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Hansiman (EUNE)
: It's intended to punish you with a direct 14 day ban for homophobic slurs. There's 0 tolerance for hate speech.
> [{quoted}](name=Hansiman,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=cQTRnctP,comment-id=00050000,timestamp=2017-12-15T23:51:15.180+0000) > > It's intended to punish you with a direct 14 day ban for homophobic slurs. There's 0 tolerance for hate speech. So calling Star Guardian Ezreal gay is homophobic and bannable, the internet is just getting more sad by the day. Next thing is gonna be calling Urgot Ugly I bet.
: Banned for 2 words? Nice system Riot
I guess I didn't make clear that the point is that a 2 week suspension/ban over 1 game containing 2 words is just messed up. Honor 5 all season long, never chat restricted whatsoever the whole season, and 1 game containing this gets you banned for 2 weeks? Seems excessive to me, but then again the internet is being ruled by SJWs now a days, so I'm not even surprised.
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: Riots ranked system working as intended? I think not
Welp got sick of doing promos in Gold, went to 100 LP again today, asked a friend of mine who's in platinum to Queue with me. Gold account vs Platinums, easy win, even while playing a champion I haven't touched in a very long time (Ezreal), even with my support Sona eating a lot of Nautilus hooks, people that aren't in Gold ELO don't flame nearly as much and atleast let themselves get carried instead of doing their best to lose the game for the whole team. I feel sorry for the people stuck in Gold this season (which is funny since I got multiple crap accounts stuck in there myself) because I truly believe it's near impossible to carry yourself out of this ELO with all the amount of toxic people that intentionally lose games. Games are a lot easier once you hit platinum+ until you reach a skillcap, Riot really should address this issue.
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: The story of either an angry rioter or a very unlucky and coincidental tribunal failure
There are a lot of people being punished over nothing (myself included), Riot simply doesn't care - they will keep enforcing their malfunctioning system because they would lose to much face if they went out and said that the system indeed is a failure. I'm chat-restricted at the moment for only saying: "gj", "Let's do drake", "enemy jungler @ <insert buff>" etc.
: Chat restricted while I only say "gj", "drake" etc. ?
Right, I've no idea why people are down-voting (white knight much?). It's pretty absurd that people are getting "punished", but they're not notified for what, nor is any proof presented when you ask for it (no matter where), where's Riot's communication? What happened to Lyte? Like I stated, the only things I've said in the last x games I played were all objective based and complimenting plays that went well. I imagine the game falling down in popularity if this continues, seeing how more than half the people on my friend-list are complaining about the chat-restriction system, and the others being amazed that they haven't been restricted yet.
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Yourself013 (EUNE)
: Yeah this is really important isn´t it? Riot shouldn´t start working on real things like afkers? Let´s make a zac skin!! Jesus....
> [{quoted}](name=Yourself013,realm=EUNE,application-id=WRrW6N5X,discussion-id=pVR7NaZX,comment-id=0008,timestamp=2015-05-18T17:34:32.779+0000) > > Yeah this is really important isn´t it? > > Riot shouldn´t start working on real things like afkers? Let´s make a zac skin!! > > Jesus.... Riot has already mentioned plenty of times that they use different people for skins, making a Zac skin won't affect the team that works on afk'ers / drophacks / scripts / new champions / etc. Also, Riot has been beating around the bush long enough, there is no reason to not give Zac a real skin, they've had 781 days and counting now, to think up of something, and apparently they have failed. There are enough people who enjoy Zac (even Pro-players have been mentioned multiple times when it comes to him, in competitive play), but the champion is more forgotten than anything else in the game (even Urgot and Olaf have seen more love than Zac), which is obviously a big factor in to why nobody knows he even exists.
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Xinotine (EUW)
: But but, she gets an awesome damage buffer, and now she has a form of sustain for her carry too.
> [{quoted}](name=Xinotine,realm=EUW,application-id=WRrW6N5X,discussion-id=IPbbbJlR,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2015-05-13T15:05:55.066+0000) > > But but, she gets an awesome damage buffer, and now she has a form of sustain for her carry too. Her RW Already healed her carry, these changes are a straight up nerf to her damage (simply removed on RW and RE), and her all-in versus strong burst champions (which is where you picked Karma into) has been removed by her new W. I wouldn't mind them changing the E, but they should leave her W alone if they want to keep Solo-Lane Karma playable.
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FafliX (EUW)
: My thoughts about the PBE Karma Changes
Extremely constructive post, gets down-voted, God do I hate these Reddit-wanna-be-boards. Have my upvote, leave Karma alone, she did nothing wrong and is in a better spot than the majority of the champions.
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: hm, she is just a tad bit stronger but does it really make a big difference?
