Gravless (EUW)
: Yorick Used to Be Meta?XD Cant See That Happening At All.
He is getting a rework this year, and if it is as broken as the rework Taric just got, i will be the happiest man alive. #YoricksComeback
: Silver/gold team recruiting new members
Age: 24 Country: Netherlands Main Role: Support Rank: Gold 5 How many champions you have: All Anything else you like to say: Started playing late season 1 , used to main TOP Yorick, but stopped playing him since he is out of meta, and has a weak kit at the moment. I know how to counterpick ( giving good advice in champ select ). I know how to play all the champs and what their abilities do, so i know what to call in every situation. Long story short i will be very usefull to the team.
: In my opinion the real version is that they wanted a way to lower the toxic behaviour + adding a gambling option in the game which can be bought with RP because people love RNG. It would be too much if you could open every chest you get without spending money. This is a good calculated way to get casual gamers to invest in RP. Hardcore gamers which play everyday with friend will mostly get enough keys per month for free. The trick in this system is that the casuals which are the most of the community need to buy RP and get keys so they can open all chests. Btw your 25 % content is not true because you can get chests for others that grouped up with you and played a champ you didnt get a S yet. For a company this system is a $ machine which also gets people in a little need to invite friends and group up with them to get all keys. It's a brilliant snowball which gets new people in the Community. I would say Riot did everything right on there side and if people are going to cry about that they only get 50 % keys of there 100 % chests then i would say: be thankfull for stuff you get free.
I agree it is very nice to get free stuff, all i am refusing to agree with is the fact that there is no logic behind getting 4 chests per month and being lucky opening at least one of those every month. Besides this might not even be a skin because you can get champion shards aswell, and i have them all so yay me -.-
Nrwoope (EUNE)
: Guys ,Guys. Is it free? Yes. Isn't Hextech Crafting what everyone wanted up until now that they want SoloQ? Isn't it free stuff you asked for? They give them to you and now you don't like it? ehh, don't use the system then? lol?
If you get 4 free chests per month, what the hell is the point of getting those if you cant open them. getting 12 key fragments per month seems fair to me, otherwise getting 4 free chests makes no sense. Yes i'm greedy, cuz i cant afford to buy RP lately, but this doesn,t take away the fact that there is no logical explanation of not getting the amount of fragments you require to open the 4 free chests you get monthly, which me myself can get easily by playing the way i do.
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: Hey Haunted Grandma, Could you share some details with me regarding this issue? I'm trying to find out what's up with it ^^ * What is your video card drivers? * What is your antivirus program? * What version of windows are you using? * Any other specific/common software you're using that you know had an update today? * What's your ISP?
Problem fixed. All it took was some time i guess.
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: How do you come to the conclusion that he is evil? I just get the impression that he is so strong that the whole strive for power going on in Runeterra simply leaves him unimpressed. Just because an elephant can crush an ant at any time given doesn´t mean he is evil.
Perhaps you should pay a little more attention to the music aswell. He is giving examples of planets and galaxies right? 1. Some fall to their knees, and worship. ( sounds quite peacefull ) 2. Others hide behind walls and towers ( his voice sounds like he is about to laugh and the music starts to go darker ) 3. But the thing they do best, is beg for mercy ( sound familiar to War of the worlds, and why would he say _But the thing they do best_ when he would be peacefull. 4. An elephant does'nt _look_ evil either... 5. What good-willing creature would crush a planet? Unimpressed at your observation-skills.
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Riot tmx (EUNE)
: Important: We're introducing scheduled maintenance windows
I love how you guys are ( introducing ) scheduled time windows, but when it comes to actually login in after, you guys always seem to have the problem of forgetting something, cuz every single time there has to be a delay. You guys promised to be down from 0500 to 0900. Dont tell me i'm not right, when i say that this has happened many times before you start maintenance, give us a time to log back on but most of the time you just add another half hour/hour to wait on the excuse of ( were aware that people are experiencing problems ) So what might be a nice thing to add to the window is actually telling people there might be problem which may cause delay. TheOmenHimself. {{champion:83}}
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Dromaius (EUW)
: Hi guys, This is something we're aware of and we're currently looking into what's causing it. While we're not sure how many of you guys are affected, we haven't taken any platform wide mitigation, so I'd recommend staying away from Ranked if you're having this issue. If you keep having this issue repeatedly, would you mind posting here what actions you've taken prior to having the freeze? Thanks!
i found out it happens after you click any champion, some already get it after accepting.
Tabinho (EUW)
: Champ Select Bug!
same issue just posted it
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M4nhunt66 (EUNE)
: So, the Harrowing is coming soon, tell me what sp00ky skins would you like to see.
1. Grim Reaper Yorick 2. Queen of Crows Anivia 3. Executioner Darius/Sion ( bloody axe/cant see his face, kinda like nightmare tryndamere) 4. Zombie Trundle ( pillar of filth looks like a gravestone, hands coming out causing it to slow) 5. Underworld Mordekaiser. (greenish glow around him/when his Q lands the third hit you hear souls scream) 6. Haunted Lissandra ( graveyard style. whenever she ults herself or an enemy you see a gravestone. 7. Reaper Kayle 8. Soulstealer Evelynn 9. Pumpkinhead Amumu 10. Headless Orianna ( body without a head and her orb could be a flaming pumkinhead
Primo88 (EUNE)
: Teemo and Shaco are usefull without jax and shrooms.Learn to play and stop crying
i have been here prolly way longer then you have. I dont have to learn anything, and i am not crying . Taking away a shroom when it's part of the champion is so unfair. You know it is and probably hate stealth champs yourself
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: Unfortunately you can't change your mind once you've bound to an ally.
then why is the item in the shop anyways... i love how Riotmakes a shitton of money out of their community yet has so many flaws.
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: Bard is balanced, and Ekko gets rekt by 1 hard CC. L2P
Funny how you assume i don't know how to play not knowing me. Get lost.
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Elgaard08 (EUW)
: I totally agree, you are silver and can't climb because your teammates are unskilled .
what do you mean by this? is this sarcasm towards me being silver , because i've been playing since the ending of season one, got all champs, almost got all runes ( dont need the rest since i dont think those are any usefull) 20 runepages , i know how to play all champs. If you think it is my fault aswell you are ignorant.
VeganThresh (EUNE)
: Why should i get demoted because of an AFK?
I think bringing bots into the one going AFK isn't even a bad idea! they should be put on Intermediate For sure or based on Division.
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