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: That great feeling when you get...
Had such case yesterday, I decided not to supp one bronze player (literally) so he ended up with 0/12 because of 1v2 bot, he was just a bit toxic in game. After game I reported him for inting, flame & toxic. Minute or so after I had Instant Feedback Report that someone got punished, I added him, laughed in his face. He said that he got nothing, then he went to queue, ended the game and was banned, probably forever. I was the reason for his "feed" and he gets banned. Noice.
: Story Rich games you say? If you don't mind dated graphics and somewhat archaic gameplay I'd say the original Deus Ex fits the bill. Pretty much seminal title when it comes to conspiracy theory stories. Deus Ex is to games what Illuminatus! is to literature. It also offers amazing freedom when it comes to solving problems and choosing how to play. Modern prequels are ok, but lack the same atmosphere. In similar vein, if you can stand some technical inadequacies I'd say Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines is pretty good. Especially with fan patch applied. It actually has some pretty great support cast and does a lot of stuff Deus Ex did when it comes to wealth of ways to approach any given situation. Except near the end, when the combat becomes the only way forward (sad budget problems are sad). Closer to today I'd say Piillars of Eternity and Pillards of Eternity 2: Deadfire. Pretty nice throwback to great cRPG of old with wealth of tactical options and decent replayability. They are pretty well written as well, with some great backstories for companions and very decent dialogue. Then there are indie darlings. Undertale and One Shot. Both are relatively short and technically unimpressive, but both have a lot of heart. It may be me getting soft in my old age, but I teared up a little in one particularly traumatic moment while playing One Shot. Also, if you like strategies and money is not an issue, boy do I have one word for you. Paradox. Their grand strategies are as great as their DLC policy is confusing. And if you want full experience while getting into any of the long standing titles you'll need to drop lots of cash. If you are new to the genre I'd say start with Stellaris, since it is easiest to understand the basics of that one. But if you ain't scared of no "excel sheet with map screen" you can go straight for Europa Universalis IV. First 100 or so hours might be a bit discouraging by once you get into the swing of things it is one of most replayable games I know of.
I got Deus Ex Human Rev for free and I quite enjoyed it back then. I havent played the original to this date but I was thinking about Mankind Divided. Or I get both and play them whenever I have time. And I am definitely going for OneShot, as it takes about 6 hours to complete. Hopefully I aint going to break down because I am soft person :c. I might try Stellaris but Im not much into these heavy thinking strategies. I remember, and dont laugh now, I played Civ5 and it took me couple of months to learn that I can buy buildings and soldiers for gold ... I was there with like 2 warriors, 3rd making, waiting 20 turns for him, when I could buy him with one click. Oh silly me -_- .
PaladinNO (EUNE)
: What do you think of Dying Light? Without spoiling anything, do you like the game? Yeah, there always are those 2 camps, aren't there - some are the more tactical Unreal Tournament, and some are the more full-on Quake. :) But to the big one: For me, Crysis 2 had NOTHING of what made Crysis 1 so great: it is not even remotely as open-world as Crysis 1 - it was linear, it felt predictable even though I had not even seen the game before, the controls were clunky and clearly made for a console, and the whole game felt unnecessary scripted. Want me to go on? Okay: Crysis 2, and same goes for Crysis 3 here, has no quick-save feature. Crysis 2 is also very glitchy - on the bridge map towards the end, I just fell through the map and died. Twice. I also got stuck on the same map. And no console / developer mode to have some fun with after having completed the game - no deal-breaker, but still a real buzz-kill (Crysis 1 got a great array of console cheats and codes). _I made my own "Delta" difficulty for Crysis 1 / Crysis: Warhead, if you're interested. The original one was a little too boring, so I made it more challenging. TL;DR: you cannot use cloak nearly as much, and the enemies will actually kill you if you're not careful._ EDIT: Oh, and just a heads up on Half-Life 2 - Episode 2: Walk into that knowing HL3 WILL NOT happen. I can tell you why if you want, but I don't want to spoil anything unless given permission.
Naw dont spoil it. But from what I have seen in the last years on every social media about HL3, damn it must be juicy. Quake 3 Arena and Wolfenstein:RTCW/Enemy Territory have so high spot in my heart that UT will never reach :P About DL: its nice, especially graphics but for me its just Dead Island with parkour, nothing more. But not so dark and scary, so I kinda like it more :3. And actually I never had any problem with Crysis 2. I had it pirated when it first came out and this year I tried it on Origin with Origin Access and it worked well. Only in the end of Crysis 3, it was the hive heart or something, something bugged out and I couldnt end so I watched ending on YT. Otherwise I played the trilogy without problems.
