: I think the best one is if you sit on threshes lantern his team cant use it, best way to troll a enemy Thresh.
In proplay you can see them spam wards on it sometimes.
Diävolo (EUW)
: I mean, they used to make good skins with good events. Now they just make shity skins with shity events with a pass.
That's a matter of personal perspective. Although I don't purchase that many skins myself, I do feel like the quality has increased over time.
: i completely appreciate this but if anything it's a numbers game for me. they could shift damage around even if she went ap to her other abilities and make her either a hybrid champ instead of ap or ad or a single route champ. ap does too much damage, but only has two abilities that scale, and ad scales only with attack speed and titanic hydra. i don't know how they can fix her but it doesn't seem like riot know what to do with her imo.
The addition of being to built AP was added later, Lunobi describes this in their reply. For being a dragon, Shyvana honestly didn't feel like one. AP scaling was added to allow players to play her in a different style. You can go either AP or AD depending on what you prefer, and they're both decent builds with their own strengths and weaknesses. Personally I prefer AD, since I go for the faster clear speed and objective control.
CJXander (EUNE)
: I've finally did it, after 224 grind of games
: why won't riot fix ap shyvana?
AP Shyvana struggles with clear speed in early jungle, can't solo dragons as well as AD, and is based on skillshots. Even if they're rather easy to land, they can still miss, making Shyvana not that much of a threat since she doesn't hit that hard. The times I've played AP Shyv, I can't count amount of times people just keep standing in the AoE that her E leaves behind in dragon form. I feel like half of my kills are people assuming it doesn't do any damage, while they could've just stepped out and survived. --- I doubt we'll see much for Shyvana any time soon. She was one of the champions the community could vote on for a rework, where Volibear and Fiddlesticks both ended as the victor seeing they were so close in votes. Even if Shyvana didn't win, it implies she's going to be up for her own rework at some point in a not so distant future. Not sure how much effort Riot will put into her current form if that's the case.
DarkG0d (EUNE)
: did you read what I said or just replied? > Rising thunder _ Rising Thunder was a cancelled free-to-play fighting game developed by Radiant Entertainment. Originally released in alpha state in 2015, the game closed following the acquisition of Radiant Entertainment by Riot Games. An open-source version of the game, entitled Community Edition, was released in January 2018._ a little google would have helped you
Although there has been some form of confirmation that they are indeed working on a fighting game. > League of Legends developer Riot Games is working on an unannounced fighting game, according to Evo fighting game tournament co-founder Tom Cannon, who also works at Riot. Cannon confirmed the development during an interview at Evo, as spotted by esports reporter Rod “Slasher” Breslau. > “Back in 2016, when we joined forces with Riot, I said that we were going to go in the hole for a while,” Cannon said, “and I want to be able to let people in on maybe the worst kept secret in the universe, which is I can confirm that we are working on a fighting game for Riot.” [Source]( That's all I've seen about it though. There's a link in there to the original video clip as well.
: while im playing i shout in my room wahtever i want to flame on game
You might suggest them get you [some of this]( for christmas. =)
: TY for answering. Is there any way to know how many games do I have left to play?
Not sure how to check if it doesn't appear. You'd have to submit a ticket, but you'd most likely be done with the queue by the time you have a response.
jimmytheo (EUNE)
: 100+ ms in EUNE
> Is Riot taking an official statement or something about it or its only me I honestly doubt Riot can make an official statement about it, since this is most likely a local issue that Riot has no control over. The first thing I'd suggest you do is try to clear your DNS cache. A DNS acts like a phonebook for the internet, telling your computer which route your connection should take to reach a destination. In this case, that's the LoL servers. These routes are stored so it won't have to look them up all the time, but that does mean it can save inefficient paths. When you clear your DNS, it forces the connections to find these paths again. You won't notice anything differently, since in modern internet the difference for a first connection is usually down in the milliseconds. [Here's a handy guide]( on how to do this on Windows. Keep in mind that this is not a guaranteed fix, it's just a super easy thing to test out first. Quite often, that's enough.
: so that means preseason 10 can start: 20th October - 10th December ? ty
Kinda sorta maybe. It usually starts pretty quickly after the season ends, and they haven't said what date that is yet. It tends to be around November.
: Banned 'till...?
Low priority penalties are 5 games. You'll just have to play through them.
When season 9 is done. And when is season 9 done? Around November. Date hasn't been announced yet.
: in other games its fine, league %%%%ed up again
Other games may have servers located elsewhere, meaning you take a different route. If you're always so quick to dismiss how it works, you're not really ever going to solve the problem because you won't listen to what anyone has to say.
: yes, and did speedtest, unfortinatly, league forums are outdated and i cant even link images right away
Speedtest really only tells you that you are connected to the internet, nothing else. It connects you to the geographically **closest** server to you, which should give you the most optimal test results. The league servers are located in one specific location, and regardless of where you are, you're always going to connect to the same server. The path your connection takes is completely different, and that's what impacts your ping. Ping is not really impacted by the servers themselves, unless there are ongoing issues impacting **many** players. You having a problem with connection implies it's ISP, or routing based.
