: Accepting a match
Same here. EDIT::: Now I got 15 minute dodge penalty because of this. Thanks a lot. Might as well play DotA 2.
ViaYan (EUNE)
: Permanently Banned For unsportsmanlike behavior in an autofilled game? Chat Logs Inside.
: Are there some people who just can't get better at this game?
Same, expect it's like this with all my hobbies. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
: I would like to see bans in urf instead
Guess it'd be worth the try, now that they're doing it to ARAM as well. Personally I don't like URF at all, so not that it'd matter to me that much.
Fanta7up (EUNE)
: Aram is perfect as it is
I'm cool with the changes, but please don't bring bans to ARAM.
: We need a way to report players who abuse the pre-game lobby, because right now we have nothing. Personally I would add a system where if a player dodges a match, they get a notification asking them to state why they left the lobby. Options could include: 1. Queued up by accident 2. Had to leave due to personal issues 3. grieving teammates 4. Client bug Then if you chose the "grieving teammates" option, it would then ask you if you wanted to submit a report for it.
Zedazih (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Healerius Hiiri,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Tnry6UE5,comment-id=000000010000,timestamp=2019-03-14T23:38:26.600+0000) > > He's still able to kill, thanks to his passive only getting stronger the more armor you have. Only thing I kinda dislike his kit is how long the ult takes to channel (then again, it gives enough time to gather everyone around). He's better now and looks a fabulous. Reworked Taric would have no chance against, let's say Pyke. His old W dealt way more damage than his current passive ever will. And his old ult granted him extra ad and ap. https://leagueoflegends.fandom.com/wiki/Taric#North%20America Look at his old scalings, they are way better than the new one. I'm sad that he was one of the first to get a rework, showing how novice Riot really were when it came to reworking champions.
You don't pick Taric for 1v1 plays, you pick him for how well he can help his allies. His stun is more useful now, as you can hit multiple people with it. His ult is much more game changing. The heal is a lot stronger. His new W makes him able to stun people who are too far if you shield someone like Lee who can charge into enemy team.
: Bots in ARAM
Just add random CAPTHCA's to queues and it'd be a lot better.
Zedazih (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Wandering Mist,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Tnry6UE5,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-03-14T22:45:12.419+0000) > > You say Taric now is boring and you want to revert him back to how he was before the rework? Back when the most interesting thing you could do with his kit was a flash-stun on a single target? So the game is all about flashy moves you say? Aren't there enough champions out there? Not every single champion needs to have a flashy combo to make them interesting. Old Taric could easily kill a fed Zed, or anything ad (except maybe Vayne) by going full armor, shredding them with W, and then just keeping them within attack range, thanks to his passive. I mean, look at Aurelion Sol. That's a champion that would have been a fan-favorite among a lot of people, but he suffer the same thing Taric does. Their "flashy" plays is their strongest weakness, and it shows.
He's still able to kill, thanks to his passive only getting stronger the more armor you have. Only thing I kinda dislike his kit is how long the ult takes to channel (then again, it gives enough time to gather everyone around). He's better now and looks a fabulous.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Unable to connect to the server
Same. Restarted the whole pc and no change.
: cant log in
Terra (EUNE)
: when will you stop getting champion capsules?
I just used almost all of my BE for mystery ward skins on the last Essence Emporium.
Akorahil (EUW)
: What will you do with a guy thats a Darius Main Top? Put can play Riven and Yasuo decent as replacement. If this three Champions are banned he can't take anyone?
True that. Hmm. Then again, I think that if one does really main a position, they'd have more than 3 champions. I'm support main, and even if everyone would ban support champion, I'd probably still have something I could pick.
: Why do we always need to water down the foundation?
Batminus (EUW)
: Unfair matchmaking.
Yeah, something like level 3 so it isn't too harsh. And of course you can pick freely when you're autofilled.
Tarolock (EUNE)
: you can get a million mastery points on aram with a champ and still suck with it on summoners rift, so its pointless, the other thing is that you would not be able to pick a champ for your teammates if you dont have any mastery on a champ so why would they add something like this?
You don't get mastery points in ARAM.
: Corki's new skin is demonic
You mean that adult's cartoon with the dog with bunch of f*cked up stuff?
: trying to remeber an anime charater name help NOT TO DO WITH LEAGUE
Aoba Suzukaze (from New Game). Also, Nenecchi is the best girl.
: Good items vs Ashe?
{{item:3075}} {{item:3110}} {{item:3053}} {{item:3143}} {{item:3009}} Thornmail for passive which damages them back when they AA you. Frozen Hearth for aura which slows her attack speed. Sterak shields you, and the Fury give's you Tenacity, which lessens the slow. Randuin's reduces crit damage. The other passive is useless as you already get it from Frozen. Boots reduce the slow effect.
PhoPhoW (EUW)
: How many hours is it sane to play LEAGUE per day?
It's addiction when it starts to affect your daily life. When you start skipping work/school and forget to eat to play "just one more game" and don't have time to spend with your friends anymore, then you should get worried. Even six hours a day isn't a problem if you still have your life in order.
: Is tahm kench a weak support this patch?
If you're good with him, it's still a viable pick. Just make sure to ban Morgana, she can counter your passive stacks with ease.
: [Suggestion] Fix prestige skins
They know Ahri is a popular champ so she's easy to make money with. Does it make it any easier for you if I say that it's just a yellow chroma?
: Morgana wtf dance
Yeah the new dance is boring.
