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Lari (EUNE)
: Blaming jg
M U T E B U T T O N. Now seriously, stop caring about what anyone says about you inside and outside the game. It makes you a better person, really.
Nomel (EUW)
Are you high elo? Maybe because im silver/gold and there is much more people i dont get autofilled as much. Ah and another thing, if you are for example main top and your offrole is support/jungle/adc you will ALWAYS get the offrole. This happened to me a lot when transitioning from jungle to top/mid.
: Idea for a Irelia nerf.
Idea: remove on hit effects on q so broken trinity is not viable on her.
: Player behavior in general.
There is a mute button for that, that is not a problem. Read the post i just made, thats a real problem mate.
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: FPS Problem: An everlasting story and becomes worse with nearly every Patch, when does Riot react?
Wowo getting pissed about having 120 fps. You can play with 60 or a bit more perfectly, the game goes fluid, its the same experience. Ive even played with 30 whitout toomany problems. I thought this post was about that when you die in the game, it freezes by a second.
BereInBurta (EUNE)
: Worth dodge?
I think the owner of the guide you pasted means your ranked winrate, not your winrate in the lobby. This makes sense because he also mentions that the more you lose, the more lp you lose, and viceversa. If you feel like winning a lot(winning 8 out of 10 games), dont dodge, youre doing fine and its not worth dodging. If on the other side, youre losing a lot (winning 3 out of 8 matches), you really should consider dodging games that are clearly lost from the beggining. Khou3azrine below writed the conditions in which you should dodge, but i disagree in the "meta picks". Unless youre in diamond, individual champions arent played at their optimal, this is why skilled champs have bad winrates in low elo. Ill repaste the important part. Remember that a loss negates a win in this scenario,if you win 9/10 you would not gain 18LP per game (90%), you would gain 16LP(80%). So you should dodge less if you are gaining more LP than you are losing, Assume +25LP and -15LP : 4wins = 100LP 6losses= -90LP Total: 10LP ( 10games) =+1LP per. You are still gaining LP even with a 40% winrate, and thus you should not dodge yet. You should dodge more if you are losing more LP than you are gaining, Assume +15LP and -25LP: 4wins= 60LP 4losses= -150LP Total: -90LP ( 10games ) -> -9LP per. You will lose -11LP at 35%, you should use your second dodge for -10LP at 35%winrate. hope it helps you bro{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: "I'd rather have a toxic teammate than a bad one"
I prefer having a player that dont flame and its 0-5 than a cocky 10-8 yasuo. It sounds cruel, but you can manipulate the feeder thats nice, because theyll usually follow your advice. In the other hand, the dude can be making tons of gold and kills, but just for himself, and often just roams around killing people instead of doing crucial objectives. Eventually, the other team will kill him 2 or 3 times(450 team gold), and eventually catch up and winning you. The nice player will follow your calls and if you have good macro you cant win. And please dont tell me "but youre just a silver, you cant be talking about macro". Anyone can know macro, its just decision making and good game sense. My problem its horrendous mechanics.
: Worth playing ranked right now?
Aside from the people that you mention, youre also gonna get paired with people that doesnt take the game serious at all, afkers, and trolls, the typical. But also, i encountered people who says "im just doing it for the missions" and they try, but its obvious theyre not playing serious. Ah, and never forget the boosters and smurfs. Its very common in new season start. Its a jackpot, they could be on your team or the enemy, youre not relaying on your skill so i would wait 1 month or so on to play ranks


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