KakarotDZ (EUW)
: Rip akali :/
They took away the cheesy true stealth nonsense. Now I can see u and hit u in my ultis.
Era Teemo (EUW)
: Punishement
This is the true devil Teemo talk
: Is better and wrong in the same time. Is better to push it and crush under the enemy tower if you have vision on the enemy jungler and mid. In same time is not so good if you do this but you can't cooperate with your support because you are too far from your tower and there are big chances to give some kills to the enemy bot. If the enemy jungler start the drake then you can force a push do isolate him from his bot. In this way you get there faster and help your jungler to contest it. And the most important: focus on that plates. Don't let the enemy to take the plates from your tower. If you never push the lane then at each recall you lose 2 plates for free. After they take the plates they recall and the wave push back to them. So you don't just give them 2-3 plates, but you are also exposed to easy ganks.
Whenever my supp is cooperative and doesn't forcefully push the lane I have high chances of winning the lane. Then again there are many times when they do and I'd like to be able to win those times too. My strategy is to keep minions in middle, poke enemies and possibly kill them and then lay waste on the enemy tower when both of them are dead. Like you said it's dangerous to push past the middle without vision that's why I prefer to fight in the middle of the lane.
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: Calls supports apes. Builds Randuin on Vayne against 0 crit users.
I use what works. I keep losing cause of incompetent botlane partners. I got over 50% winrate on mid and 40% wr on bot so yeah.
: 800 games s4 player thinking the only viable strategy is to keep the minions in the middle of the lane so everyone can free farm. This post should be in "games, contests and jokes" tbh
It is viable strategy since I got game knowledge and can deal with enemy botlane if they're not cowering behind their turrets. There's reason I got over 50 percent winrate on mid and about 40 on adc role. It's simply cause I got unstable supports to play with.
: L9 Club Tag
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: Then inform your support that you don't want them to push
That don't work. They will just push more forcefully and steal my farm.
Rioter Comments
: 15lp per win 66% winrate
According to porofessor u r s3 and u keep having b2 level players on average on ur que. that's the reason why u have low win reward.
Silent Note (EUNE)
: That makes sense, it just feels very weird improving without really noticing that I've improved.
It is fast paced game and you gotta be thinking all the time and making quick decisions. Even the tiniest things make the difference in such a setting.
: Can we change Yasou's icon to the Poo Emoji?
Yasuo is great part of game. I always feel excilerated when he's in the game.
: Why Eune is so bad server ?
EUNE is maybe the most toxic server there is. It's just horrible. There's no game where there isn't flaming (unless your team wins hard). EUW is much much MUCH tamer.
: Well, MMR difference is really small, especially below diamond. So don't care about that
Well I sometimes get like 2 lp more or less when I win. I figured it's prolly cause of the slight mmr differences. And one time I only got 10 lp for some reason. AND ONE TIME I LOST 0 LP EVEN THOUGH IT WAS NORMAL LOSS BUT IM WILLING TO FORGET THAT RITO!!!
Silent Note (EUNE)
: I don't quite feel the difference between elos
You don't remember how bad you were before. You have improved but it's so little things that you learn after games that you don't notice. Every elo has skill difference. High elo players just don't notice that cause they're higher elo.
Shamose (EUW)
: Yeah I can't understand why people have different tastes than I do. Really weird seeing people enjoy screaming people and deafening drums instead of classical music. Or people enjoying Superhere movies. It's just a bunch of cgi bs. JUST STOP HAVING FUN PEOPLE.
