: Hmm, I'm gonna assume you mean you said "fa.ggs" Unfortunately for you that's considered as an homophobic slur, the "kus" is also considered to stand for "kill urself", regardless of if you say that's not what you meant or not So yeah, both of those things are unacceptable things to say from riot's point of view and therefor you probably won't get that ban lifted, you'll just have to wait the ban out and then sit down and be quiet for a while As a friendly warning just be sure to know that after a 14d ban, it's really easy to get perma'd apparently, just a bit of minor flaming will do the trick and *poof* permabanned, so it's best if you just don't say anything negative whatsoever
Kus = kill urself. Would have been good to know that before. And I said cun.t not fa.ggs. Thanks for the advice!
Yojimpo (EUW)
: i agree, riot should be more on top of bans, even so i dont think your 14 day suspension was harsh. clearly lots of swearing and calling people dumb, which you could argue should not be a bannable offence, but you just annoy people and make them play worse by doing what you are doing, maybe think before you type next time, try and stay positive and you will play better.
I will. It's just so hard when you trynna have fun and constantly comes with people that lag, troll or are just inting all game. And when someone start talking shit to me im just a guy who just cant say nothing, I probably should work on that.
: Deserved. Negative/flame all game.
I might have been negative...but u should have seen them, and what they were saying. U always see how people saying things that really insults people and never gets banned.
: The other team started talking...So i said %%%%tt to him, still dont think that should get me banned.
: > Harchaeregg: it's sad how noones uses their brains Harchaeregg: %%%%s Just curious as to what hides behind those "%" if you don't mind clearing that up
The other team started talking...So i said %%%%tt to him, still dont think that should get me banned.
: I got a 14-day suspension coz of this
I come with people every game that says "%%%" or something really racist and I report them but they never get banned. And I get banned for asking a few questions like "do u even use ur brain?"
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