: I'm just looking out for you. When drunk feels better and you keep consuming alcohol, high chance you will get addicted.
Being drunk isnt about feeling better. Its about feeling nothing.
Hydnoras (EUW)
: You seem like one of those young people who think being drunk is somehow cool.
Does being 31 count as young? Ps.: I know that sounds pathetic. But what the heck. You dont know me. Maybe I'm hurting really bad. Maybe I separated from my girlfriend of 5 or something years. Maybe that "or somehting years" is the reason for the breakup. We'll never know. Ok, you'll never know. I know.
: You are drunk alone? That might mean you are addicted to alcohol!
It's my choice to be drunk or not to be. Being drunk just feels better. I even can make some obscure Shakespeare references while being drunk. That's the German education system for you.
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skinTDM (EUNE)
: Earning blue essence is a pain in the ass
I got 3 (three!!!) shards. Two were worth 90 each and was worth around 380. Is that a good thing?
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: Matchmaking in low lvl games is messed up
Just play a broken champ like xin support. Can you rightclick and button smash? Then you gotta an insta win.
Not xPeke (EUW)
: I personally refuse out of principle if someone mindlessly feeds all early game and then wants to get out of the game when it pleases him. I will especially refuse to FF if they're raging and crying for it. No chance, they made their bed and now they have to lie in it.
Only that you have to lie with them in the same bed. Beats me why you'd want to do that.
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: I am thinking about quting ranked
Well, I just lost 12 out of my last 14 rankeds. Usually, I'm playing bot and by the 2nd time I'm recalling we're already behind by 5 to 8 kills. Sometimes matchmaking is just broken. So fuck this game. There are other and better games to play.
: Chat disconnect
Same here. The client didnt update nor did I change my network configuration. Now I cant connect to the chat in the launcher or in the lobby. During the game, the chat works just fine. My solution: I have VPN and as long as I'm using it, I can connect to the chat without any problems. This hints at a problem with my network configuration, but as I said, I didnt change it at all. Ps.: EUWest


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