Her W change is massive for her solo-laning, removing how the heal works and the bonus damage. Her Mantra W was basically the reason she was able to lane against things like Yasuo, Tryndamere, Zed etc. since they would have a hard time killing you. Her E buff is just going to be straight up annoying to deal with (more so than it already is), and again a nerf to her damage since it was totally removed from her Mantra. A lot of unneeded and unasked for changes on a champion that's more healthy for the game than the majority ever will be.
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SkaiBlade (EUW)
: [Suggestion] Lower cooldown on Mark if it kills an enemy
Yes, please make Katarina and the likes even more easy to play, this is exactly what the game needs!
KhamLP (EUW)
: League of Legends Parody - Diamond Lucian versus Bronze
Why is Lucian wearing a cop uniform?...
: Season 5. Did people get butthurt over the resolution of GoT season 4?
There has been an increase in Toxicity, I personally believe this is thanks to Riot putting more and more emphasis on the fact that people are toxic, instead of addressing the issue. The new system (chat-rank restrictions) just make things worse. On the old forums there have been plenty of reports of massive waves of restrictions going out, hitting people that weren't actually toxic (me included), the new system counts reports, and doesn't actually look at the context, the problem is once you get in a stage where you have so many reports, you will be deemed toxic by the system and queued with people of similar standing. This means that the more you play, the more reports you will get (seeing how honors are rarely given, because what's the point? and reporting someone is so easy, even if it's a matter of personal opinion). Another issue is that toxic behaviour is being spoonfed by Riot into the community, you can't give constructive feedback to your team like: "Why would you check the enemy jungle without vision?", any form of feedback aside from heavenly praise is deemed toxic, which isn't necessarily true. Season 5 also nerfed solo-carrying hard, and you are now more than ever heavily dependant on your team-mates, meaning if you are not on the same-line of thought or skill, the game becomes EXTREMELY more frustrating than any season before, and now the games are more often decided by which side has The Worst player, instead of The Best - this is a good change for E-sports, but for your average John this just adds another layer of frustration. We've also had another Meta-shift, tanks are back, people need to re-adjust to the new meta (sure you can play non-meta things, but face it, all the non-meta things in season 4 are basically now meta), some people won't like the new meta or just be slow in adjusting, adding another layer of possible irritation. I'm not even going to mention the damage caused by chat restrictions in-game, since opinions on this differ a lot from what I've gathered, however, in a game where pings are not enough to fully communicate your intentions to your team, in a season where team-play is more important that ever before, I can assure you, not being able to type a simple message ("All-in at 6", "Mid no Flash") is massive. I'm simply putting the blame on Riot, League is the most toxic community I've ever seen, in any online game ever. You can't blame this on the community alone, there is something fundamentally wrong with how Riot behaves towards toxic behaviour and their ways of dealing with it - simply put: You are expected to be playing in a toxic environment, because Riot has been enforcing toxicity instead of combating it.
: Why is Zed such a popular ban?
I love it how people keep pretending Zhonyas counters Zed. xPeke Kassadin 6 - 0 in season 4 worlds vs a Zed, xPeke had Zhonyas and Exhaust, got rekt extremely hard by the 0 - X Zed in a 1v1 - He didn't get outplayed, just simply destroyed. It has been posted (on the old forums) numerous times by Challenger / Master Zed mains, that Zhonyas does not counter Deathmark, since Deathmark has a 0,5second longer duration, and if you've mastered Zed you can make use of this gap to kill your opponent. Also the cool-down on Exhaust / Zhonyas / QSS is too long compared to Zed's ultimate, especially on the later levels. Not to mention the common misconception that Zed "needs his ultimate" to kill a target, while in reality this is not true, Zed can easily cheese a level 2 kill, or kill people later on without his ultimate, which a lot of the 1 v X "Zed outplays" show (Redmercy was it? is quite famous for those). Zed, Katarina (Nidalee & arguable, Malzahar) are all champions that should get reworked, or simply nerfed, their reward is too high, and they are able to be too oppressive.