PaladinNO (EUNE)
: I'm not sure if I should post here, as I got an [EVGA GTX 1080 FTW](, and mostly play games made no later than 2004, and exclusively singleplayer games. But here goes... Games given repeated re-runs: - Crysis 1 and 3 (do yourself a favour and skip the 2nd) - Doom 3 (and 4 - had to, as I bought a GTX 1080...) - Far Cry - Half-Life 1 / 2, plus expansions - Portal / Portal 2 - SpellForce (the first trilogy - great story and gameplay) If bored: - 1nsane (car game - playing with custom cars and maps) - Duke Nukem 3D HD (eDuke32 - great fun right up until a Duke-bot gets in your face just as you fire the RPG...) - Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon - Need for Speed 3: Hot Pursuit with custom cars - Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge HD mod - StarCraft 2: Mass Recall (will play this more as soon as I get a working zoom hack, as the camera distance is horrible!) - Unreal Tournament 1999 - Worms Armageddon - NES / SNES emulator games (Breath of Fire II, Rock'n Roll Racing) ------ I also just installed Dying Light, as that one did seem interesting, but I haven't actually tried it yet. I am REALLY picky when it comes to games, so give it a look-see and decide for yourself. :)
Played Crysis trilogy, why skip 2 tho ? They were all good af. Played all 4 Dooms but I might go for Quake Champs :thinking: Played Far Cry 5 a while back, decent, f*cked up ending but not really for another run, 4 was boring and 3 is master piece but already played it like 3 times :(. Bought Orange Box few months back and only played HL2 and not Episode 1 and 2 so Im going for that sooner or later. Replayed both Portals last year, not much into rerun again so soon :C. Also bought Dying Light like a month ago, played few hours, maybe gonna finish the story next week.
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Zyzyx (EUW)
: Interesting, but I still doubt it. Would be the first time that Riot repeats a game mode that quickly, ESPECIALLY an URF mode.
Its meh mode anyway, they should come up with something new again. PVE Star Guardian and Doom Bots were fun last year and we have nothing this year so far ...
Zyzyx (EUW)
: What makes you think it will be? We just had it 2 weeks or so ago.
Its on PBE for testing again, so it MAY probably hit live servers at some point soon.
: Why do you play then? If you hate it so much. Don't play, and play something you do like.
You do realize that there is double negation ? > I did **NOT** enjoy playing this champion > > Strongly **DISAGREE** So his actual feedback is that he **LOVES** playing Shaco. There is no hate in his comment. And the point of this thread is Riot asking LVL7 SHACO PLAYER if he hates playing that Champion. Sigh ...
Yokujin (EUW)
: clash :D
Also good idea to put it on Monday when people have afternoon shift :C dem timings
: Clash cancelled?
And again NA servers are OK. Weird ...
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: I found it offensive.
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Febos (EUW)
: Question to ARAM players (Rismosch get in here)
Removing Warmog was the best move they could do. The dominance of tanks was .. well still is until the patch, huge. Warmog was also abused by mages .. seeing Liandry, Rylai, RoA and Warmog was pretty tilting to see. Finally something i can give a thumb up after all these years. Adding more chance to get S, S+ is also pretty nice. 8 min/12 min surrender sounds pretty nice aswell, especially if picks are decisive so you dont have to waste time. Noice. On the other hand is Dark Harvest. I can say only F*ck that. I dont want any nerf to this. Just disable it for good and be done with it. Abuse of this crap keystone on literally every role is disgusting, bleh. Even if the reward was 1 soul per kill and 1 soul per large minion, it still gives huge advantage. Why cant they understand that ...
iG Rakan (EUW)
: Playing LoL on a controller: How and is it allowed?
Why tho, you wont be able to choose what target to attack/shield with controller. Or cast multiple item actives.
Get Juk3d (EUNE)
: league of legends needs a skin preview
PBE is free for everyone w/o ban and lvl 30+ so get that.
