DunkMäster (EUNE)
: What is Declaring Intent ????
It's the "prepick". You can select a champ you like to play, so every teammate can see it. For example if you're Bottom and select Lucian because you can play him really well, your Support can see this and adapt his own pick for the game to your choice (for example Braum in this case).
: Welcome to the new LEC Broadcast Experience
Am I the only one, who thinks, that the pick and ban phase layout on the right side should be mirrored? Also there are some tweaks needed in the ingame overlay - there are too many cutted values and too many values missing. From my view now it's much worse than the layout of last season.
: about the new MB1 move attack option
You can Level up your spells with your keyboard shortcuts and also it is possible to use "smart" pings with shortcuts. What's really annoying to me instead is, that you can left click minimap without any problems, but every time you want to drag'n'drop items or change the order in the score board it also generates a movement action every time...
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imody4 (EUW)
: Playing LOL on PS4
I'm not sure about if your post is meant serious or not. LoL doesn't take high end hardware to run. I can even play it with stable FPS (on minimum) on my 5 years old Surface Pro tablet. If you have worse hardware than this outdated mobile processor and Intel HD Graphics chipset, then I think you cannot play any recent game at all. Even more: Do you have thought about the matchmaking? PS4-players will have a HUGE disadvantage landing skill shots. All in all: I can only stongly disagree with you.
: Why make supp items more expensive?
In my opinion there are 2 things they want to adress with this: 1. Poke supports have lesser HP than tanks and if you give them less potions, they will be killable earlier because of lacking sustain. 2. You now can buy "earlier" the support upgrade, because you need only 450g instead of 500.
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: Guardian has another effect: any time you heal or shield your ally, the range of guardian EXTENDS for some minimal seconds. and if damage is done to shielded ally, the guardian procs. Thats the core of tank support janna. Keep different shields up constantly instead of just relying on one shield. And Since janna has innate cc that can cc multiple assailants, Font of life becomes pretty easy to apply. My runepage starts with Guardian, Font of life as my core runes in resolve tree. If I need more survivability, i go for conditioning and overgrowth. This however means that I must be sure to get the game to last atleast 40 minutes, cause the rune starts taking effect at 20 minute mark(thats when you have enough items and the % bonus becomes meaningful). By the 40 minute mark I've usually aquired athenes unholy grail and atleast 2, if not 4 tank items. If I need to keep my carry or allies shielded and healing(in other words, utility), I aim for chrysiallis and revitalize. This means I will be rushing athenes(instead of just building it), then take a utility hp item before taking locket of iron solari. With mylocket, e and guardian, I have 3 shields ready to shield my allies or myself, making it extremly difficult to get burst damage through. Altho my shields are weaker, they can be deployed in rapid succession. The secondary tree is usually domination focusing on extra warding power and active items utility through ingenious hunter and ghost poro or the most commonly used inspiration tree with magical boots and extra cdr. --- Whole idea of a defensive build and utility tree is to provide both tankiness and utility in messy teamfights, where things can get out of control pretty quickly. Janna exels at disengage and counterengage as well as AoE peeling. However her counterengage is weak and relies on awfully mispositioned enemy or a very well timed flash ult engage, something that is not easy to pull off in a way that doesn't jeperdize your team instead of saving it --- On a rare case, where I need hardcore cdr reduction and ap for onetime shield strength. Thats when I go for sorcery-inspiration tree that is so praised.
I know how Guardian works, because I'm main support myself and I just can say, that in Platinum+ nobody ever will Play tank Janna because if you build her Utility she can do a lot more for your Team. The tankiness in my opinion (and I think in many higher elo players) achieves yourself to live longer, but your Team get Nothing out of it, so just try to not die this often and carry your Team with your abilites. If you want to tank, then play tank.
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: Different runepages for different playstyles. Tank janna with resolve AND sorcery tends to be my favorite. Sometimes i do take ingenious hunter in domination instead, when i know i'm gonna build alot of active items. On nami I play her as nidalee: full ap pokemage. Nevertheless i take both heals from domination tree to last slightly longer. This revolves around agressive playstyle with utility mage build path and doesnt seem to work for others. However i canät play nami as tznk as i feel i lack the damage. On leona i take defensive runes but my first item tends to be on the offensive side. On nidalee offensive runes but defensive buildpath. So it's really experimenting and finding what suits you. You need to adapt to the game, not to copy the meta.
