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: Broken client
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: Assassins are EZ
There's way too much edit for me. Can't watch it entirely.
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Qyietus (EUW)
: Lag spikes going up to 3000 at moments...
Literally same. I've been experiencing huge and random lag spikes for more than one week, from 19ms (my usual ping) to 30 > 50 > 130 > 500 > 700 > 1K > 3K > 6K. There is no between. I have fiber optic and I've never gotten any issues with it. Yet, when I switch to my 4G, my ping is 40-50ms but it's kinda constant except today. I just can't play with those lags. And I consumed all of my data... {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: League bug making me lose LP
How many times I got that client freeze while I was in champ select ? How many times could I not ban, lock in or even trade ? This is insane.
Lunnarø (EUW)
: there are 2 quest that u unlock after ending the other ones , and its getting a or higher and s or higher
Does it not depend on your performance in the game, though? I don't see why the rank matters, that's why I'm asking.
Lunnarø (EUW)
: Looking for people plat+ for invassion getting the S quest
The rank has nothing to do with the game mode itself?
: How did you find your "Main" Champion?
I wanted to be good at the game and carry. I decided to main Ahri and midlane since then after bad experiences on other lanes.
Fathands (EUW)
: Why is there no decent players available for me?
Yesterday, I hopped into a game as it was my promo. I got Diana jungle, Shaco supp, Fiddle adc, Heimer top, and me... mid? I dodged, AKA a free loss for my promo and decided to play with a partner to get it done. Play during the day, it's much better tbh.
Rípley (EUW)
: Except it isn't. An autheticator is a stand-alone server where you send a signal to get a unique random number, which must be used ontop of your username and password. After verifying your authenticator you don't need to use it all the time, but if a login is attempted from a IP that is unknown to the system, it has to be used.
> [{quoted}](name=Rípley,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=T19NBw4M,comment-id=000300000001,timestamp=2017-08-30T13:27:22.584+0000) > > Except it isn't. An autheticator is a stand-alone server where you send a signal to get a unique random number, which must be used ontop of your username and password. > > After verifying your authenticator you don't need to use it all the time, but if a login is attempted from a IP that is unknown to the system, it has to be used. I do use mine all the time even though it's boring. But what I meant by using an anthenticator is that they would have evidence that someone is trying to log in to their account (maybe the location too) and could send this to the support to prove they're not guilty. Idk how it really works though because I use my authenticators everytime I log in.
Treycos (EUW)
: A username/passord is a kind of authenticator What are you talking about exactly ?
> [{quoted}](name=Treycos,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=T19NBw4M,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2017-08-30T12:33:42.331+0000) > > A username/passord is a kind of authenticator > > What are you talking about exactly ? I meant the secondary code you get sent to your phone/e-mail address when you log in to any game. Could work with League Friends. :)
: Permanent ban during absence
They should add an authenticator, like most companies do now. Problem solved.
Yesterday I got kicked out of my supposedly winning ranked... Reconnected, and the game didn't exist in the history, nor LP gain or loss.
: i got hacked :(
You have to throw all your friend away lul. What kind of friend would do this...
: LF duo Gold3+ pref a mid or toplaner
I don't think I match your criteria but I am a mid main, who's Gold 5 atm. Willing to climb. You can add me in game. :)
FrogBeat (EUW)
: Major fps drops
Hi, I have that too and it's really annoying when the FPS drop hits you while you're csing or even when you're getting ganked. The biggest one I had is when I got dived and killed people, my screen froze and my computer was not responding anymore because of the turret animation and the minions (in the middle of a ranked game, nice haha). I restarted my PC, updated my drivers after the game, turnt down some settings, and now, I have a lot fewer FPS drops but it still happens from times to times. Tbh I thought it was only me having this issue because of my graphic card...
xFrosten (EUW)
: GG easy? A truly disgusting way of ending a game
What I dislike too is when they say "Oh, I only got A-, not even a S for 0 death??". Like... You won, just shut up. **triggered**
: When remake doesn't work...
I hopped into a game today where two premade guys were AFK. They kept dc'ing/relogging the whole game. One of them relogged, talked and went AFK. Didn't even apologize. See, the remake didn't even work there because they both relogged before the 3 min mark. Yet, they were AFK the whole game. One of my teammates lost 26LP for a 3v5 game, I lost 19. We even got flamed at by the enemy team cause we couldn't do anything but mostly dying. How is that fair?
: ya thats sick also u got it on vid?
> [{quoted}](name=DeViLL No1,realm=EUW,application-id=jeJYsmwG,discussion-id=UARMIv6Z,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2016-11-04T12:53:41.106+0000) > > ya thats sick also u got it on vid? I had but deleted it :(.
DaWolfer (EUW)
: Team flaming me in ARAM for playing AP GP.
I got told to get cancer yesterday in a Doom Bots game because I got jungle monsters and Drakes.
: The most Stupid Death EVER!
Mine is when I played Ahri mid vs Yasuo. I survived a gank with low health. I ulted (3 dashes) to run away from the battleground until my T2 mid. During the first dash, I saw a minion that started to attack me, so I could die at anytime. So I dashed two more times as I thought I already got that minion aa but actually didn't... So I died at my T2 and gave a kill to Yasuo. Feelsbadman.
