xStyrosx (EUNE)
: character can't move
Dont bother sending ticket, they can't help. They were trying to help me for like 10 days each time with new ideas, but its all for nothing. 9 Years of LoL and servers still dont work properly. Well played rito
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: Ahri becomes Ahr, and Ahr becomes a guy name. Here, gave you some hints.
Just explain me the full joke now im even more confused
: What do you call a...
Someone explain please
MrManiaV (EUW)
: im iron IV and i got paired with gold and silver and they flame me .... any explications ?
Yeah, my friend is a Platinum 2 player, he got matched with Iron 3 player, i swear.. Rito is just a joke.
Darth Sero (EUNE)
: 2019 Ranked Season FAQ
I just have 1 question... How can Iron 3 player get matched with Platinum 2 division in Ranked?
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: I want ADC advice for Learning as a new Support Main.
Well every ADC is different in their own way. Some of them like to play agressive in lane, even though they take some champion that will always get outtraded early then will still play agressive because thats how they learn to play. Iam adc for 4 years already, all i can tell you is on Lane phase, It all depens on support. They are the ones who carry early so ADC's can carry late. If your ADC engages and you are miles away they are just bad, they shouldnt ever engage alone. Sometimes ADC wont follow your "All In" because they think its a bad idea, and sometimes it is, so you can't blame them always for not following. For example, if you are Thresh / Vayne vs Lucian / whatever - at level 6 there is no way Vayne can outdamage and kill Lucian even if you hit all hooks and spells it just wont happen. Only situation you will kill him is if he is alone, or if you are so much ahead. Point is, some champions can't even trade early and you as a support main should know champions who can fight and champions who can't fight early. You should know that for example Lucian is always strong, at level 1 and lvl 18. He just can always burts your adc and kite you away. You have to learn to play passive sometimes. You also have to learn that if your jungler helped you twice and your Vayne is 2-0 she still can't touch Lucian early. Maybe at 6, if you hit all your hooks , etc. Best thing to do right now, is to merge with a friend and play something broken on lane. If you do a small mistake, friend will say back off and you won't die, but random ADC might just follow your all in even though its a bad idea. You mentioned you like Rakan. Try to abuse Xayah / Rakan they are still the best bot lane in the game. Unfortinently people take Karthus / Swain / Heimer bot lane which really counters almost every other ADC, so I reccomend to stick with your X/R .
Yes Kindred is an adc, she just works better in jungle then lane thats all.
MądWife (EUW)
: Thanks mate
Just to tell you, if you send them a messege that it doesnt work you will wait atleast a day for response and they will just answer "Take screenshots so we know you did everything right". So my advice is, take screenshots right now on Twitch and that you linked accounts and send them screenshots right away so you dont wait 2 days :D
MądWife (EUW)
: Twitch Prime + Loot
Hey, I belive if you dont get it instant (which you should) you will have to wait 24 hours max. There were huge bugs about prime loot, no one could ever linked account. I eventually send a ticket to support and they told me to take a screenshot that i did everything right and they added the loot on my account . Anyway good luck on your loot i got Brolaf{{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
Benshirro (EUW)
: add me and if I am online I would love to play a game together. :)
Its ben a month, but yes i added you :P hope to see you soon !
: matcmaking <3
Hahahahah those ignites,,, iam crying XDDD
Firepork (EUW)
: I am new learning every day! I found it so hard the 1st week I keep reading in-between games, if you fancy another new player to level with then my in game name is Lowkes
: You should have started by reading the term of use: https://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/legal/termsofuse you would know that sharing your account is forbidden.
I already do know that. I just wanted to play with someone together who has a better experience at this game then me, I never wanted to share my account
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