Hi, maybe let's think about it: What are you for your team as a Janna? She has the ability to protect and buff your carries with your E and has some usefull disengage on her Q and R. Also she got poke on her W and sustain for your group in team fights with your R. If you want to go crazy there are some flashy plays with ult etc. but let's rely on basics first, because you seem to be a low elo player (sorry for this, but everyone once was). Now, what choices, do you have: First of all, let's say, that any keystone of the precision tree will not fit for Janna, also the domination tree seems to be not a good choice, because the only option in my opinion would be electrocute and now think how often you will hit 3 spells/hits on one champ in a short time frame... So the remaining options is sorcery and inspiration. Sorcery: You can take summon aery for getting your poke dealing more damage (good in my opinion) and with the same keystone you also increase your utility by having additional shield power. I think this is the keystone to go for in this category. Resolve: The grasp keystone is not really suitable for Janna, also aftershock, which is build mostly for initiating supports like Leona. An option is guardian, but also there: It's more for tanky supports standing near an ally, like Tahm and not for Janna. In my opinion not worth taking with her. Inspiration: I think the most suitable keystone there is the spellbook, because you can get really good utility if you use it the right way. Also an option is glacial augment, but then you need to be really aggressive and need to know, when to engage, because you are squishy Janna. All in all I think Sorcery with Aery is the primary path to run for. The secondary has two popular options: The "defensive" one on the Resolve tree, where you can take bone plating to avoid enemy ADC auto hits a bit and mayber chrysalis for more HP in early and better utility (more AP) in mid game. Another thing I'm seeing often is the Inspiration, where you can go for magical boots for example or for the cookies or more CDR. All viable options. But make sure: You need to play the champ well, so just experiement with it a bit and look, what's the best for you. (Of course things like Grasp seems stupid as Janna tbh). Janna is always a squishy champ, so if you die often, it's fine, when you learn to play her. Why? Because only by dying you learn to know the situations and lines between "Okay, we can do this, also it will be close" and "No way, we could do this". Hope I could help you a bit. Greetings, Hannsen
: What happened? Mostly that the current meta is pretty fast-paced and an early lead usually results in a smooth win. (Provided you don't f- up completely and throw hard). That's probably what you mean by "predictable". If everyone loses his lane, it's pretty much over. A few years ago you had a time where you could stall into lategame if you have the right comp and do an epic comeback. It's way harder to pull this off nowadays. That's why lategame champs, especially crit marksmen, are still struggling. At the time they're becoming strong and useful, most games are already over. I still wouldn't say that it's linear. Also, I think that runes DO have a lot of impact nowadays. For example- there's that midlane predator strat that gives you the possibility to roam around easily. Or you're just picking Aery/Comet to properly poke in lane. Or go for phase rush to reposition properly in teamfights after you pulled out your ability rotation. Tbh, I even think that the current runes are the most impactful yet. You can actually adapt your runes to your playstyle, not the other way around. You can decide whether you're going for a rune page for longer trades or short, impactful trades. You can adapt your runes to a more "sustain-based" lane or you're going for the all-in burst. You can even choose to be a more wave-control based laner with a dematerializer. At which point did we have that much freedom of choice? The other seasons' masteries/runes feel a lot more static and boring compared to what we have now.
Runes are impactful, yes. But the promised diversity over the old rune system falls short in my opinion. Especially for Supports, there are not this many choices you can go. I often think about it and all I say to me is: Hm, it would be nice to try something new, but this just makes completly no sense, because there is no rune which is better suited then this one or two on each champ. I hope Riot will bring morge keystones and more secondary runes in the next season.
CppL (EUW)
: In previous seasons only couple champs were broken,tosix,annoying to play etc...This season the entire game is broken.Im playing this game since season 1 and i dont remember where games would be over before 10 mins mark...
It's over before 10 mins because 99% of players tilting when they die once to a mistake and just throwing the game afterwards.
: they are too lazy to do it on old client so that is their excuse... they smelled money thats what
I think the bigger problem where things they couldn't do with Adobe AIR and the fact that this framework is based on Flash, which will be dropped at some point. (most websites at least also don't use it anymore)
: Nope, I think it's still on 3 min mark as I just remaked a game. BUT, yesterday when me(supp) and my friend(mid) were playing ranked, enemy mid was d/c for like a minute and a half then he came back but they still remaked. I though I was wrong about remake procedure. May be they changed it so you can remake even if someone is d/c just for a little bit and came back? that would not be good.
