: Your silliest out of META pick which actually worked?
{{champion:53}} jungle, i went full ad so my E(?) was doing twice the damage, like a critical, but that way i could focus on AD and don't need to do Critical Strike.
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: Free Xayah giveaway contest
A little story about how horrible can my english be: So, one day i was going down the street, and then i see a girl. She was pretty, blonde, that things. And i asked she if she wanted to go with me to where she was going, i would just go with she. But she says no. And that make me sad. So she go do the place of she and i go to the place of me, but i find she in the day next with she's parents and i was like "ok". But she see me with my friend girl and i was talk with my friend girl about love and that. One week later i see that girl again, and she come talk to me, and she give me she's number of cellphone. Some days later i try to speak with her so we can go outside and talk. But she replied "Cnt m8, im busy", and then i ask if she want to do something later and she says "bro, im not rdy to d8ing wth u, my objtv is go gold4", at this moment i did not know whe play LoL, then i ask if she want to play with me because of i play LoL too. And now we are dating {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} hope you enjoyed my story and my bad english :)
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Noibla (EUW)
: Teemo disabled on One for All?
What?! I've just played with teemo. No problems with that. When did you tried?
SeekerK (EUNE)
: Free Skin Contest series nr 19 (Eune/Euw) Worlds Special nr 2
: Tark Sui, The Shadow Archer! [NEW CHAMP CONCEPT]
Really? Another archer? {{champion:22}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:110}} I mean... Why not change a little bit the "gun"?


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