: 🌼 Volunteer Springtime Event - Winners & Conclusion 🌼
How the heck did I get icon, I didnt do jack ? :D
Coxis (EUNE)
: Springtime Challenges! - Volunteer Event
Meh ... These "challenges" where you have to be first to complete are always the worst. Where is the fairness: Player #1 has 2 mins long queue, Player #2 5 mins long & Player #3 goes into Champ Select instantly (and on and on with Champ select and In-game). I aint gonna compete but for the sake of those who will, I would change that.
Shlashpro (EUW)
: I ask for a quick favour from the best community in gaming which ever existed ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
> ... **from the best community in gaming** .... Which community is that ? If you are talking about this community, League one, hell you must be mad crazy.
Mìmo (EUNE)
: Just got Honor lv 3...
I saw quite a lot of people with lvl 3 flair this weekend, so daily & non toxic players got it already. Its not hard I guess, its all about playtime again.
yeIIowbag (EUW)
: Feelsbadman man.
I mean, you got free, what else do you want ? :D
Belore (EUNE)
: What song at the moment are you addicted to? Classic, back when rap was actually listenable.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Do free Hextech Chests only give champion shards now?
I opened 4 Cases in preseason: Two of them had Hextech Chest + Key (They act like purchased one, if I understood correctly, so they got me two skin shards), Purple and Yellow Emote. Third chest got me exactly the same Caitlyn Tea Time emote as before. Fourth got me Camilie shard. And it didnt start in preseason tho. The whole autumn unboxing was more than 50% about champion shards. We are either super unlucky or the system has changed and became more "New Player" friendly.
: You refuse to understand! Almost 3 weeks, I have tried to remove my GPU. So dont't tell me its a piece of cake. I will sell all my desktop stuff to get a new laptop, I am planing. So don't tell me building a pc is easy that is all lies.
GPU ? Why would you remove GPU ? GPU is part of Video card and you dont remove that. Or you got GPU that is part of motherboard and in some cases, GPU cannot be removed. It is piece of cake, you are just incompetent. But have it your way, spend more money on something that is not meant for gaming, your bad.
: I mentaly cant tough
You mentally cant what ? Replace some part in PC ? What does that even mean, you got no nerves to do so ? I built PC myself few months back and its all so idiot-proof that everyone who is just a bit handy, can remove/add every part in the PC. Everything has its own place, own socket, so you cant miss. And FYI, building PC on your own is way cheaper than buying prebuilt. Laptops are way more expensive with less performance.
: Would resetting the pc completely have any effect?
Not sure what you mean by "completely reseting" but I tried cleaning the PC in both software and hardware way and nothing worked. It was time to buy new parts.
: PC restarting mid-game
If you are getting Blue Screen of death, its probably hardware, yeah. I have had issues in the past because I didnt have video card and I had to use intels CPU integrated graphics. The CPU I was using was kinda weak, so whenever I used it for gaming for longer while, it just crashed my whole PC. Upgrading PC helped a lot, from couple of BSoD daily, now I get 1 BSoD per few months.
7adzius (EUW)
: Why do so many people dodge normal games?
Mostly because people are scared of fair fight so they go for counter picks, which makes the guy, who picked first, dodge. Or they pick their champ so they dodge and try another queue.
: dont afk?{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} EDIT - my bad i've been in this problem too it happens when your system disconnects from server while in LPQ fix your internet first or you'll be in this forever
Look again ... Maximum penalty for LPQ is 20 minutes. He is in queue for 36 minutes and his client says to wait 19 minutes more. Its mostly caused by lag spikes user has and client restarts the whole process. ######"dont afk" LOL
: Reminder that PBE signups are still open!
So does it mean that PBE is for everyone that is lvl 30+ and H3+, no waiting time for approval no more ? Because I just created account, installed client and Im logged in PBE already O.o
Azurine (EUW)
: Fluffy Winter / **ARAM, rotation modes and more / **Club** //
Im 90% time on ARAMs and Im going to spam ARURF next week so add "Kubík jede bomby" if you wanna play.
: 2000 games with Mordekaiser declares
: eu pbe
PBE is just a testing area, why do you want/need more than 1 server for it ?
: 1000 losses
Laughs with the 3,5k defeats. ----- ######Damn, I have over 7k games already, pfiu nerd.
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elin990 (EUW)
: When did you start playing league?
Around the end of beta or when Season 1 started I created my main account on EUNE. I played like 1 game/month back then because I wasnt big fan of "Games from above". Started properly playing since mid-season 1 and in the beginning of Season 2 I moved to EUW and here I am, still playing to this day. It isnt as much fun as in S1, S2, S3 but thank god we have ARAM, TT and Rotating game modes. SR is just a joke full of meta slaves :x.