Nothing has been announced so far afaik.
: Jungle
> but no one enjoys playing it I do, and I generally don't have an issue of being behind my laners. I quite often find myself ahead in levels.
: Behaviour alone doesn't make you win a game nor gets you honoured. As a player yourself, you should know that 95% of the players use the honor system to commend you for your uncommon plays and when you carry them. The 5% are those who will honor you just because you were friendly, etc. So yeah, the old system was better in a sense that you approve of your opponents skill and all along with your teammates, and not only one of them. It's kinda ironical that RIOT implemented a system like this that makes you choose 1 person in particular to honor, when they themselves prone "TEAMWORK". lol
> So yeah, the old system was better in sense that you approve of your opponents skill "Honorable opponent" was still aimed towards their behavior, not their ability to play the game.
: So false reports dont affect me unless i start to flame ?
Yes. False reports will not impact you, that would honestly be silly. Reports would only trigger an investigation, and as long as you play by the rules, nothing will ever happen to you. Imagine someone getting you arrested simply because they spam the police with false reports against you. Would that be a viable justice system?
: You have to understand that all people are different. I can go 3/0/0 and couple of trash players can say something bad against me. You may mute them but those couple of words are enough for me already to have less motivation winning that game.
Sure, your motivation is lowered, which is part of the reason why such behavior is both reportable, and ultimately punishable. However, you should still be able to look past it, and just focus on the game instead. Them blaming you doesn't really matter, nor will their reports have any impact if you did not break any rules.
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: and thats the whole problem with the system. it encourages bullying
I fail to see how. Even in real life, you are judged for your actions, and not the actions of others.
: ***
What's there to deal with? Just ignore it. Reports won't get you banned, it's your behavior that's judged.
: You made good points. Maybe riot should make this option only under some circumstances. For example excluding junglers like {{champion:245}} {{champion:30}} and midlaners without a mana or energy.
That still provides certain issues. Even if some midlaners don't use mana, they might do good with a blue buff due to the cooldown reduction. It really depends on the case ingame, and I don't think having a system that hard limits who can have the buff is the right approach. I do agree with the others: it's ultimately up to the jungler, but they should give it to their laner if it seems like the best course of action. On the other hand, midlaners shouldn't demand or expect to always get it. You could say the same about red buff. Generally, it's given to the ADC lategame, but is that the best solution in every case?
: Not giving the blue buff to the midlaner should be a reportable offense
What about midlaners that don't utilize blue buff as much as the jungler would? And what about cases where the midlaner is so far behind, the blue buff would simply be handed to the enemy?
Adoniaz (EUW)
: It did? God damn where did you see that? Anyway i'm not very mad i got banned, im sad that i lost an account i dedicated 6 years of my life to. What angers me is this game punishment, they perfer banning people who say mean words instead of dealing with the people who ruin games, that's my 5 bucks, I may be very wrong tho.
They deal with both types of misconduct. One violation does not excuse another. --- > It did? God damn where did you see that? In the top paragraph of your reform card it states that it counts as a **final** warning, and that any further violation will result in a permanent suspension.
: -> HONORS <-
Technically you should be honoring good and sportsmanlike behavior, not "plays".
: > [{quoted}](name=A Red Herring,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=VEqNueIa,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2019-08-18T00:04:26.087+0000) > > Player support agents do not manually browse the forums to help out with players, it's just not scalable. Unacceptable, why not fire em?!1111
The boards is intended for the community to interact with the community. If you need assistance from Riot, you should submit a ticket. Due to the nature of a lot of cases, there are certain things, such as account information, that Riot simply can't assist a player with over the boards.
VorenDier (EUNE)
: Make it a whole day ban
That would honestly most likely be less effective. It's not that uncommon that we see players here on boards complaining about Low Priority Queue (LPQ) since they feel it wastes their time. Some of them even request it changed to a set time ban, since it feels less punishing. The harshest penalty means that in order to play a game, you have to sit around for 20 minutes before you're even queued up. This is a penalty you **have** to go through. If you set it to a 24h ban, people would just play on a smurf and come back to the other account after a day has passed, not feeling any implication of the penalty at all.
: How can i contact riot?
You can reach support by [submitting a ticket](
BeiSogni (EUW)
: I totally agree that my behaviour was not good, and I never said I disagree that I get a punishment for this too, don't get that wrong. I am just getting more and more frustrated by people forcing you to play a game like this. The reason I thought they get away with it is that I never get the pop-up that a punishment has been made after my report. @JustClone My team was flaming me for not picking ADC. Almost like it was all my fault. That is what triggered me.
> The reason I thought they get away with it is that I never get the pop-up that a punishment has been made after my report. These notifications are intentionally set to rarely pop up, under certain conditions. Most people you report that ultimately end up punished will not trigger this notification for you.
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: >Riot can't inform you Won't!**
They won't, since they can't.
BeiSogni (EUW)
: What to do in such a situation?