You either Need to have a mate, that doesn't reconnect at all or a mate, that hasn't connected for full 90s. The Voting can be done at the 3min-mark, so it should be intended in your cases, how Remake worked.
: > 99% of players are flamers in plat/dia. Buddy dunno what server you're playing on, and not sure if you understand how numbers work, but 99% is a tiny bit to much :D
It depends on the elo. Especially in Plat 5 and Dia 5 it is just true, that 99% are hardly flaming :D Never seen worse elo than this
Dislocker (EUW)
: Hi dude, glad that you my proposals made you smile :D I indeed need a laptop since I'm travelling much, otherwise I would've take a desktop PC for sure ! The HP appeared to be the best, though I found a (way) better one in the meanwhile: **CPU **- i7 Quad Core-4800MQ 2.7 GHz (up to 3.7 GHz in Turbo) **Graphics **- NVIDIA Quadro K610M **RAM **- 8 Go DDR-3 1600 Mhz Refurbished by a well-reviewed professionnal, so I think I'll go for that one.
What do you pay for this? Remember this is a nearly 5 years old graphics card. Don't know if there are optimized drivers for games, because the Quadro line is more a thing for workstation to do simulation and so on. I only used this for science, but not sure if they are good for games. You should look for some benchmarks.
: How can i climb?
This "stuck" appears if you reach your current skill cap. Many seasons I stucked in Gold 4, but then I found out, that it isn't the champ you're playing, it's your personal skill playing your champ and also your map awareness and game knowledge, that blocks you. After many games, where I just tried something out and tried to play more "on the edge" of my main champs and improving my game knowlegde and mapawareness I was last season peaked at Platinum 2. So just sit down, notice your individual mistakes (write them down! This helps not doing them over and over again) and try to learn more about the cross map plays. If you're playing jungle maybe try to get wards on enemy jungle down, so you can track the enemy and if you spot him top, so it's an opportunity to take drake or get a gank bot (I'm not jungle main, so I hope I'm not talking complete shit :D ) Wish you the best while improving!
Dislocker (EUW)
: [Feedbacks] Buying a new laptop
Hi ;) Please make sure, that you can ask the following question: "Do I need a LAPTOP to play LoL?" In my opinion a Desktop-PC is more affordable in terms of Performance/Price. If you still want the Laptops: I only would buy the HP. The Lenovo has an Intel HD chip - make sure to get a dedicated graphics card dude! Also the NVS5200 made me laugh, because this is not the card you want run games on.
: Yea, that's sure enough. But you have to admit that his dueling and assassinating is lackluster. You can't make a whole team stun in the late or mid game, because you get nuked before your e stuns their team. I feel like every other champion does, what pyke does, better. Thresh is similar, but he has some health. Imagine not being able to do a playmaker combo with {{champion:412}} because he's too squishy to do so. I'm saying this because he's been advertised as a playmaker/assassin support.
One fun fact. Health on level 18 for Pyke is around 330hp higher than Thresh if I got it right. Thresh just seems to have more health because he build more tanky items than Pyke. In my opinion you can get Pyke a "bit" tankyness with Aftershock Rund and in late you can go for things like GA if you got enough damage. I played him a bit in ranked and I must say (supp main), that he isn't this bad like people always say. He has his strength in comparison with Thresh, but also weekness. It's a bit like you would compare Gnar and Fiora on top, isn't it?
: Tbf late game pyke is rubbish, he's only there to give your adc an early lead but you don't share gold until level 6 so the entire point of him is kinda wasted anyway.
I think we should give people more time to get him played well. His late isn't as bad as you describe it in my opinion. The problem there is, that you have no really good engage as Pyke in late. Of course if someone get's hooked by you alone he will die and also in laning phase this is a really useful tool, but to initiate a team fight he isn't really able to do this. His follow up is great. In my opinion his harshest time is mid game at around 25min.
Rismosch (EUW)
: 3rd party sites just guess the mmr. No one knows your true mmr. They need to put a big > #DISCLAIMER!!! > ##THESE MMR NUMBERS ARE TOTALLY NOT ACCURATE!!!!! until people learn to stop checking those unecessary websites.
