: Which mid lane to get?
{{champion:112}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:268}}
Drakaria (EUNE)
: Safest champion picks
Alistar support is pretty safe, at lv 18 you have the highest base hp. Your ult makes it almost impossible to die. :) {{champion:12}}
Roudy (EUW)
: LF TOP ADC JUNGLE for Casual Ranked Team Today
Hi, I am 15 years old. My main role is jungle. My mains are: Nidalee, Rengar, Rek'sai and Nocturne. I also love playing Nunu. My rank is silver 4.
Roundar (EUW)
: How high were you when you thought of this? P.S: Nice idea.
Hahaha, we were just very hungry :P {{item:2054}}
: What about Customer Azir? "The order has been given!"
Thanks for the feedback! Also sounds like a very good idea, my friend (_SA Entorio_) and I will think about this.
rAafu4 (EUNE)
: I think that scooter animation would work much better at recalling. Instead of that her ult should have some additional sound like clock ticking and her pizza box would turn red and smoke would come out of it.
Thank you for your feedback, thats a great idea!
Kjelldor (EUW)
: I use four fingers, what else?
I put my finger on QWE, and my pinky on tab. If I need to use E and R at the same time I press them both at the same time. :)
HomerJ20 (EUW)
: as far as i know, fate reports (assuming you did nothing negative) generally are dropped off, so in theory i guess it won't affect your chances to be a tester on pbe.
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: Hey man! Sounds like a cool idea, I have some feedback though. Regarding the Sivir aa, Q and W, I think the pizza coming out of the box would be a really clunky animation. It wouldn't go well with the attack windup speed. I suggest just throwing pizzaboxes, would be awesome too, since a pizza deliverer gives you the pizza in the box, not just the pizza. Regarding her ult, it has REALLY fast casting time, gaining the movement speed almost instant after she activates it, I think getting on a scooter in this small duration is a bit difficult for the animation. Regarding Yorick, another cool idea. 1 small thing though: I think the ghouls would be difficult to tell apart, giving only their weapons are different. There should be a colour difference or any other major difference to make it clear. Again, thanks for sharing this great idea and let me know what you think of my suggestions!
Thank you for your feedback! The things you said about Sivir sounds better then our plan, so yeah only the pizza boxes would be a better idea. And about the scooter, I hope it is possible. Your Yorick idea is something we didnt even think of, so really big thanks about the color tip!
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