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Harleyyyy (EUW)
: start game movement speed ghost
thank you for the responses
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SceptreTM (EUW)
: Honor lvl
yes, u get a reasonable ammount of honors and a similar reasonable amount of reports, so 10-10=0 and btw... with this post your rise in honor will decline even more, u see honor is earned, you dont asc for it, not here, not anywere, in fact when i see someone typing why he didnt get honored, i report him :)
Lichking2 (EUNE)
: I got perma banned after 1 hour of getting unbanned.
poor fella, dont be sorry, or aggravated, riot let you , unbaned you, and someone waited to see if you continue with old behaviour . you didnt dissapoint and you showed them what you deserve. from unbanned to permabanned its only 1 word. good luck
Altiverse (EUNE)
: Do honor levels below 2 also reset with the new season?
so? if they reset it, no problem, il get to level 5 again, its easy when u mind your own business and do your job as you should. if u have 0, 1, honor level, dont worry, its not bad not having it removed since if you want to reform, u just need to do what others do and you will reform. didnt know they reset honour level, thou i have a feeling they will reset it and make it much harder to get to level 5. now half of the people have lvl 5
Harleyyyy (EUW)
: honor sistem... premade honor
interesting... didn't know a honor from premades has lower value than normal ones :) its ok this way too
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LTUmolis (EUW)
: Sorry
think about this if u want to reform. you are not a challenger player in bronze or whatever, you are a bronze player in bronze before raging in tandem with teammates you can go on the internet and watch what mistakes you do in a game before blaming others try watching some streams from professional players, watch some pro league. since in euw i recommend LCS if you want to reform, work on own mistakes before u speak to others aboout theirs. i bet u make a lot of mistakes. if not then u would not be banned :)
: "You dont need to win" How to get to plat?
well nothing new, u should take in consideration, that people have bad days, they come home, they could have been fired, had a fight with loved one, insulted, bullied. they play a game and get this type of player in 1-2-3 games in a row, they get tilted, and go troll a game cuz it feels good. issue a simple report at the end, leave the games for 5-10 min to cool off and start a new game. some players have bad days in real life, or a previsious game tilted them. i will tell u how i got tilted today: i playd aram enemy tyteam: velkoz, ashe, xerath, anivia,kayne my team: darius, tristana, lissandra, evellyn aurelion sol. so very poke team vs 3 mele... nice game, impossible to win etc, it tilted me, it annoyed me, played another game where i die on lane, i play suport, and my adc gives me the next line, afte i asked him, why didnt he save my by using heal:" it would be a waste of heat to save you". i was lost for words, so i replied by helping other lanes and helping zed go 21-5 at end of game with help of the team. kalista went 10-1 after that and at the end i reported his ass. simple common this community is TOXIC like TEEMO
: Sightstone not recharging
i issued a 2 days ago same bug, on ranked solo/duo i was playing braum sight stone didnt recharge, worked by selling and undoing the sold item
Dimmy (EUW)
: This is worth a 14 day ban!?
so.. this is not the first time u got banned for something.. chat like this... probably whole team reported u. u dont shut up. u see the system works like this: first time chat ban... then 50 games chat ban, so on, and then u get to suspensions. the new honor is new so it has less than 6 months but your history is not new think of it like this when u leave a game u get at first 5 min bacn, if u leave multiple games u get 5 games with 20 min low priority then comes another punishment, it increases + as a honor 5 player i never tried to get to honor 5, it just happened, i didnt work for it, didnt ask for honor, never. gave honor to whom have deserved it. i will never use homofobic words, make people gay, etc. there are other insults more powerful and a lot less impactful to make a person go insane and get them to chat ban. i would like to praise tryndamere on how he got u to self destruct. but then again not riots fault. to point out a player, streamer that had this going for him, look up tyler1. i man u deserver the ban. hope u get perma ban
: EUWest or EUNordic and East
i could say it like this: plat in eune=gold in euw and so on, diamond in eune = plat in euW second, in euw the difference in lag is very small, for example i am from romania and play on euw. on euw i have average 62 ms, on eune i have 55 but it seemed to me that the eune server is a bit nasty... and i get lag spikes for no reason. another point is that on euW people have better computers, since the W has better lifestyle, more money, so they will have a smoother game. toxicity level... dont think there is a region without toxic players..but u can mute and carry on


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