: Play summernors + infernals every game = challenger If you look at how challengers play, that's how every challenger's wins look like.
do you have any recommendations as to were i can watch these. i do watch scarra quiet often, if you have anyone else in mind feel free
Fast Enough (EUNE)
: So you are here to complain that you can't win?
i knew there was gonig to be someone like you who comments nothing lool i was legit waiting on someone like you lool
Nightless (EUW)
: Although for me this set is more fun and strategic than the previous one due to the introduction of the elemental hexes,i have to agree that you get stomped easier than set 1.And that is because in this set u can play a bunch of random lvl 2 champs with no synergy and still maintain a win streak over someone with early buffs from origins/classes.The reason is in this set the champs are individually stronger than those of set 1.You can literally play a decent comp and still lose to a random one with just random champs and items.This is very annoying.This leads to saving up to 50 interest not being worth and instead finding early lvl 2 pieces.Whoever gets a winstreak early like that will probably finish top 3
lool i couldn't write everything i wanted to at the time lool due to frustration. but i agree, great point the position of the elemental hexes kinda throws everything out of balance. id love to go warden mystic lights and do well with them but it never seems to work. to be honest i didnt really pick up on the whole individual champs doing better than a comp with synergies. i always look at the competition to see who is building what and who isnt. if your lucky enough to like you said to get 3 level 2s from the first round then your almost surely finishing top 3. im trying to learn and work my way around so i dont suck as much but thats easier said than done.
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Stunˆˆ (EUW)
: Season 9 really unenjoyable so far...
i have to agree with you season 9 is worst season so far. I haven't won a single ranked game, literally the only games I've won are the provisional. i only jungle and mid but i cant seem to figure out why im loosing all these games. seems like we back to if bot lane looses the game is lost theres nothing i feel like i can do i just get demotivated in trying because im literally just waiting for a game to finish. theres no chance of a comeback what so ever

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