: There are many champs that are far worse off than him, at this point. I don't disagree, he could use a fresh skin, getting tired of guardian of the sands, but he's definitely not unplayable. Now take a look at udyr. His base model is like 3 brown pixels, that literally look like shit, with Doritos for "tiger claws". The black belt skin, uses the same shitty looking model, but it adds an extra dirty rag on the back of the champ, coupled with said Dorito claws. He doesn't feel like anything, it's just a brown shitty mess running around, not even punching because you can't tell the difference between his torso and his hands. He's also the champ that didn't get a skin, for the longest time now, sitting at 1400+ days. So yea... hopefully next season MF doesn't get her 27th skin, but instead some neglected champs get some love as well.
Agreed. I'm probably biased but we haven't had a Zyra skin for quite a while {{champion:143}}


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