: New top/support seeks advice.
https://www.twitch.tv/trick2g https://www.youtube.com/user/Trick0850/videos Honestly, watch some Trick2G. Not feeding? Don't overextend without vision, predict situations to prevent them, LEARN your matchups, there are no real bad matchups if you know your char good enough. If you wanna learn to beat people, just fight them. if you die, adapt, learn and overcome.
DoubleV29 (EUNE)
: Hardstuck P5
Since I know nothing about what role you play or what champs, it's pretty rough to answer, BUT. Most low elo people have no idea what to do with leads, they get ahead and they just do nothing with it, when in fact, you can probably snowball very easy from a kill if you know what you're doing. Keep track of their jungler, and ping your other lanes when enemy jungler is top/bot side, that way they know, and they (hopefully) won't get killed in a gank. Wavemanagment is hard, you can hard push and roam and put pressure on other lanes and their jungler, that way you make the game easier for your other teammates, or let it push in and ask for ganks, so you can get ahead. Play Carry/snowbally champs, go for early/midgame, not lategame. Clearly theres a lack of skill as well, always work to improve, don't blame others, there's probably something you could've done to change the outcome of w/e situation. Tbh, if you're a one trick, and REALLY good at your champ, you could make it to high diamond without any type of real gameknowledge, just by snowballing and winning the game
: I guess...
You were right friend, shitstorm atm
: returning p1 player banned after one game of banter
That's rough mate. You could tone it down, but I personally don't think that's 14-day ban worthy banter/toxic behaviour. As already stated, if you've never been punished for toxic behaviour before, and this was your first time, you could always try to contact support and hope for some kind of help. Best wishes, H2R1
Shamose (EUW)
: Hextech Crafting needs a mass disenchant feature.
I've honestly been thinking about this for so long. Why isn't there a mass-disenchant button like in HS. It's a pain to DE them one by one. Move upvotes for this.
: Extension for World Tokens
Oteccc (EUW)
: login
WIthout and background or info, it's hard to say. Does your client open? What does it say when you try to login? Hard to help you without any kind of information :)
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: It sucks that I need to mute the chat because of all the flame when learning a new champion
Learning a champ in normals or ranked? In ranked I can understand their frustration if you go like 1/12 and you're like "Im learning a new champ". Not saying it's worth flaming over, but I could understand why ppl get sensitive about that. But if this is in normals, then its pathetic lol, thats what normals are there for imo.
Hi lm Zoe (EUNE)
: I got a chat restriction for this????
I guess calling for reports wasn't useless after all :^)
Hi lm Zoe (EUNE)
: Ranked is rigged

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