PFF Groby (EUW)
: Bad idea. Too much work for nothing. right upper corner, man. You want to play Ezreal? Type E there. You want to play Ahri? A. Etc. To rework the select screen just so you see some of icons near each other is stupid.
The problem is to get the idea what i want to play. Its more like i start a game and meanwhile i get the feeling of what i´d like to play now, but often its to hard for me to decide, because i have not a good overview about all my lovely champs. So seeing some icons near each other would definitly help and is optional as i said and probably also not that hard to implement.
TBadger (EUW)
: This already happens. If you type support, fighter ect in the the box where you normally search for champions, it will list anyone in that category. (possibly only those with it as their primary role)
The problem is that u first have to know what u want to play, and than u have to know if ur champ is listet as fighter tank or what ever. It doesnt help to give u the Idea, which champ u want to play or doesnt help u if u only have like 5 sec. left and u dont know which champ u want to play. U know what i mean? :) It would give us a better overview and if u dont like it u´r not forced to use it!
Sledgar (EUW)
: New Idea (improve champ select)
1 week ago i also made a thread in this forum but it seems like, this post is not really visible anymore^^" Maybe we had the same thought about creating a better overview to can better decide, which champ u want to play.
GioRgSaVv (EUNE)
: I also said it on forums about a year ago.. My opinion is on search: there's will be a list like the item list, and there you will create a page with any name you want. you create **TOP** page and in the search you just type **top** and its gonna show you the page of the champions you just created. I know it's already have in search the **marksman** the** fighter** **mage**.. but if time is running out and you want blitz, you type support and he isn't there :P he is on **tank** >_> {{champion:53}}
Sounds easyer to implement but than u have again the Problem that u have no instand overview about every Lanes and Champs u play or like. U first have to know what u want to play and search for it. The Idea i followed were not to update the Search Function i hoped to can create a better overwiev and inspiration source. I hope u could understand what i mean.
: A idea for the Champion select
I just wanted to thank u guys for so much support, i would be glad if riot also support and maybe implement this Idea into the Game. @ Cw Nick: I dont have a reddit account but as u said it would be so nice if somone likes this idea and can post it on reddit. ( But only if he want it ^-^) Lg Helfer :)
Holman (EUW)
: So you want to add more Tags-per-Champion? For example {{champion:201}} . Let him have tags such as Tank, Crowd Control, Melee, Engage and so on, then in the search field separate your search terms with ','. So you want to play a tank with CC? type: "Tank, Crowd Controll, Engage" then *poof* All champions with related tags appears!
No Holman my idea is not to refresh the Champion Tags. My idea was to can create Kategories and can assign champions to this list, so that if u are in the champion sselect u can choose between the normal list, with every champion u have in it and this new list u just created before, with ur own Champions. At Example u klick in the Champion Select on ur List and than u can see the categorie with the Champions u assigned to it: [Support]: Braumpicture, Leonapicture, Annie [GoodMages]: Zyrapicture, Ahripicture I hope u can imagine it better now :)
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