: The answer is for you actually. Sorry if you don't like long messages ^^"
Well you're explaining to me how the mmr system works which I already explained myself :/ and I also talked about the hypocrisy of flaming and the rest you stole from KittyGirl o.o
: Yeah, as Kitty Girl said, MMR is just a number. Seeing "2321" won't have any meaning for us players. Also, if it was visible and players could see what impacts it (how much it increases/decreases and when) they would definitely find ways to abuse it to boost their ranks. As for what you said about flaming. Let me quote this : > **Fair matches** > To the matchmaker, a “fair” match can be loosely defined as a match in which each team has a 50% +/-1% chance of winning. In a perfect match, ten individuals with identical MMRs queue at the same time, each having selected a unique position that they’re well-suited for. That situation is incredibly rare depending on who is queueing at the time, so sometimes teams can have very slight skill differences (on average, no more than 4-5 MMR). Source : [Matchmaking Guide from Riot Official Support Site](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201752954) As you can see, while MMR is a 4 digit number (like 1321), the difference between MMR of players in the same game is only 4-5 on average (so it's pretty accurate). So all the flaming is just a matter of superiority complex and stupidity. Matchmaking is 100% based on MMR (and not ranks) and MMR is the number that represents your skill (how good you are at playing the game). So basically speaking, if somebody is in the same game as you, then you have the same ingame skill overall. So a player flaming the other one and calling him an idiot is the same as flaming himself since they basically have the same skill. And just to clarify "overall skill" (this is something a lot of people misunderstand). Somebody of "gold skill level" doesn't have to be gold in all areas, in fact, it's almost never the case. That player could have plat or diamond mechanics (so he always outplays and get tons of kills in lane, but very poor decision making around silver/bronze level (then he throws his lead and keep following kils left and right while never pushing). Or the opposite of course. So if you see somebody doing something that might seem stupid to you, then just know that he's better than you in an other area which is why you both have the same MMR.
You basically just quoted me and Kitty with that long message lol :/
: look at your LP upon winning/losing. If you get more LP than you lose, your MMR is higher than normal MMR. If you get more than 20LP when winning (and less than 20 LP when losing, it's most likely that it's higher than normal. Below 20 when winning/above 20 when losing: it's lower
But it also changes when win/lose teams with higher/lower mmr. It's not all that easy to keep track.
: >So it's mostly about the given number being boring lol Yes. You (lol players) would ge bored by see a number and lose all the desire of play ranked and since most people only play game for ranked they would lose the desire of play Lol, the actual system is just a way to toy your mind overall :D >There's still people flaming those that are lower rank, even though their mmr could be even higher than those flaming. It's kinda hypocritical tbh. None System is perfect
Lol I see how it is. Well thanks for replies anyway.
: Numbers arent that interesting to look at and you cant change your mmr without playing
I'd like to know and compare my mmr to see if I'm making progress.
: Cause is a way to "play" with your mind, cause mmr is just a number and is totaly diferent you see ranks and elo (actual system) of just number increase, only times when lol was new or rank was your mmr so you didn't have elo you just got a number, and for people it was like is just a number, but with rank system is not just a number now is a rank a division. In the back the old system and the actual are same but the reaction of your mind is diferent. If you see 2 games exactly same but 1 have mmr has rank so you arent any league your rank is just a number, and other is the actual rank system, most of people would choose the actual rank system in the end is all same but the ways your head/mind see things are diferent. And since mmr is diferent of league if riot show mmr now will cause problems cause there is a lot of people with mmr abobe the actual league and would complaying about beeing on a inferior league with that mmr. Same if you have a teammate with mmr below the league if riot show people would flame that teammate. The best way to not cause troubles is only keep one of the systems, or you remove leagues and show mmr or use leagues and hide mmr
So it's mostly about the given number being boring lol. There's still people flaming those that are lower rank, even though their mmr could be even higher than those flaming. It's kinda hypocritical tbh.
: I am dreaming of an elo without these players {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
Try the "chinese super server". Then again I'm not sure if u are good enough for that :DDD
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: League dropping my wifi
You wifi kids keep ruining my games. Drop the wifi if u play ranked. Capische?
Usually (EUW)
: Auto attach bug - Twisted Fate
I play tf all the time and haven't had any bugs whatsoever
: PermaBan
If someone else than u used the account u should turn to riot support. they may be able to help u out ^^
Shamose (EUW)
: You can mute emotes in the scoreboard.