In my opinion riot just should show your MMR additionally to your current rank and which is the average MMR in this division. So you would know, where you are. This isn't this difficult to implement, unless there division system is completly %%%%ed up by them for some reason.
: Pyke is absolutely thrash in the support role (and every other role)
Hm, in my opinion it's not this extreme as you describe it. For warding the upgrade of the support item gets you plenty of AD, CDR and Gold-Generation and with an item like Duskblade you'll get also stats for you assassin plays. I agree, that the mid game is not this easy, but if you position yourself well (which is really difficult) he has really big potential. But of course, if you get mispositioned you will be dead in a blink of an eye.
Strigina (EUNE)
: > and there just isnt any valid need at all for more than 1 account. There are actually some if those accounts are not on the same server.
Why should someone play on, for example, NA-Server with huge ping? It would be just frustrating.
: u want play on my team??
Add me and we will see {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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: Whos talking about skill? We are talking about elo. And gold 4 is pretty high elo.
In my opinion all below Plat 4 is low elo to be honest. Too many boosted people and many players aren't even have knowledge about basics sometimes. I would say Low Elo < Plat 4 <= Normal Elo < Dia 4 <= High Elo, but this is just my opinion. In my earlier days I also thought gold is high elo, but if you climb in higher plat you'll notice, that this isn't the case.
: You are gold4. Whats your problem with low elo supports? You will most likely never meet any of them in your ranked games.
So you think G4 is high elo? I think you're really overrating gold players at their skill. They mabe can play their main role, but not any autofilled role or something...
: 8.9 Couldnt buy items
Can confirm this. I couldn't buy {{item:3504}} in my last ranked. **WORKAROUND**: Restart your game. After this it worked for me
: Imho bronze works best because corresponding players usually belong there. When you get ranked you start at a soft level (think its S3) - so you get matched with unranked or "lucky" players alot. After that... if you watch games from silver to plat - there is not a huge difference. The only thing different in higher leagues is that its less likely that players absolutely do not know what a champion does. And Gold/Plat usually know how their champ works in usual matchups because most players do only play few champs (don't get me wrong, this is exactly the right thing to do). The main problem in silver+ is that the numbers of people who "know" how the game/champs should be played increases significantly as well as the needs to tell others about that.
I'm playing since the open beta and were in every rank up to high plat and I must disagree. It's right, that if you're silver you have a basic knowledge of the game, but it's imo very basic. If you climb higher and higher you will see, that some strats will be played, that never would be done by a full silver or even gold team. And also the mechanical skill of the people increases. It looks not this much if you look at it from a viewers perspective, but escpecially when I was my first time in plat 2 I often said to my screen "Wow, how has he done this" or "I don't even know, that this is possible". I would say if you play serious, have some knowledge and at least have one champ you can play really good, it's easy to climb out of silver.
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PaladinNO (EUNE)
: >Delay in patch 8.6 rollout http://i0.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/original/000/727/033/690.png 200 RP reduction on GG MF for each day the patch is delayed. Or 10 RP per hour. But on a serious note...what "issues" exactly?
The korean server status says, that some games just don't start. Hope they'll find a fix for this soon.
Saibbo (EUW)
: I'm pretty sure that if you can't handle League of Legends at low settings, well prob the hardware you're playing on isn't really "up to date" to perform with almost nothing... and yeah basically any relative new GPU/CPU for even 40-50 euros could handle the game even at high settings smoothly.. It's not about the "high-end" is for the "below-potato-end"..
GTX 1060 doesnt seem to be the potato low end to me.
Saibbo (EUW)
: >I really have no idea what to do to solve this. I mean it's pretty simple, you have to upgrade your rig.
> [{quoted}](name=Mark Sama,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=lQ4syIKl,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-02-19T15:26:12.073+0000) > > I mean it&#x27;s pretty simple, you have to upgrade your rig. I think Riot confirmed somewhere, that there is no real optimization of the engine for high level equipment, so I think this would be a nice try, but maybe it wouldn't change something if you're unlucky. As I stated above there also were FPS issues in LCS matches, where (I think) the PCs are state of the art.
Saibbo (EUW)
: What it has to do with this? You want that riot to come to your house to swap your potato pc? There if they have issue is most probably the PC not the game because I never have issue with the game. Never.
This hasn't to do anything with my PC. On my rig it runs well, but if there is FPS issues on a PC during LCS match it's pretty strange, because it shows, that Riot has problems but seems to ignore them.
