SeekerK (EUNE)
: Free Skin Contest nr 26
Top - {{champion:23}} I always get caught in a false sense of security when I see his health get low, and get caught out when he ults and kills me with 2 auto-attacks Jungle - {{champion:35}} I'm a Jungle main and he is excellent at counter-jungling and making me want to cry Mid - {{champion:268}} I always seem to forget how far he can attack using his sand soldiers, along with the slow which lets him get several, strong hits in makes him a nightmare to play against for someone who doesn't know how he works too well ADC - {{champion:67}} I don't play ADC often so it's rare that I get ahead, usually the lane stays pretty neutral, neither side winning, but when vayne isn't behind her damage ramps up quite quickly and with her passive, escaping is pretty much never going to happen without a lot of CC from your team Support - {{champion:89}} I feel like they just removed the letter 't' from s(t)un in all of her ability descriptions, along with the fact she can 1v1 a lot of other champions in mid game from what I've seen ^Basically my Nightmare Team
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