Rioter Comments
l C18 l (EUNE)
: Just got demoted
1st world problems :DDD
: Can you object Riot punishment?
can u show us ur chat log. i bet u were more toxic than what u say here ;P
: It's either loss prevented or you were already at 0 LP
I slept 7 hours last night, haven't taken alcohol or drugs. I'm 100% certain I had 13lp and lost none in that one game where I lost. And I checked and it says "defeat".
Jesi Oni (EUNE)
: Because it swapped to normal while you were not looking 🤣
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Loss prevented can't only be from remake. It can also be from server issues, and then Riot makes the loser team not lose LP, but the winner team still gets LP. When that happens, on the left top of the stats screen after the game ended, it says "Loss Prevented" instead of "Defeat".
: MATCHMAKING is the hell of this game
There aren't enough Irons to be placed against eachother. And the difference between Iron and Silver is not all that great. It's your own fault if you start ranked for the first time and you haven't learned anything in those 30 levels before it. Just take it as a learning curve to get better.
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Loss prevented?
No. Loss prevented is from remake. It was complete game that I lost. I got S rank though but that should have nothing to do with it. I had 13 LP and lost 0.
Rioter Comments
: Ranked is too hard
Akali is hard champ overall. And if you're beginner that adds even more to the challenge. Try going with more defensive build/runes, it might help.
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Ults keep firing backwards
You were drunk. Try to decrease the use of alcohol.
: you said there were 8 smurfs at least, so it wasn't a bot game, so you had already played in bot games till you were high level enough to play pvp you had already been placed in smurf queue where you're matched with other smurfs, you had already proved you were not a complete beginner and the system picked up on that and punished you for inting when you inted New players are new players, they don't go 18/1 against bots and then randomly go 0/13 in pvp, hence they don't get punished for playing badly since it's not intentional
Then again sometimes good players play badly too. There should be a string of 0/10 games and not just 1 in order to be punished.
: If you lose an inhibitor, most probably the other team has the map control. If you don't have map control, you should not be looking for fights, you should try to avoid them. Tell this to your team, if they don't listen, they are plain dumb and there is nothing you can do, so accept defeat and next game, baby. Anyway, my advice is that when you have an inhibitor down, someone (usually the one who needs most farm) should permanently stay in the base and defend the lane, while the others should just farm wherever they can, without going too far from the base, while warding the allied jungle and the baron pit and dragon pit if they are up.
Communication just don't work with these guys most of the time so I've stopped trying. I don't even think it's about map control. In these kinda games my whole team are all 3/10 or something while I'm the only one with positive score.
Rioter Comments
: So again in promos vs smurfs ?
Well u are a monster with 53% winrate. It's only fair things are made tough for u in promos cause it happens to everyone. Stuff get amped for u in promos cause of ur winrate. All I can say is try ur best in those games without going to tilt and u will pass them at some point.
ElZengy (EUW)
: between all of the assassins in the game. why did you choose talon?
He watched Midbeast's recent "mid power list" for this patch.
: I don't play anymore you can check it :D
You might've made a good decision. I hope everything good to u in the future.
: A Call to Arms: The end of toxicity in the game.
the honor system has worked things for better. but u cant change people. there will be less toxic and more toxic people. u see these toxic ones complain about their bans all the time here.
Kanohi (EUW)
U must've fked ur comp really bad if that's happening. Check ur processes if u got fl studio running close it before starting game. thank later.
kjono1 (EUW)
: Honest question. If you don't enjoy the game, then why do you keep playing? You can't say you both enjoy the game and that it sucks. The two points counter each other. If you are not having fun, then stop playing.
: Why do the boards even still exist?
Aww cammon, these boards are great comedy between games
: It depends! If the player in question engages the enemy when they have absolutely no way to win said fight (either due to lack of nearby teammates that can follow up with their engage or in the case where a teammate engages an incredibly fed foe or anything similar and expects you to follow up) then no, you shouldn't. **Too long; didn't read: If you're certain that standing by a teammates side will get the enemy a double kill, let them die.**
Thank you! At least there's one commenter that stays in topic instead of looking for online struggle :D I've noted your opinion but I hoped I would get more of them :'(
c9 ziggie (EUW)
: Camera Lock
did u check if the camera change is mapped to y?
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