Deeze11 (EUNE)
: The matrix is everywhere, it is all around us ...
If I don't take the pill, I have the sleepy douches as well and I lose games. FeelsBadMan.
: Smurfs... Or whatever they call themselves.
Smurfs/eloboosters ruin my games and my promos because I always get them against me. Yet, you can tell me I've also smurfs/eloboosters in my team but it's so wrong. I either have bad people or average ones or eloboosted accounts with a lower league but same MMR as me that can't even manage to play decently.
: Turrets need clear buffs
I don't know if Azir's turret damage is related to his own damage and build but I think Nexus turrets damage should be as equal as Azir's turret damage. And a bit less for T3. You know like, on a scale to 10, T1 deals 1-3/10 damage (the more you destroy them, the more they deal damage), then T2 3-5/10, T3 5-7/10, Nexus turrets 7/10 (Nexus should really be protected, that's why the damage is increased).
Klordix (EUNE)
: LeBlanc and her overpowered early game
They are going to rework her. They're going to add a delay on her W not to let her dash immediately and they will spread her burst damage outcome on her other spells.
Buttcramp (EUNE)
: Apparently One bad match = you suck at the game in general.
And then, you catch up and finally carry them. Lolz.
Sayainji (EUW)
: Should riot Add these funny filters to GG EZ
"I'm wrestling with some insecurity issues in my life but thank you all for playing with me." This one is my favorite. So humiliating, I like it.
: Hi beliveYNWA, We're aware of some issues causing hextech crafting to crash and are looking into it. In the interim some players have reported disabling background programs, such as, has helped work around the issue temporarily - might be worth a shot closing anything you've got running in the background before launching LoL.
> [{quoted}](name=Riot Eambo,realm=EUW,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=XHEgAiAQ,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-08-15T09:19:22.119+0000) > > Hi beliveYNWA, > > We're aware of some issues causing hextech crafting to crash and are looking into it. In the interim some players have reported disabling background programs, such as, has helped work around the issue temporarily - might be worth a shot closing anything you've got running in the background before launching LoL. Hey Eambo, the same thing happens when I click on the Shop icon: the client crashes. Is it also related to ? Thanks.
ShadWooo (EUNE)
: Share the best ingame chat quotes
Today, I played a game as Ahri vs Zed mid. I rekt Zed, and that's a first time, cause I expect Zed mains to destroy me as Ahri and not the opposite. Post-game screen, Zed told me: "You played Ahri vs Zed, you have no balls". Or one I didn't expect at all and made me laugh, a long time ago: our ADC Lucian disconnected, then reconnected and told in the chat 'Surprise, I'm black!'".
Pántheon (EUW)
: You're trash
"So many noobs, will matchmaking ever find true balance ?". Maybe Riot should listen to Akali. :L
: For those who always complain about their A+ rating with their awesome KDA
I thought you were gonna say "Shut the fuck up because your enemy team, which means, mine, lost it and is unhappy about it. So be friendly and don't brag it because you won a 4v5 game." That's what I would say to people.
: Ranked feels wrong to play currently
Remember a game when I was Silver 1 with a Bronze 2 guy in my team. Now, and after several ranked games later, I got demoted from Gold 4 (hitting the promo for G3, myself) to Silver 4, yup, one division lower. How great. Same in Gold, I used to play vs Plat premade when we didn't have any premade in our team or when we were only Gold 3-Gold 5. Now I'm match made with Bronze guys who don't know the basics of the game. No rotation, no build adaptation, more focus on kills than objectives. Look, yesterday I was with a Bronze 3 guy as our ADC, he had like 90 CS at 20 min. And I was also matchmade as Ahri an Annie who had 70 CS AT 20 MIN!!!! The same CS as my jungler... She never got ganked by my jungler, she never roamed. Yet, she won cause my team focused on kills and chasing and farming... "Lol". Here you go struggling through hell. But I guess it won't change sooner or later.
Luceras (EUNE)
: Should i get Slayer Jinx
Tbh, if the discount was -50% or above, I would totally get the skin. But I think it's not worth getting a -20% RP skin and I would wait the sales or even the said skin in the Hextech chest even though I'd probably wait for ages for it ahah.
Mega Noob (EUNE)
: Thanks rito ! lol !
I opened the tab. Mostly got 520RP skins... because I already got the best ones ahah. Though I got Striker Lucian whereas I don't even play him but more Zyra and Sona... and nothing from them.
Vionicesca (EUNE)
: I know how you feel, it's like that most of the games, but sometimes, something like this happens. I shared the story exactly because it's so rare and special.
You're a lucky one then, buddy! :) Happy you got one.
