy, while making plays with her ult.
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: Hey Han Solotoplane! As i see how to improve and learn is just main 1-2 champ spam it alot. Looks like you enjoy playing trynda alot then i would just watch challenger tryndas take notes about how they play like when is the powerspike? how do they lane ? after laningphase what is the role group or split? To be honest with playing vs people alot higher than your current rank would be counter productive since when you play versus a player with alot more experience and knowledge about micro and macro you usually don´t really know what to adjust both inside the game and outside of it. It might be easy to say i got outlaned or use the standard quote "my team sucks" but its very few players that have the knowledge and skill to actually analyze theire own gameplay. I would for the first analyze mainly the laning phase of the challenger players since its the most important keystone to get better with a champion. I will list a few important pieces that you should actively work on: * CS * How to play the lane vs range or melee? * What is the different trading combos? * When is your powerspike in lane? * Proper item build Most of the pieces you can only learn through playing the game alot so if you want to climb dedicate time to the game. My own experience is challenger in 5v5 and currently d1 in soloq. This is just a brief text so probably i have missed something. If you have any questions i will be happy to help you out in the best possible way i can!
Thanks for your reply! You mentioned something that I actually really struggle with - ranged champs top lane - my go to strategy thus far has been to pick Garen - start d/shield and build full tank from there, all the while farming under turret. All this does however is slowly snowball my opponent as I can't challenge their cs'ing or hope to kill them. So I'm effectively holding the enemy snowball at bay and praying that my team wins faster. I don't think that's good enough - I believe league is all about pressure, If I pressure my lane hard enough, it makes my teams lives easier, and therefore they can apply more pressure. I think what you mentioned about knowing my power spikes really only comes with time. Right now I'm trying to emulate what I've seen high elo players do with Trynda i.e build fury, whittle down the enemy creep wave, go for a trade when I have more minions, auto-attack once or twice, and E away being sure to hit them with my E. This works most of the time - but I know there are times when I could just spam AA's and come out with first blood, I'm just too scared to commit. More practice needed, I suppose!
: The best way to improve is to find plat3+ mates and spam many many normal games with them. (trust me people at and after platinum 3 are not humans) Only that way you will actually see how they play, you will learn teamwork, you will learn how/when and why, you will see things that you never ever think of. Studying from websites, watching streams and videos won't help you to improve. The best you can learn from them is how something works if you pay enough attention (that's useful but only theory won't help much) About your goal to hit gold it's not hard. Pretty much anyone can reach gold elo with any champion if they play enough games. Sometimes you just get stuck at X rank X tier till you spam enough games to get out of there, it's like if the system tests your patience. I'm not that high in the ladder, for the last 3 years i just reach gold and quit playing ranked but i'm still playing with my friends (some are up to master rank) which helps me to keep myself in form. I don't mind adding you in our games when we play so feel free to add me.
Thank you! I'll definitely add you.
: Sona now starts game with even less than 500 health! + even more unintentional(?) nerfs have hit her
Sona is the only support I own - in contest with popular supports like Velkoz/Brand/Thresh/Pike I honestly feel like selecting her is inting.
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