Bubi a Cica (EUNE)
: Bard feedback
I think the current problem at the moment with bard is that he lacks in everything except utility (which you get at level 6, to be worthwhile). His biggest issue being a combination of lacking defensive stats & having high wind-up times on his passive and his shrines. He has 1 damage spell, his Q, which is kinda slow and short-ranged, meaning you need to be pretty up-close allowing the enemy ADC and Support to always out-trade you, at any given situation (goodluck playing against Thresh with his E passive). Aside from that, your auto-attacks are only worthwhile while you have meeps, and like you mentioned, the respawn/cool-down on them is way too high to be considered something you can rely on (another way to view this is that you're going to be collecting chimes throughout the game, yet you can only see the benefit of them with a gap of 11 seconds, so in an ideal situation you're landing 5 empowered auto attacks a minute which seems very underwhelming for something that is core to his gameplay & identity). That said, for a champion that is not tanky in anyway (unless you build him like that, which will require you having 2 - 3 items), I do believe Bard is lacking. Your Health shrines do give some sustain, once again, something that grants utility (movement speed buff + heal), however the wind-up time of 10 seconds is pretty insane considering the mana-cost and the bad scaling. This is slightly negated by the fact that you can have 3 up at any given time, but the cool-down is too high on them without any form of serious CDR, and by the time you have enough CDR it usually won't matter anymore (since you won't be in lane anymore and the wind-up time is as mentioned, just too long). The true strength of Bard is his E and R, I love his E, I think it's one of the best designed abilities in the game, his R is game changing if you manage to land it properly (landing it in a way that the whole enemy team aside from 1 or maybe 2 members get hit, so your team has a gap to 5 v 1 / 2 is pretty retarded - but people can jump/flash out of it easily, so it's quite hard to pull it off, but extremely rewarding. Not to mention the troll-factor is hilarious).
: Another Fizz nerf coming 5.6
I like how the main problem of Fizz was un-touched, his E.
Mimr (EUW)
: LeBlanc walks into a bar...
Kassadin, Diana, Lissandra, Annie, Galio, Swain, Zed, Riven, Ryze are all good picks against LeBlanc.
: I can't see multiple spell animations properly.
HdtvTh (EUNE)
: Riven is not OP, let me explain why
"First of all she is the hardest champ in the game to play correctly," Stopped reading there, down-voted.
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: Need an explanation for revive's removal
Revive Teleport Karthus was too strong. Riot nerfed PhantomL0rd
Solash (EUW)
: 'Did you know' tip that needs to happen
New quality of life change, the moment you buy sightstone the game will automatically change your trinket to sweeper if you have the yellow trinket.
: Riot, why are you trying to get rid of the junglers ?:(
Let's see.. They changed jungle so that tank / utility junglers were better off - NOPE! They wanted more jungle diversity by adding new jungle items and introducing a new camp - NOPE!. The most stupid thing has to be the counter-jungle item, they increased the respawn of the jungle camps so that even if you manage to counter jungle (to get a little bit of extra gold which is nowhere near worth the risk or wards needed to do this safely), the item is useless more than half the time because mobs barely respawn. The tank enchantment is a total joke compared to the other upgrades. Ganking has never been more beneficial if you manage to pull it off - you hit level 2 faster than your laners, if you gank now, you'll be level 6 by the time the laners are 6, if you continue farming you'll be level 4 when the laners are level 6, thanks to the reduced exp in jungle. This means that junglers with insane power-spikes at the lower level (Hello Lee Sin & Jarvan) can decide games on their own more than ever. And now that drake is so important with it's buffs, this even impacts late-game, meaning that the 'fall-off late-game' doesn't nearly matter as much as before. The only positive thing the new jungle offers is the buffs you get from smiting.
Cosantoir (EUW)
: Yes. actually galio is secretly OP! Shhh!
> [{quoted}](name=Riot Cosantoir,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=sAd5cAWK,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-02-24T21:52:36.053+0000) > > Yes. actually galio is secretly OP! Shhh! You killed GD! MURDERER!
: What are your thoughts on the new champion?
Judging by his kit I think he'll see play in LCS, but Bard won't be a good solo-Q champion. Reasoning: He has no damage / his kit seems hard to play compared to Thresh / Leona / Braum. His Passive will either be over-powered for roams or really underwhelming, roaming being amazing in LCS, not so good in SoloQ where your ADCs are usual cry-babies that need their baby-sitter 24/7 . His Q seems like a really powerful ability, however, I can't see an ability that has the potential to stun 2 targets dealing a lot of damage (unlike Thresh' E / Leona's Passive / Braum's Passive or simply Annie / Zyra). His W doesn't seem that special, just a gimmicky heal that Sona / Soraka / Nami all do better. His E is very interesting, I can see people creating paths through the giant rock near the tri-bush at bot-lane, or if you're blue-side it can aide in Dragon control, but again, this is more something for the people in LCS, for solo-Q your standard Thresh Lantern does it all. His R is something which can be abused hard by the pro's, timing it / setting up plays, I can't see people having enough coordination in SoloQ to make proper use of this, aside from trolling each other or using it to de-activate a tower for a dive, I'll take Thresh / Janna ult over this any time. We also don't know if it works on Baron or not.
: Why another botlaner?
You're forgetting that bot-lane fills in for 40% of your team in the common meta. So obviously, seeing how there is twice as much people playing bot-lane in your team than any other role, there are going to be more bot-lane champions. Riot has done a great job on champion diversity the last year, you have nothing to complain about.

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