Honestly? I would dodge, and send in a ticket to support to report this player. They do look into matters where people behave like this in champion select. --- > Consequence: I get a 14 days suspension. This is not a consequence of the experience you encountered. If you're punished, it's for something **you** did, not what others did. You stand accountable for your actions, and others are accountable for theirs. --- > How can someone like this not get banned? I've reported people like this so many times and nothing happens. You don't know what happens, because Riot can't inform you about actions taken on other players. It's a privacy concern, and penalties are between the impacted player and Riot. People like this do get punished. Remain active on the boards, and you'll find frequent threads of players that were banned, sometimes for the exact behavior you've described.
aizekor (EUW)
: Problems with champions in game
You're most likely hitting the minimap.
AIexinho (EUW)
: Extremely low FPS?
The first thing I'd suspect is heat. Do you have any software that can monitor temperatures of your system?
QbasicSup7 (EUNE)
: Leaver buster , FF system
A game can be over in 15 - 20 minutes. If you're gone from the game for 5 minutes, that means you missed out on 1/3 - 1/4 of the game. That's quite a lot. --- If you're the cause of a remake, you're treated as someone that left the game. If you come back after being away for several minutes, you're also treated as someone that left the game. LeaverBuster can't differentiate between the reasonings of you leaving, it just sees that you're not present.
: It is. Autofill is there to make players into lesser preferred roles; let's assume jungle, support aren't preferred by majority and other three roles are mostly preferred. With autofill, what we have is taking players who want to play role X and put in role Y without their consent. Ideally, yes a player should know how to play all roles, no need to be the hyper carry in that role-but need to be average/ worst case, not losing in that role. Now, with "no autofill" option it will increase the queue time at start, if players want to play their main roles and because of uneven distribution across roles; but it is increase for majority of the players and the minority, who play the lesser preferred roles will have shorter queue times or pretty much see whatever queue time they have now. There will be a point, where players will get tired of long queue times and will try to play the lesser preferred roles. I can't guarantee that they will learn and play, but I hope they do that-because they're now willingly choosing that role and not being forced to play it. Over time, players will get to give the lesser preferred roles as secondary role, as they want their main role to be primary choice and it will reduce the queue time in long run, with players willingly distributing themselves across roles. If someone wants to have low queue times, they just have to not choose "no autofill" option. * If majority of the community is ok with autofill, they will not choose it and queue time for them will be the same. * If majority chooses "no autofill", they will get disparity in queue times according to roles they want to play and over time they will have to reduce it by reducing the disparity in chosen roles. * If majority chooses "no autofill" and are fine with disparity in queue times as per the roles they want to play, so let them have long queue time for highly demanded roles. In either way, choosing "no autofill" players consent to play the role they're assigned; if someone wants such an option why shouldn't they have it?
This would have the same result as the tested system allowing to veto a specific role. The result was that even though not every player veto'd a role, enough would do so that it would render the entire point of autofill pointless, increasing queue timers to the point before autofill was introduced. It didn't just impact the players that said they were willing to wait extra, it impacted everyone.
Heria 1v9 (EUNE)
: if I buy this project pass do I get currently stashed tokens or it reset?
Mali Zvrk (EUW)
: These two accounts were matched in the same game in the opposite team of my gf. It's strange and weird.
Mali Zvrk (EUW)
: Unranked and under lvl 30. accounts in Gold elo ranked
You're most likely looking at 3rd party sites that don't update properly. It's not possible to queue up in ranked if you're under lvl 30.
Djakè (EUW)
: Season 2019 rewards
We don't know yet.
PBE isn't for balancing though, it's for finding larger bugs. Balance will never be able to be done on PBE, since the community there is always going to be too small due to the limited capacity of those servers.
Deja Wuu (EUW)
: option to mute all
Yes, go to the interface settings, and selec to hide allied chat.
: youre smart
: Weird changes on my account
It does sound like someone has used your account. I suggest you reset your password on both league, and the verified e-mail you have linked.
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: There is in your profile you can see a warning notification that if you continue losing games you will demote The same message is present when you are about to demote due to inactivity. Although for that case there is an additional notification when you log-in but if he is about to demote due to loss streaks there is a message in his ranked profile page or at least there should be one It doesn't mean that you demote after your next loss it just means that your MMR is tanking way too much
> in your profile you can see a warning notification that if you continue losing games you will demote Huh, didn't know that.
: Do I get a warning when I'm about to drop to another division?
No, if you lose too many games at 0lp, and your MMR is low enough, you can drop to Silver 1. If you're thinking of decay, there's no decay for this tier.
: why am i playing with a grandmaster lmao
You're playing normals. Each queue has their own MMR.
: I reported someone for having a negative attitude, but they called me a "dumb ni**er" afterwards.
: Ah okay. Thank you for the answer. So there are like lags or something?
What caused it is not something I'm aware of. Haven't seen posts about any issues, but something caused Riot to activate it at least.
: Lost a ranked but client says "tie"
It's "Loss Prevented". It's activated if there are ongoing issues impacting a large amount of players, in a large amount of games.
: you be near of 20
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