: Unable to play due to FPS issuses
Fun fact: In the LCS game of Vitality on friday, Gilius paused the game due to fps issues and it was confirmed and chronobreak was used to reset the game to an earlier state. Good job, Riot, make more skins please {{sticker:sg-kiko}}
: Zoe should never have been made
Played a normal yesterday against Dia 3 Zoe... My damage as Jinx was around 45k - Zoe >90k If they don't nerf this champ it will definitly be a perma ban.
: I'd say the LP-System is a cover up to make the mmr more visable. I mean saying "I'm Platin 3" says mroe than "I got a mmr of 1880", right?
To be honest I don't think, that Plat 3 says more than 1880 MMR. I played LoL in the times, where there were no tiers and divisions, just pure MMR and especially for higher elo I think MMR is much better than the fact, that I get displayed "Plat 3 - 80LP". In my opinion only at "lower elos" like silver or bronze it's good, because you can a progression much faster.
Get Juk3d (EUNE)
: Fun fact about LP
The complete magic behind it can be read in the FAQ: > After being promoted into a new division or tier, you’ll gain the effects of a demotion ‘shield,’ which prevents you from dropping. This is to keep you from winning a series, losing a few games and then immediately dropping back to where you were. The shield lasts for 3 games after advancing a division, and 10 games after advancing a tier (3 games for Master tier).
elin990 (EUW)
: You can only play 3 champs for the rest of your LOL life, who would it be?
{{champion:223}} {{champion:267}} {{champion:432}}
Senteo (EUW)
: Emote's Disabled?
Cannot use emotes too. It seems to be an error introduced with the patch. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Rismosch (EUW)
: What exactly is considered "negative attitude"?
> [{quoted}](name=Rismosch,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=JnRjJ45F,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-11-07T10:16:19.800+0000) > > The enemy doesn&amp;#039;t see what I am typing For me the most annoying thing is if the chat is used for crying. Okay, this is not negative attitude at all to be honest, but every time I mute this players, because the chat is there to inform your team about things that counts (summs, pressure you need, strats, etc.) Negative attitude for me is this "open mid"-mind or someone who says "okay, died twice, will just play solo now and dont help". You get what I mean? But nevertheless, please if it's not normal, just dont cry in chat - cry in front of your PC, but please don't annoy other people with this. Good luck on the fields of justice ;)
: > Example: > > keeps threatening to go afk > keeps stealing farm (from adc/jung) > Keeps Kill stealing > Left his/her lane early to go and troll another lane > Looks like you are the problem here. Besides AFK threats the rest is perfectly fine. I main support on multiple accounts from low silver to mid plat. And i ususally end my games with a decent amount of kills. Early game ADCs simply lack the damage to finish off enemies or, even worse in my elo, have 0 idea of positioning and trading and are simply not there to get the kill. Taking farm is a bit of a grey area here. But there are situations where pushing is more important than lasthitting in the middle of the lane. When my ADC has no grasp of those concepts i take over. After all its my game aswell and i usually want to win it.
Just can agree. Leaving lane is important on some roaming focused supports like Bard or something. Positioning of an ADC is so important, most players forget about this. If I get someone who can position well it is a lovely game. Just try to trust your support, also if he is picking off-meta. This lack of trust is in my opinion the main reason (folowed by low skill of ADC/Support) bot lane fails. I would call "Kill stealing" not if someone is securing Kills - if I fight with my ADC I only stop doing damage if it's clear that the enemy is nearly dead and cannot escape/has no flash. So sometimes when I playing support I get some kills yeah, but I'm not stealing intentionally. Also if I'm ADC I can understand very good if I'm 0-0-5 and my supp 5-0-0 that he deserved it if I'm always low in fights. > My gaming experience is currently plagued by trolls. Just try to improve your play and ignore your emotions during the game. Tilting just makes you really bad.
: It's not that i can't play support. (I'm pretty good at Thresh i get an A or S most of my games). The problem is is that my jungler or top laner just loses lane. Never pings. So the enemy can snowball. My adc thinks that a short trade is an instant engage. I still tell him that i'm gonna do a short trade but he just engages.{{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}. I really try to carry my teammates but it's just not gonna work if they don't follow me/listen. Let's say they are doing drake cause it's warded, i say to my team ''they are doing drake let's suprise them'' And i just don't get a response they just go on farming. and then 1 minute later. ''Omg you noob they did drake noob support''. and they just rage at me and i really can't stand it. On my main lane i got a 63% win rate. so if i get autofilled i ask: ''Can i please play my main lane cause i'm the best at that lane''. And they are like: ''no i'm probably way better than you''. And you guessed it.... In-Game at 12:00 they are going 0/5. I'm not saying i'm a god. But please make autofill toggleable. It's really frustrating that i'm losing games because of autofill.