Juusharou (EUW)
: Dynamic Queue suucks hard
I was Gold, now Silver 4. Besides the full-premade team and the ex-high-elo players smurfing, I've never seen so much toxicity and so much inability to carry a game. Bruh, why the ADC has only 30 cs at 20-min mark ? Why can you not kitting at Gold elo ? Why am I 1v4 mid when my teammates are on their lanes when they already had the turrets ? What about rotation ? Why do you keep jungling instead of pushing and getting this free turret ? Why do you not adapt your build ? Why do you go full AP/AD without any resist even though you are getting screwed up like a mess on your lane at 5-min mark ? Why do you keep chasing instead of focusing on objectives ? And the list goes on... Now I don't give a damn about the game. Well, why should I care since I got demoted from Gold III to Silver IV in less than a week ? I think people shouldn't care at all either. It only makes you worse in all ways. For now, we should accept the game the way it is until a next big change.
Vionicesca (EUNE)
: When a support hears this...
All I have when I carry hard a game by all means as support or jungler (like objectives when no one follows [close to die but still can manage to make it alone], or sacrificing items for tankiness because people only play full AD or AP to get the bigger damages output... and the list goes on) is... a "GGWP" to the most fed guy in my team (because apparently focusing on kills and ksing are more important than the game itself), even not a "thank you", not a "GG" at all. And when I said to them "I AM the one who carried your game even though you all went mad" is "yeah sure gg ty" as in "I'm gonna tell it so you can move on and shut up". You can't even know how it makes me sad and angry at the same time. #feelsbadman
: I can hoestly say current ranked is a huge pile of steaming crap.
The more you lose because of toxic people even though you try to do your best (sometimes, some games are uncarriable), the more your MMR will decrease until you're matchmade with lower-division/league players AKA the bigger will be the skill gap. You win, at some point, you'll be matchmade with bad players you need to carry to prove the system you didn't get carried and also to find a balance between your victories and your defeats. You're not even "rewarded" if you play well, you always have to prove something whereas on the contrary, it's so easy to lose and fall.
Goofrian (EUW)
: The League of Legends diet.
Even though it's a joke, it should be fun to try it out! But I would likely die before two weeks without any food ahah.
: Do not tell supports what to play
I think the worst that can happen is when firstly, you tag as support to find a game faster 'cause you're tired of waiting for 30 min for each game, and secondly, you really want to play an AP or squishy champ in order to have, at least, some fun since you put your game in carries' hands but your top and jungler pick squishy champs up like Yasuo top and Shaco jungle 'cause they don't even think about the synergy of the team twice... So you give up on the idea of playing that AP/squishy champ for a tanky one and when it's your turn to pick, everyone tells you what to play like "I play what I want but YOU, you have to play a champ in order to please me and I don't care if you don't even have fun 'cause I will". It happens a lot to me.
: Strong mentality: Why its important and how it will help you improve
I have a strong mindset and still can be upset about negativity of the players. Like everyone. I HATE being surrounded by negativity when there is no point in that, even in LoL. And when I tell people to focus, that we got this, that they should build this item to make it easier for them and for us (sometimes I don't), either they still build so wrong or you have that guy who goes "no it's over I give up our top sucks hard it's too late can't carry anymore". And I'm still here trying to cheer them up, and the targeted player is like "tf bitch u ruin too u noob u ain't worth this elo af" even at 5 min mark and they keep going saying "ye mate now u have flamed me I gotta lose this for u suck this shit hard". Out of 5 players, if 2 or 3 are already tilted and negative, it may favor the enemy team, even though you ask people to mute each other.
ashpickachu (EUNE)
: kill me
I got Corporate Mundo and Legacy skins which are no longer in the shop to buy. I deleted them all (not worthy imo, 750RP or 975RP without any particles, effects or edits). I kept CM though, because it's a 1820RP skin. But I'm waiting for a champ that I play.
G0d J0k3r (EUNE)
: New Dragons
Dunno man, there is the Dragon's symbol on the rift wall and the symbol on the minimap... You just have to watch.
: Zed is just a tiny little bit ridiculous...
If QSS does not remove his ult anymore, does Mikael remove it ?
Free Bird (EUNE)
: Disappointed with dynamic queue. Disappointed by the "reward" system.
Can we talk about the 4-guy-premade team also ? I just got trashtalked by a 4-guy-premade team in German 'cause apparently I'm the only one responsible for the loss when those guys never regrouped, neither focused on objectives but chased, went in 1v5 or dived. Btw, the bot won but yet couldn't carry. Two of them hard fed. And yet, I'm the only one who gets trashtalked at. I reported all of them but the enemy didn't care less. The supp told me "YOUR MOTHER IS A SMURF YOU STUPID SON OF A BITCH". Ah, look, my report is useless 'cause it won't affect their ban or whatever since I am alone to report them.
EPet (EUW)
: Watching your ADC grown up
Is there also a gif for "When your ADC goes through his existential crisis and can't handle the situation anymore by making bad decisions so he flames you for it" ?
Almighty (EUNE)
: URF is an EXTREMELY SERIOUS game mode!
I got flamed hard and trashtalked by a Plat premade (one of them was ex-Diamond and I'm Gold) as I haven't played for a whole month, in URF mode. So yeah, pretty serious as heck this mode. One of the reasons why I don't like URF. Fun mode turned into a ranked mode...
: Tera anyone? ^_^
I used to play TERA but I've switched to BnS. You can come with me if you wish. :D
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