Chick163 (EUW)
: Low GPU and CPU usage (cpu 20% and gpu 15%) but im getting fps drops / low fps overall
Same with Ryzen 5 2600 (@3,4GHz) and GTX 1070 Ti. I asked this earlier and it seems that LoL isn't really optimized to run with high-tier computers and it can't really use all the power your rig has.
RedFairo (EUW)
: Support Items
I assumed it was just gonna be a hotfix that'll last a week at most but guess not. We need a fix to this. Maybe make the items only purchasable if you're assigned as a support? No abuse and you can get the old passive back. While we're at it, can we make a Relic Shield also work when there's not ally nearby. Sucks to be something like Leona when your carry is afk and now you can't get any gold 'cause you can't farm due to getting poked without any sustain.
Kamille W (EUW)
: How many mouses have you broke playing League?
I think I've broken (in last 5 years or so) about a year per mouse, them being these 5€ Chinese toys. One had the scroll break malfunction, it scrolled a bit up when I scrolled down, one I think just stopped clicking, one had thumb buttons fall off. Can't remember the rest. About a year ago, I think, might be a bit more, I bought a proper Corsair M65 and so far there hasn't been a single problem with it.
: New Morgana
Now she's just generic big tiddy goth gf with a slight twist of furry.
: Remove Sona from ARAM
Next we could delete Lux. Morgana too while we're at it. What about Ziggs? Veigar is unfun to play against too. Oh and I almost forgot Teemo... It doesn't work like that. It's random, so all chamos should be there. Some are more op than others, that's just how it is.
: Long waiting time for Normals?
I had that yesterday too. Normally my queues don't last longer than 10 seconds, yesterday I had to wait two minutes. As a supp/mid.
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Are you buying KDA Ahri Prestige Edition?
No. There are few reasons behind it. 1) the price is insane 2) it's just a recolor c) I don't care for KDA skins d) I don't own Ahri or aren't interested in playing her in near future
: if you could have any champion's ability, which would it be?
: shool
Trust me, it gets boring after a while.
Tarolock (EUNE)
: {{champion:90}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:240}} and there are a lot more
{{champion:120}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:164}} {{champion:131}}
Gentlemân (EUNE)
: so i got banned 14 days for saying the n word
/muteall at the beginning of the game: "gl & hf" after objective or succesfull fight: "gj" when the game ends: "gg wp"
Èclair (EUNE)
: I'm not so sure now seeing how Surrender at 20 only published chroma pictures for Corgi Corki and Kitty Rengar.
I think you're right, I was being half sarcastic.
Èclair (EUNE)
: I'm guessing Riot will be adding chromas for Meowrick and probably Rengar too. So not all is lost.
They'll all have chromas. All new skins have chromas.
ThernetHD (EUW)
: Lost a ranked game thanks to a "bug"
Not necessarily a bug, they might've just had a bad connection. One should always play one normal or bot game before ranked though just to test the internet.
Èclair (EUNE)
: 2019 April Fools Skins revealed
I think they're cool for April's Fools skins. They could tone down the pink from Meowrick though, it almost hurts my eyes.
: Hehe i am supp main so i never get autofilled into another role! :D
Queue up for supp/mid and you'll never play anything else than support.
: Who else gets so emotionally involved into this game they have to cry?
Yeah same. You can't imagine how bad 7 loss streak feels like.
Hexwater (EUNE)
: Blackthorn Morgana needs to be fixed!
I agree, I hate the green tint on her skin. The clothes are good colour though, making it too red doesn't make it that autumny. Also the branches on her skirt were much prettier on the version that's still in the game... I think I'm just gonna play with Blade Mistress from next week forward. Then again, the whole visual rework looks terrible on all skins because of her tail.
Ranga (EUW)
: No lp from ranked
: Where did my account go?
Are you sure you're logging in the right server?
: I got banned for this XDD
Maybe the fact that you kinda seemed to blame the jungler? Or the negative attitude? Saying "f*ck" is ok as long as you're not using it to hurt others.
: Subtitles for champions?
Sounds good but I doubt it would work in a game like this. The screen is already full of stuff that's actually important, if you spend time looking at the subtitles you're gonna miss something more important. Taric saying "gems are truly outrageous" isn't really any way critical information in the game, reading the subtitles for it is a waste of time so to speak.
Murdarici (EUNE)
: When I was a kid
People know it's fictional because it's just a cartoon. Cartoon violence with broken physics laws is fun to many people. Telling one to end their life isn't funny and it's incredibly rude, and most often unnecessary (one could argue "go k*ll youself" is ok sentence in ARAM when one pings they have 5k gold).
: Refusing to remake at minute 3 - has anyone else experienced this? (RANKED)
Yeah, happened a few times. Once I was already tilted enough so I left as well (I was supposed to solo supp a lane). Other time the afk came back at around 7 minute mark, can't remember how the game ended.
: Ranked minimum mastery points
Yeah, just last game I had Darius with 0 mastery. He gave easy three kills to toplaner and then proceeded to afk 15 minutes, only coming back to when they were already attacking the nexus. They should make it that at least lvl 2 mastery is required unless you're autofill.
: Late game Sona
No no no. {{item:3092}} {{item:3504}} {{item:3107}} {{item:3222}} {{item:3174}} Spam them auras.
0x57 (EUW)
: Linking account to Twitch prime doesn't work
Yeah it didn't work last time either. GJ Rito.
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