Conσr (EUW)
: Man, i guess Diamond+ players just got lucky *kappa*
Most of them duo. If you look at successful streamers very few get ahead without a duo partner.
: League of broken mess!
I play mid. I go either even or ahead every time I play {{champion:55}}. But every second match it's the bot lane feeding it's ass off, and the jungler being so braindead he insists on ganking the losing bot lane while completely ignoring mid and top. If these guys could get power out of the bot lane, and get junglers out of bot like they've paid a protitute to visit them there, the game would be far more balanced. I play top, I play mid, and unless you've got a jungler who knows to not gank a losing lane, a losing bot is gg right then and there.
Sephiro (EUNE)
: My 8 previous games!And a post for supporting the players who are claming that matchmaking is broken
In my games, in my last three games, the jungler fed my laner than cried about how I couldn't win lane. Last match I had this Diana who wouldn't contest objectives, wouldn't gank, but kept invading and fed my laner two kills. My laner brand returns with mro mana and pokes me out, then my jungler starts ranting about how I couldn't win lane. Go figure. I get junglers who just don't know what their role is. They feed their asses off and even when I try to roam I see the other lanes losing. The game is clearly not matching players of equal skill. Especially the jungler difference is so huge in all my games they're better off removing jungle entirely.
: That quote is taken out of context as it was refered to the real life system ;) And Riot does not keep taking money unless you want to spend money for the game. I for have not spent any money and most likely will not spend any. I think the punishment system (when players actually get punished) works quite well. I do however think the system should be reworked to not let that many people slip away because of word filtering.
You must be the type of idiot who trolls games and then cries when people flame you, instead of muting them and moving on. I don't see any other reason to justify shit like this when Riot's moderation system is a complete joke, and works towards punishing only one group of players - flamers. At which, it's again buggy. It doesn't get a single thing right. Just stop sucking up to this company and admit to the fact that the moderation system can be scrapped aside and it wouldn't even be difficult for a smaller company to come up with something more efficient.
Alpa18 (EUW)
: There is zero reason to ever permaban people here aside from riot knowing fully well people are gonna make new accounts and spend more money on those. they ENCOURAGE you to create new accounts.
And then people wonder why the player count isn't dropping. This is a 200iq statement.
: Permabanned players - Second chances.
This thread is as %%%% all as it gets. Especially considering people get banned for simple shit like flaming while the ones who actually impact the game in a negative fashion never really receive repercussions. For example this account of mine received punishment today for losing my cool over this bastard - If this was the real life he would have been gunned down on the streets for that attitude. It's because Riot only caters to wimps who can't handle 'flame', shit like these walk free. At this point they should just remove the mute button considering none of these wimps can actually use it and are offended over mere 'flame' while trolling and running it down is acceptable in 9/10 cases.


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