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LazarDJ2002 (EUNE)
: Mystery skin
Statistically if you have no skins at all, it's well worth the purchase. But it all depends on how many high costing skins you already have :)
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Smol Roll (EUW)
: Yeah I've noticed my dragonslayer vayne one won't show the option to pick in ranked not sure about normals tho hopefully gets fixed properly soon. :) {{champion:67}}
Yeah turns out the only one that isn't working is Nasus now... -.-
: You know you could buy food,clothes or anything. Even a proper skin but chromas? Who the fck in right mind buys chromas. Waste of space,money and developing time.
Well, i have spare income. I enjoy this game and also like the chroma packs :) That's my reasoning for buying :)
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Raaskal (EUW)
: Champ select behaviour
I just had to dodge a ranked game for someone else because one of the players in it was being a douchebag. Dodged to stop another team member losing a win on his promo's.. Does that troll that made me lose LP get punished? Nope... Is there any way to track him down afterwards aside from writing his name down and calling him out on threads (which is against the summoners code for some idiotic reason) Nope... Riot you NEED to introduce a kicking/reporting ability in champ select if only for ranked. It's not fair that people like myself are losing LP simply to dodge other toxic players and then getting 0 help or feedback from you to resolve the innocently lost LP. It's just not fair. I want to know why you continue to ignore posts like this. You have an abundance of staff in your employ and god knows if you didn't have enough to keep track of all this, you sure as hell have the money to hire more. Can we as summoners, loyal and paying customers get SOME kind of feedback? Please, regards - Kharmah.


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