I think this is a general problem of SoloQ. You cannot communicate with you mates in a way like you're playing with a 5-man-squad. Especially in lower ranks the people just dont have the map awareness to get such things done. Back in the time, where I was in silver I can remember such things too - just dont force something you could die at. If your mates aren't able to see it, tell them about, ward also this spots, but dont get caught or something, this makes things even worse. Some math behind the "stupidity" of your team: The skill in a league is quite the same, so stupidity is also "same" - If you're playing good, so you got 4 stupid mates and the enemy 5 stupid players. Just try to improve your playstyle more and more. Ranks (A, S, or something) doesn't count - you can have S+ 10 times in a row; if you don't win, it's just useless. Focus on improving details (for examples like attacking enemy adc as thresh, when he starts autohit animation onto low minion). If you get your ADC carrying if you play support, the chance is really high imo, that you can turn some shitty lanes.
: Autofill...
It's true, that it's annoying a bit, but in my opinion, because support is the role you get with autofill 90% of the time, just practice support to a good level and it's done. Dont know why people always cry about this. If you want such an option as described, then Riot needs to do 2 normal/ranked queues of each type, because all people who left autofill on would get autofilled because of the queue times getting longer if people turn autofill off. So they need to seperate people with autofill on and autofill off which would be huge stress for riot and servers. Just really unpracticable. If you want to climb you must know each role, so just practive support if you are bad at this and keep climbing {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Jarwan (EUW)
: The end of Microsoft and Dx12 and the rise of Linux and Vulkan
I don't know if I got it right, but you missed the thing, that Vulkan is an "addition" on a low level side for computation, not for graphic-operations at all. For this you'll need to use OpenGL or DirectX. But you're right, that Vulkan is the "better DirectX 12" in the way, that the computations, that you can do with both are available cross-platform if you're usign Vulkan and not only limited to Windows 10. If there is ever the need to get features like this I think it will get Vulkan, but I cannot imagine that they'll drop DirectX-support like you mentioned, because the would need to rewrite the whole engine without DirectX and this is to be honest much work - the resources for this they should put something else in my opinion.
: How to win ranked games!
Absolutly true, but cancer cannot spread from one guy to another dude :P
Yunarito (EUW)
: you did, your very first crate gave you a ward skin
Was there a 100% chance to get one with this? Cannot imagine that I got one. But tbh I'm okay with having the victorious wards of earlier season(s) :)
Perilum (EUW)
: I've like 20. They come with the bundles or you get them from hextech.
> [{quoted}](name=Perilum,realm=EUW,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=To8hQxyX,comment-id=00010001,timestamp=2017-10-08T13:03:17.417+0000) > > I&#x27;ve like 20. > They come with the bundles or you get them from hextech. Wtf - never got one from hextech...
: I was thinking going Braum, Sona and Soraka, maybe Janna too. Playmaking really isn't my strenght, I admit that, I just prefer to keep my carry safe and fed. Ok, pink warding Baron and Drake and towers seems easy enough. I think I should check Youtube for in-depth warding tutorials, as it seems I really need to focus on it. I actually don't buy Morello's that often, mostly in bot games where I need extra AP to finish as fast as possible. That one Sona game though, yeah, I have no idea why I did that, as Ardent Censer seems to be the best support item for all the healers and shielders at the moment, accompanied by Redemption. I actually used to record my plays, to make clips on Youtube, but then I cleaned my computer and never re-installed the program. Thanks for reminding, might as well install it back.
