: Banned - No reason
Just thought id update you guys with whats going on. Got through to support and here is just a bit of the conversation ----- HELIUMFREAK March 1st 2018, 2:12:23 pm The email was none specific but I must admit I haven’t actually tried to log on to check yet. I believe it is referring to the EUW account “HeliumFreak” that I play the most. Although it could be referring to a USE account i set up many months ago when I was having issues connecting to EUW but I only played 2 or 3 game on it. As far as I am aware they are the only 2 accounts I have. Thanks Chris XXXXXXXX March 1st 2018, 2:14:30 pm Hey again, Please try and log on heliumfreak as I could not see any suspension applied to it at the moment. Best regards, XXXXXXXX Player support specialist "With utmost efficiency." HELIUMFREAK March 1st 2018, 5:19:27 pm Indeed you are correct i am able to login, perhaps i should have checked that first. However this leads to even more confusion about the email. The email i received does appear to have come from Riot. XXXXXXXX March 1st 2018, 6:16:45 pm Hey there, Perhaps it was in regards to another account? If not, It could be an error on our side. Best regards, XXXXXXXX Player support specialist ----- So looks like im not banned after all. Happy Days :) Thanks all
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: After a thorough check (by that I mean google) I've found an article on reddit that said that a ban until 2203 is for accounts that have been leveled by bots.
I see, but that is not possible. I have played every game on my account, i have never installed any 3rd party software or used any bots. Yes i understand some of my games have been poor but never bot poor. I've seen bots in games and they constantly feed. So again i am at a loss, i would be interested to see what proof they have. I once played for 10 or so hours straight during one of the events to unlock all the missions last year, do they consider that botting? *Edit I read a bit more on what you suggested. My account isn't purchased either. I created the account myself back in the end of August, early September in 2017 after i moved back to England. Emails has never changed. The only thing I've ever done is logged on via a VPN when I've forgotten to disable it. According to https://wol.gg/stats/euw/heliumfreak/ ive only played 193 hours total. Works out at about an hour a day. Don't understand how that could be considered botting
: Ur gonna get your account back in 185 years !!!!
Ill put the kettle on.
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