Soni (EUNE)
: Did u try to win vs bots, if not that is the best way! GL xD
The last mission is PVP SR only.
: Yes, but even back then there was a similar "voting system", players could vote for either Tryn, Diana or Riven (don´t remember what for anymore). If any of those champs would win the voting, players would get another special specific icon for that champ. Tryndamere won, and even though the other icons for Riven and Diana were there, players only received the winning Tryndamere icon and no other. So even as I would love as well to have that Riven icon, don´t think we´ll gonna get it if Yasuo won. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
Back then, we actualy could get other icons. Tryndamere won on EUW, so his icon got this little horsie thingy and in the Store there was available also the Diana/Riven icon for certain amount of IP. I even think that Riot wrote about it as "Dont you like the Tryndamere icon ? You will be able to grab the other two icons for IP for limited time!". Edit: This is cropped out of my icon list. I got meself the Diana icon
Malicay (EUW)
: skin shards too?
Aye, Champ skins and Ward skins are going down aswell.
osiosi23 (EUW)
: What is the difference between true damaga and normal damage
"Normal" damage (magical, physical) is reduced by armor and MR. True damage ignores both. Normal sight shows part of the map (e.g Yellow/Blue trinket). True sight shows the same but even undetected units such as Teemos shrooms (Red Trinket).
: > [{quoted}](name=Heeeeelllooooooo,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=0eBvh4dq,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-10-16T13:01:34.370+0000) > > Im sitting currently on 5/6 missions. So there are 2 possibilities: either they already have 34 points in Pick'em or they bought Master Pass. > There is no other way. We have to complete 12 missions to get it (2 + 4 + 6). There was 1 starting missions (didnt count), 7 gameplay missions, 2 Pick'em and 2 "Complete x missions". That makes 11 missions. And 3rd "Complete 6 missions" wants 12 missions overall. Neither of both, he told me he has 28 points atm so that's not an option + he doesn't have the pass. Which supports my theory that they had 1 mission of the previous ones count for this mission or something like that.
But doing the math, its really not possible to get Legendary Pursuit without Master Pass or having 34 points in Pick'em. Arent they just making fun of you ?
: Knockout stage pick em
Have the same finals but I want to see RNG with the trophy. I have always felt so sad in previous seasons when I saw Uzi defeated in Knockout stage. SKT had their time of shine, now let Big Boi Uzi show his country that he is the best adc.
: [Mission] Legendary persuit
Im sitting currently on 5/6 missions. So there are 2 possibilities: either they already have 34 points in Pick'em or they bought Master Pass. There is no other way. We have to complete 12 missions to get it (2 + 4 + 6). There was 1 starting mission (didnt count), 7 gameplay missions, 2 Pick'em and 2 "Complete x missions". That makes 11 missions. And 3rd "Complete 6 missions" wants 12 missions overall.
: Group B pickem
This is cropped out of my Pick'em It shows Immortals on 4th place and Gigabyte on 3rd. So I guess yours Pick'em has some slight problem :c maybe try Support ticket ?
Ulizica (EUNE)
: World`s Pick em
"SCORING You'll earn 2 points a piece for correctly predicting which teams qualify for the Knockout Stage, as well as an additional 3 points each if you get them in the right order. Each correct pick for 3rd and 4th place gets you 2 points. Call the whole group in the right order? Congratulations, you get an extra 2 points and achieve the maximum score per group -- 16 points."
AndieLT (EUW)
: But how do you write your guesses? Or is it too late now?
Last chance to do so was 5 days ago.
: How Does Pick'Em Master mission work?
You will get points for every right guess you put in Pick'em challenge. You have to wait for World Championship to properly start and after completing the Group Stage, you should get some points. Then comes the Knockout Stage and Finals. It should be easy enough to get 34 points if you dont put SKT, RNG, WE and Longzhu on last places.
: When Blue Essence Store is coming ?
Preseason starts after the end of Worlds championship, so in the beginning of November +-. And of course, with a lot of new things, a lot of complications will come, so mid-November it is.
kryger45 (EUW)
: Worlds missions reset
Missions started at 19:00 BT on Thursday 21st, right ? So reseting it this Thursday again makes the biggest sense.
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