> I actually don&#x27;t buy Morello&#x27;s that often, mostly in bot games where I need extra AP to finish as fast as possible. That one Sona game though, yeah, I have no idea why I did that, as Ardent Censer seems to be the best support item for all the healers and shielders at the moment, accompanied by Redemption. On Sona if you really need AP I prefer Chalice upgrade because you can boost your heal with this and you do enough damage with her to get this passive on a high value. > I actually used to record my plays, to make clips on Youtube, but then I cleaned my computer and never re-installed the program. Thanks for reminding, might as well install it back. LoL already includes replay functionality
: 5 supports seems quite nice number. Any opinion whether they all should be same role, or something tanky, something utility etc.? I really feel naked if I don't have all my team's needs covered. Oh yeah, I always forget to ward, especially in the late game, I really don't know why. I guess I just get too focused on the game and forget about wards, as it seems late game is just one big team fight after another. I'm struggling with control ward, as I never seem to know, when to use it and where. It seems that the few times I buy it (mostly when against stealth junglers) they kill it like minute after I've placed it. I never considered the AA tip you just gave. Gotta admit, I'm pay more attention to big things, rather than small details. Guess I should start practising this, as it sounds really helpful, as I do like to play Sona and Soraka. Especially with the first one, as I get her Spellthief's. Guess I'll have to stick with banning Thresh for now, as I'm not really good with Tahm at the moment. He's fun to play and all, but I don't want to pick him in rankeds yet. Thank you for the detailed reply!
Im support main and I try to have always a playabe tank like Tahm, Braum or Taric and an enchanter like Lulu or Nami or something like this. If you are confident and your team is going to build a team fight comp it is also useful to have a support to start team fight/catch people like Thresh, Blitz or Bard. What of this things you want to choose depends on what you like to play. Also keep in mind if you going to play aggressive or not - for example if you need a tank and you ADC has a bad matchup early I prefer picking Tahm, which is helping protect him and can roam later in the game. About control wards some things I always find useful: If drake or baron becomes a viable objective this could be a good spot, so you can disable enemy wards and have vision on the objective. Also sometimes in teamfights its really useful to disable enemy vision. And if you think you need control about an area to get an objective (for example a turret), just place it there to deny enemy vision so the enemy team is forced either to do a mistake by going into the invisible area or need to predict your teams actions. Another thing I've seen in some of your games and I forgot to write yesterday: Some things like Morello's is maybe not a good choice. Okay if your mid lane isn't building it and you are playing versus Mundo or something like that I would say okay, but for the other cases there are too many better choices you can do as a support to get items with similar base stats and more impact for your team. And what helped me to climb to Plat2 this season is to analyse your mistakes - I think it is just too underrated in lower elo to watch replays for critical situations. If I'm not sure what I done wrong in a game I write the game time on a little sheet of paper so I can watch the replay on exact this position to know what I've done wrong and what could've been better.
: climbing as a support (not a rant)
In my opinion you should focus on maybe 5 supports to play really good. Next thing I noticed watching your match history by a fly is that you place too less wards - I place on average 1-1.5 as much wards as the game got minutes + several pink wards. And you need to know good ward spots depending on if your team is rotating or if you are actually fighting. I think knowing the basics of the support role will bring you to silver also if you cannot play any support on a really good mechanical level. Some example of basic many low elo players dont know - if you picked ranged support you can do AA when enemy ADC does AA on a minion so he cannot hit you, but you can hit him. It needs practice but I think this helps a lot in early laning if you don't play over-aggressive and die because of this. About Thresh I can recommend 2 things: 1st - you could ban him, 2nd - I pick Tahm against him because you can use your W immediatly after he connect his Q. And a good positioning behind minions helps a lot against him. About autofill I don't really care to be honest. Just pick something that synergizes good with the carry he is going to pick. Best support cannot carry really bad ADC and also vice versa. Hope I helped you a bit! See you on the rift!
: How to keep positive?
Don't know if I can help you with my approach, but maybe you think it's helpful: 1. Remember LoL is a game, so losing is just a normal thing because you cannot win every game. 2. Get confident with your champs, so you can differentiate between situations you can say "I done (nearly) all things right" or "Okay guys, I failed this time". 3. Don't get a bad mind and/or attention because of your mistakes - use it as experience to not do the mistake again. 4. If you get flamed or blamed just excuse that you know that you failed an try to do it better next time. 5. If needed mute people in chat first and only if they spam you also mute their pings. 6. Try to get self-confident - it's really hard, but since I get tilted very late, I found it easy to climb up to platinum. 7. If you end up Bronze or Silver or whereever: Accept this as it is. It means you are not good enough and need to improve. With enough experience you will climb out of your current elo. All you need is to analyse your errors and game knowledge. Good Luck!
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